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  1. I don't know Kei, but I have some of his alt-art cards (the intentionally terrible ones), have seen some of his work on lighting ships and a few of the guys in our squadron have bought his dice trays. I can confirm that everyone says he is a really good guy. I do know Louis who he designed these with. Also a top bloke!
  2. Playtesters are allowed to confirm that they playtest for FFG, but can't specify what project(s) they're working on. (I'm not an IA playtester)
  3. The first photo shows the front and back of templates so you can see how translucent and opaque templates work; you just flip the opaque template over for bumping if you need to see the line. I'm really pleased with how they turned out!
  4. Cog 'o' Two were at the European Championships a few weekends ago and were taking orders for adding lines to first edition templates to make them Second Edition compatible. I shared my photos in the UK/Ireland Facebook group when I got them back, but thought I'd share them on here too. Cog charged the ludicrously small sum of £5 plus postage for this service. The return the templates with paper backing on them so that they can be painted (as I've done). They can be reached here: www.cogotwo.com
  5. Interestingly, Ibitsam appears in an ARC-170 in 2nd Edition...
  6. The other top 8 list was John Bamford, running Asajj and Ketsu.
  7. The Regionals templates from last year also had quite a bit of colour variation across sets. I kept the ones I liked more (the lighter ones) and gave away the other set.
  8. I've been working on a few Norra builds lately and had settled on either Tail Gunner or Kyle Katarn. Yesterday, I ran the Kyle Katarn version. For some reason, in my second game of the day, my brain decided I had both equipped and I used Tail Gunner twice before my opponent called me out on it. I'd put one damage onto his Omega Leader in the process, so I suggested we put that shield back, give him a target lock on me (since he didn't have one from taking a new evade token) and also take a focus. I felt really bad about it, but he was really good about it and (he) went on to win the tournament anyway.
  9. Well, the default ship would be the G-1A, but I don't think it exists yet in the RPG. Gand findsman in the X-Wing game. In that game, it has very similar stats and handling, so assuming the same for here, you're looking at something with -1 handling, so maybe something like the M12-L Kimoglia?
  10. To be fair, your video shows X-Wings mostly being shot down, so it seems that FFG has them in just about the right place.
  11. I'm pretty sure it starts at either 10 or 11. It might start late because of increased security at the NEC.
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