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  1. I'm MST, but my Sunday evenings are pretty flexible so I could start a little earlier or later as needed.
  2. Would anyone be interested in participating in and/or running a Sunday evening L5R game with the beta rules? We'd play online, with something like Roll20.net, so we have a screen for everyone to look at. We don't have to use the grid for battles, but can if the GM wants to. Let me know!
  3. Just wanted to bump this post - We have an ongoing roleplaying session going on. Feel free to join and start your own official games and DM's especially fire something up if you would like.
  4. Pg. 95 in the Art of Investigation box, the right paragraph reads: "For example, a skilled weaponsmith will be far more able to see subtle details in the pattern of a blade than those of a forest, and can identify the significance of minor..." Than those of a forest background? Than forest dwellers? I understand the sentiment here, but not sure what was meant to be said exactly.
  5. They don't have a character sheet for this version yet, but I use fancy HTML and the character page to make something cool. I'm working on it now, you can see where it's at so far. http://epicwords.com/characters/15037
  6. I am encouraging both play based on the game system, and play that's just roleplay (no die rolls, just character interaction and story). So you can really do either. And make a character from any clan that you want. Whatever inspires you to be the most active.
  7. Please don't let some of the anger impact certain things too much...Outbursts are an awesome mechanic, it's like my new favorite mechanic. Thanks for all the info!
  8. I created an epic words.com campaign. This will allow us to create forums, assign XP, and do other tasks. It makes for a lot of convenience. I am arranging to become a paid subscriber so I can pretty up the page some more, but for now it'll do. Go to: http://epicwords.com/campaigns/5461 Password to join campaign: l5rbetapbp You'll have to create a character to join it. Adding info to the top. I'll be working on the forums and other data through out the day.
  9. My work has been a little busy, but I am going to look at this today, create a site, and then post an invite for everyone here who wants to participate. It might take a little setup time, so not everything will be there right off the bat. But I'll be working on it. I'll update my original post to include the information too.
  10. If a DM understands Rokugan, absolutely. The book has a note that in combat, it should lead to more dangerous and crazy decisions in combat (see Battle Rage note pg. 17 of beta). Aside from that, someone watching the combat and seeing things relating to the world culture being ignored (attacking an opponent engaged with an ally, raging, crying) could have social impacts. Honor loss, glory loss, status loss, and NPC's treating you differently.
  11. Not in these battles. They were all minions, who are not allowed to use the benefits from stances. Also, eating up strife for extra successes might lead to some hits, but also to outbursts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. We have now done a couple skirmishes, and there's a few things I'd like to point out. I made a Doji with a kata (thanks to her ancestry), and took Strike as Air. Between that and her Air stance, she had a TN of 4 and never got hit. Our Hida was hit, but was able to use his Strike as Earth to negate damage, and only ended up taking a little bit of damage. We had a Togashi that took some damage, but he also dealt some good damage. I had Lady Doji's Decree in waiting if I needed it, but never ended up needing it during the battle. I did decent damage against the NPC's presented to us. So far, all the worries about defense and combat didn't really come into fruition for us. It took 3 rounds of combat. We've now fought Goblins and regular Samurai NPC's. Seems to work pretty well when you actually test the combat instead of speculating about the nebulous possibilities.
  13. I made changes to the original post based on feedback. As per the suggestions, I have taken aesthetics as I apparently had an extra skill to pick. That fits her flower adoration better. I put Dangerous Allure as a placeholder, I will probably make my own advantage. I totally missed step 13 so I also need to select another skill point, which will go into either aesthetics or one of the social skills. I will have the mentor be someone who taught her how to magnify her beauty. So that all works out. I selected my starting Shuji finally. Also, I rolled my ancestry trait, so that's been updated on the character sheet. Thanks SO much for your feedback guys!
  14. So creating this character took me a few days because of work and schedules (also why did they release this the same week as the card game? I need more time digest both games ugh!). It's been quite the experience and here's some of my thoughts and feelings. I love the Crane so I decided to go the Doji route. I usually make Kakita bushi, but wanted to be a little more political, especially after reading about strife and outbursts. That just seems like a lot of fun to deal with. So these are my thoughts for the character I'll play during the playtest. Family, Clan, Class She's your typical, gorgeous, Crane Doji Courtier. Ancestry I rolled Stolen Knowledge. My DM said that my secret knowledge is a scroll about Maho that has been passed down through the family after being discovered. So basically, I'm walking around with an immediate death sentence. I rolled a 1-3 on the D10, so now I need to pick a kata. Ninjo and Giri Her Ninjo is the desire to marry for love. I created a campaign around the idea of Iweko Miaka wanting to marry to love, so this is kind of a tribute to that character from before the reset. I didn't have any solid details for this when I initially selected it, but see advantage below for how this got fleshed out. I am still working on details of the Giri, but it will definitely surround Diplomacy for the Crane clan. I'm going to talk to the DM about this one. Selecting my rings I'm obviously going to get Air to 3 right off the bat. The bigger question is Water 3, or use that point elsewhere. As for leveling up, it might be easier to put points into Void so I can more easily raise all my rings as I get experience, but the adventure won't last that long for now (I know, meta reasoning). As I read more and more rules, I kept coming back to my decisions with the rings. As a character who might be arguing in the courts a lot, I didn't want to be outbursting all the time. But there are ways to mitigate strife. So I went back on forth on adding some points into fire/earth for Composure reasons. I settled on Air 3, Earth 1, Fire 1, Water 3, and Void 2 Skills Skills weren't as difficult for my character. I do have some mild potential concerns with the Design and Aesthetics skills, as I think they can heavily overlap, but we'll see what happens in terms of gameplay. I plan to get some Sentiment pretty quick, maybe even first experience that is handed out. I decided on -- Aesthetics 1, Design 1, Martial Arts (Ranged) 1, Courtesy 2, Culture 2, Government 1. Advantages and Disadvantages I'm going to be honest, this is not what I was expecting from advantages and disadvantages, but I am quite happy about it. This actually helped round out my character a bit. I really dig how these helped shape my character's background and personality. Subtle Observer distinction gives me a few ideas of her attitude in the courts. Observant, seeing what others are doing, and picking up information along the way. Her Ancestry is Stolen Knowledge, so combining the two, I imagine her family is raised to be careful when they speak, and to gather knowledge from others. So one kind of feeds the other, which I like a lot. And yes, the Stolen Knowledge was rolled, blah. Bitter Betrothal is the adversity, which feeds into the reason she wants to marry for love. This ended up being too perfect. I had a character concept and was able to immediately pick an adversity that goes along with it. So this will feed her Ninjo. Ikebana passion made me immediately realize my character is going to be obsessed with floral design, combining this with the Design skill. This will be a way for her to open discussion with anyone she wants, as many decorate their homes with such. And she'll always be seen wearing a freshly plucked rose. Except maybe during the Winter Court time...But I'll find a way. Dangerous Allure still trying to decide on this one...as it's fire based and I don't use a lot of fire. But it would represent her beauty. Hmmmmmm. Shuji Cadence (thanks for suggesting this!), Lady Doji's Decree I'm still working on Kata's and Shuji, but I want to read every one of them before I make a decision. I'd appreciate your input on those.
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