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  1. So I messed around the C-ROC using the Broken Horn as a base template and came up with this using Oggdude's character generator. Thoughts?
  2. Noticed a small (but somewhat aggravating) typo. I was searching through sources and trying to erase old added content and just move the descriptions to the new pre-loaded content. For the Unlimited Power species, the source is listed as "Unlimited Powerr" for all three.
  3. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I feel like the stats for the Broken Horn in Dawn of Rebellion are far closer to what was intended. Armor drops to 3, HTT to 38, SST to 22, capacity to 1,500, passengers to 12, only 4 hard points, and only one weapon system. In exchange, you get long sensors range, 4 speed, -1 handling (instead of -3), rear shields in line with the forward shields, and a better hyperdrive. Of course, I’m sure the Horn is modified beyond what the base C-roc, but it’s a better baseline for fixing it.
  4. I did the same with Dawn of Rebellion. It made me respect how much of a pain copying from a book to a screen is. I really wish there were official PDFs of all the books. Gotta say, for someone getting into the game as late as I am, this character generator has been a life saver. Searching through 30 books for a piece of gear or talent is such a pain.
  5. I, for one, would buy the digital sheet in a second. I know the game is a bit old now, but players are still out there. Make it happen!
  6. A friend had he same problem. Turns out he downloaded a bad copy of the core book rather than buy his own. :/ I've purchased all mine through DriveThruRPG since many were out of stock on the main page and they all load up just fine.
  7. Yup. Got my whole line from there. I'd love some physical copies though, especially for Rites of Battle and First Founding. I've already got the Core book and Honour the Chapter, but it would be nice to have all 4 of the ones that are really central to character creation and advancement.
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