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  1. We have just released episode 13 of Veteran Instincts; where we sit down with experienced and successful players and talk through a pre-recorded game of theirs to analyse their decisions and offer insight into how to make better decisions, improve at X-Wing and have more success at tournaments. Today, we have a 4 ship Imperial list vs a 7 ship Rebel list as Jon Vicary (son of Capt. Rex) faces off against Veteran Instincts host Paul Owen. As always, please subscribe to the channel and let us know if you have any feedback, or lists or players you'd like to see appear on the channel. Episode 13 - Jon Vicary vs Paul Owen
  2. And if you missed Episode 11, you should totally check it out, to see how to really get value out of Major Vonreg, and how to not fly Kylo.
  3. We've gone intercontinental! Episode 11 featured Australia's own Julian Hood, and we return to Australia again this week with National Champion Michael O'Connor bringing a 4 ship Imperial list that is starting to gain infamy and respect; Soontir, Fifth Brother, Duchess and Major Vermeil. It was great getting to chat with Michael and to hear his insights as he faced-off against recurring Veteran Instincts opponent Dom Flannigan from Firestorm Squadron. Episode 12 - Michael O'Connor vs Dom Flannigan
  4. After a short break, we're back with one of the very best players in the Southern Hemisphere Julian Hood, taking on Worlds cut-maker Dom Flannigan, so this a real clash of the titans that we were very excited to have gotten captured on tape. I said in the commentary that this game would not look out of place in the cut at Worlds, so if you want to see some really high quality X-Wing, and the excellent analysis from Julian, watch here to see great players playing well. We also look at their mistakes so they, and you, and us, can learn from them and get better at X-Wing. Link to the channel; subscribe here for fortnightly content Let us know what you'd like to see in future videos!
  5. Episode 10 is live! Last week we looked at openings in games and included a game between Former Italian National Champion Dale Cromwell and current World Champion Oli Pocknell. Well, Dale was very much in the mood for a rematch, so we set up our virtual cameras and set the two heavyweights against each other again; Oli Pocknell vs Dale Cromwell We're working on getting some non-meta lists out to you next up!
  6. We're working on it; we have a Upsilon that isn't named Tavson on it this week. We're not quite at off-meta jank yet, but we'll keep trying 😏 The new episode should be up on Tuesday.
  7. Episode 9 is live! This time we're looking at the art of Openings; how to get the engagement you want. 3 matches are shown this week, each one just for the first few turns while we assess rock placement, starting ship locations, dial and action choices and how it leads to the engagement you're after (or not). Thanks to current World Champion Oli Pocknell, former Italian National Champion Dale Cromwell, and scrubs me, Paul and Ben for appearing this week and letting us dissect their games. As always, you can subscribe to the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChyTTrlSbjsoeRx4tL9r32Q
  8. We've just released episode 8 of Veteran Instincts where Phil GC, Worlds cut-maker, talks us through flying 2 ship lists against a droid swarm. What are his win conditions? How does he want the engagement(s) to look? What should you be considering every time you set a dial with a Supernatural ace? Link to the channel! We've covered how to fly beef against aces (episode 2), how to fly aces against a swarm (episodes 7 & 8 ) and how to fly against aces (episodes 4 & 6). What would you like to see next? Please subscribe the channel for regular new content and share the channel with any friends who, like us, are serious about getting better at X-Wing! Episode 8
  9. Episode 7 of Veteran Instincts drops... RIGHT NOW!Here we look at turn zero (or rock placement and starting positions) as well as how to fly aces against a swarm (maybe).The aces list that won Worlds, also just won the Gold Squadron Podcast's Space Jam that concluded over the weekend. Here we see it appear in the ongoing Vagabond Open against all-round delight Guy Wilson running the Inferno Squadron TIE Swarm . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG8TRkl6ALk Please share the video, and subscribe for new content each week. If anyone wants to send it William Haigwood 😉 😂
  10. Episode 6 has just gone live! We're joined by Cormac Higgins to talk through his game against X-Wing famous Marcel Manzano of the Gold Squadron Podcast, where we look at competitive games by top-level players to discuss their plans, decisions and goals in the hope that we learn how to become (even) better at X-Wing! Let us know if you're enjoying the videos, by commenting here and on YouTube, and subscribe for new videos on Tuesdays!
  11. If you're looking for high quality X-Wing content while we're all stuck at home, The 186th Squadron (home to current World Champion Oli Pocknell) has been creating YouTube videos of games, with one of the players involved joining us to review the game, talk through their decision making, their target priority, list choices, rock placement and more. It's an in-depth account of all of the decisions that can help players get better, regardless of their level of play. Link to the channel here! We currently have 4 videos up, with a System Open winner, players who made the cut at Worlds, players who came up with World's winning lists and more jumping in to share their thoughts and experience. Please subscribe for more videos; we're aiming to post every Tuesday and have a great game between two XTC veterans: Gold Squadron Podcast's Marcel Manzano and 186th Squadron's Cormac Higgins coming early next week.
  12. Thanks both. Seems like the release get seriously pushed back. I'd contacted FFG in the meantime and got a very non-specific response of "keep an eye on the upcoming tab on our site"
  13. I pre-ordered a copy of the raid map which was due out earlier in September, but the date came and went and nothing was sent to me. It seems like the shop is implying that they didn't receive any and that the release date was put back, but they've only hinted at this rather than saying it outright. Did anyone receive their pre-order map yet, or were they delayed? (I'm in the UK if that makes any difference)
  14. I don't know Kei, but I have some of his alt-art cards (the intentionally terrible ones), have seen some of his work on lighting ships and a few of the guys in our squadron have bought his dice trays. I can confirm that everyone says he is a really good guy. I do know Louis who he designed these with. Also a top bloke!
  15. Playtesters are allowed to confirm that they playtest for FFG, but can't specify what project(s) they're working on. (I'm not an IA playtester)
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