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  1. I like what your doing and where your going the only critisam i have is that the skum ships all have the same abilities fore and aft, doubling up on a skill is great in thery but it goes against yuor stated idea of giving the epic ships more flaxability. Skumm and villany dosn't mean chaotic and stupid.
  2. Light Freighter - Title Hawk 290 only 1 pt. Ship gains (cargo) equipment space or may take a single Huge ship only card. Secondary power coupling - Modification Hawk 290 only. 2 pt.'s The hawk is unique in that its engines can be used as secondary power generators enabling it to fit equipment with power demands far beyond that capable of similar sized ships. The ship may fit a single Secondary or Torpedo or Rocket or System or scanner upgrade Remodelled Drive Engines - Modification Hawk 290 only 3 pt.'s the ship treats all Ahead moves as green and MUST increase its move speed by One step (one bank becomes 2 bank etc)
  3. personally for 1 pt I thu#ink that you are looking at a turret that rolls a single attack dice up to range 3 or a rolls more dice but has shorter range. Say like a Single laser turret. Range :- 1-3 attack dice :- 1 1 pt. Single Blaster Turret Range :- 1-2 attack dice :- 2 1 pt Single Fusion Turret Range :- 1 attack dice :- 3 1pt it just seems that turrets are pointed at 1pt per dice up to range 3 that they fire. and fixed guns at 1.5 dice up to range 3 per point and can have a special affects with out surcharge.
  4. Reading through the 30+ pages of comments I find a lot of the attitudes of most posters expressing a lot of self hate. This is problem is a sign most modern white males disempowerment and confusion over what it means to be a man. As an older gamer I can honestly say that MEN are NOT the problem in model war gaming. Girls and women are simply interested in other things. At my local gaming centre you can see it clearly with the male's at one end and petering out towards the females at the other end the only real mixing going on around the card and co-op gaming areas. The role playing area is divided in two with one group mostly girls with the od boyfriend or husband and the other group all boys with the od girlfriend/wife. and the 2 games being played are vastly different. Is Simple :- GIRL's prefer Co-Op games or competitive games where the violence is nonspecific (like magic) Boys prefer Model war games or competitive games there are exceptions I know several woman young and old who will kick your ass at war-hammer.
  5. I Don't know if it's been mentioned, but I think the best solution's are simple solutions. X-Wings should be faster. Y-Wings should be tougher why not give t65 X-wings and Y-wings a new action. Don't apply to the t70 X-wing as the numerous improvements include Improved generators and auto power management. 'power to Engines' By putting its cannons on standby the Wing series is able to generate vast boost's of speed and manover ability. After moving the ship May perform this action. Place an no firing token next to the ship. It MUST now perform a Boost action, after moving. At the start of the turn you may chose to remove the no firing token and return to normal 'power to Shields' By putting its cannons on standby the Wing series is able to generate vast boost's of power to it shielding After moving the ship May perform this action. Place an no firing token next to the ship. It MUST now perform a reinforce action, after moving. At the start of the turn you may chose to remove the no firing token and return to normal
  6. You do realise that a BARREL ROLL represents a fast sequence of HARD turns and ROLLS, while under acceleration. technically it is Part of the move action that proceeded it. Any compertant pilot trained in this sort of defensive Flying will know roughly where and when he will pass though a point in space and will recognise enemy fire zones that he wants to minimise his exposer to. This is why you can move the barrel roll as you wish so as to represent the Very wiggly line that the ship actually took to get to its position at that second at the end of the move round.
  7. Well with the release of the Mist Hunter there's some an old dog's that got some NEW Tricks. How about a cloaking Hawk 290. Slip in close and drain those Evade and Focus tokens and agility 4 Talon-bane Cobra is loving the improved survivability and mobility. Agility 3 Y-Wing and stealth bomber, bring it.!!!! Don't forget any changes to the cloaking rules Don't just affect the phantom any more THE ENTIRE SCUM fraction can now benefit from CLOAKING..
