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  1. Hi I'm new to these forums so be nice please. I've started a new campaign with a new group of players but we're a bit under-strength at only 3 Marines - Librarian, Tech-Marine and Devastator. I'm not a novice DW GM by any means and have ran it for several years now but normally had a party of 4 - 6. Given how tight it is covering the bases required for a fully immersive campaign with 4, I'm concerned that they're really going to struggle with just 3 and totally stall at something simple (particularly healing - given the lack of apothecary). Consulting with others, including the players, has produced the option of me running an active GM PC. Specifically an apothecary to cover their main weakness. Now I'm not entirely convinced by the idea. Obviously I've used NPCs in assistive roles but generally only for short periods and never for key parts of adventures. I'm worried that, given I know the ins and outs of the scenarios, it would occasionally seem a bit too much like GM ex Machina - especially as I'd be playing the Healer. I'm also worried about the amount of keeping track I'd need to do as both GM and PC What are other people's thoughts. Has anyone ever ran a game with a GM PC? How did it go for you? BTW I dont run pure DW rules. I incorporated some BC elements to smooth out certain aspects and then incorporated some good old home brew rules (such as incremental power armour damage) to give it a much more gradually increasing threat aspect without going from "Walk in the park" to "OMG we're all dead" in an instant. Which kinda ramps up the need for an apothecary.
  2. I think that whilst most of the guns are often "Pilot operated", the clause in the actions section of "players may only take one action involving the Attack subtype" and firing any weapon counts as an attack means that the pilot would have to choose which weapon to fire. (Machine Spirit attacks generally are usually given as the special rules in the vehicle's entry and usually allow extra weapons to be fired but using the Spirit's Stats) Plus if he's done any moving or piloting of the vehicle, he's not going to be able to fire semi or full auto due to not having a full action left. There is the whole "A character can move up their agility bonus whilst firing semi or full auto and gain penalties" idea that you could incorporate into this situation as well. In the particular case of the storm raven though the rules don't truly represent the ship as it appears in model form. The model has a pilot and a gunner, where it is implied the gunner is the one doing all the firing while the pilot simply does the flying.
  3. Sorry for the slight necro but I've been wondering how other people take (and or use) this as there seems to be a lack of consistency to the different books fluffiness regarding this scale. In Rites of Battle, the section about the Xenos creatures contained in fortress Erioch seems to use a scale which progresses through the Blue/Purple end of a spectrum denoting increasing danger, whereas most fluff reports spaced throughout the book seem to indicate a progressive red based scale for reports of important stuff. I've kind of put it together in my brain as being a two pronged scale based on both the importance and subject matter of the report. The whole scale is then based on the visible light spectrum with inclusions of infra-red and ultra-violet for extreme cases. For classifying present threats of danger within physical locales: green - blue - indigo - violet - ultra violet For classifying transmitted reports of imminent importance: yellow - orange - red - vermillion - infra red. (with the possible inclusion of crimson somewhere in there) It ain't canon by any means and I'm hard pushed to find any evidence to support my theory, but I've ran with it and generally use the colors in the fluff for mission briefings. My players get a kick out of being allowed to read (heavily redacted) reports classified as vermillion and knowing they're being drop podded into a Code:Violet area. I'd appreciate anyone else's thoughts on this matter, even if its to tell me i'm totally wrong and way off kilter.
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