  8. nice card but at that small a scale more for Amada than X-Wing. the Death stare would have to be at least 8 capital ship backs placed sideways for a total of 16 cards. 5 being capital ship emplacements, 5 secondary weapon emplacements 2 being small hangers (holds 4 Fighters) 2 being left and right capital ship dock's for large/huge ships and one being a generator station and the other being the infamous exhaust port (ray shielded so only secondary weapons will affect it.. costs nothing but successfully causing a chain reaction in the exhaust port or destroying all the emplacements wins the game for the rebels. of corset the same set up could count as the 'HULL' of a capital vestal such as a star destroyer or such..
  9. modification Cost 2 Y-Wing / B wing only Heavy armour Refit. ships main weapon is -1 dice Ship gains +1 armour. Armour ignores 1 hit per attack (but not crit's) after shields.
  10. yes I agree the secret order cards are op for the proposed cost. change initiate to :- change one Blank into an evade and emperors voice into :- If you have no shields change one Blank into a Critical. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modification Cost zero Y-Wing Only BTL-A4 The y-wing gains a scanner, Cannon or illicit upgrade slot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sorry that was a typo I missed it should have read BTL - S4 which was the heavy recon version of the Y - Wing. Used by rebel Agents and Long range patrols. also there's always modification Cost 1 Y-wing Only. QUAD ENGINES Treat all straight Ahead moves as Green. you are counted as a LARGE Ship for all special attacks.
  11. here is my idea's for card's MOD. cost: none Primary weapon Retrofit. Ship's firepower is reduced to ZERO you MUST equip an Secondary weapon at - 4 points (min zero cost) the secondary weapon may only be fired from your main arc and becomes subject to range modifies Title. Cost ZERO Y-Wing only Y-wing shuttle the ship looses both Torpedo options, gains 2 passenger slots, no more than 4 pt's per passenger Modification Cost 1 pt Y-Wing only Shield Projector. the ship gains the Reinforce action. "Switch deflector fields double front" Title Cost 10 pt's Y-Wing Only Scum Only The Wild Kard You may take as many modifications as you wish. you may take an illicit this ship may be carried and launched from any large or huge ship capable of carrying and launching fighters, even your opponents, In addition to it's normal payload. Modification Cost zero Y-Wing Only BTL-A4 The y-wing gains a scanner or illicit upgrade slot
  12. well the GR-75 and the Gozanti class both started life as standard transporters. The company that built the GR-75 made them available to the rebel alliance at cost so it became there signature transporter, but it was still very common as a bulk passenger & cargo haler. so there should be a Scum Fraction card for this at some point. (I can point to several EU scum ships but I understand there non cannon) also theres several parked at moss'icly in episode 4. The Gozanti is a different as it was developed to order for the HUT's as a armed Transport. again there are a few scattered about various star-ports through the films and books. the total owned by the Empire is 3 (all owned and converted at the orders of the imperial inquisitor) the rest of these ships are owned by versus merchant and pirate fractions, as by the RPG and versus books both EU and not. so there should also be scum versions of that ship with the option to convert it back into it's original gunboat / mass transport designations. but the scums best chance for a frigate of there own lays with the syndicate and 'the Wild Kardd' a converted liner come warship.
  13. AN X-wing with out torpedo's, only 1 Shield but gains a cloaking device and bomb's. an alternative Ship for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchuto + unnamed Jedi pilots, since other than Wedge and Tycho only Jedi used the Stealth X. Shame it's from the EU books which are non cannon. .
  14. This has been bugging me for a while and so I thought I would ask it. WHY WAS THE GOZANTI CRUISER ONLY MADE AVAILEABLE FOR THE EMPIRE? after a bit of research I found a reference to a converted gozanti transport ship that was in the series rebels but this ship is relatively unusual in star wars as it was NOT used by the empire until AFTER the fall of the empire. ie in the Expanded universe which has been declared non cannon. the Class was 1st built as a armed merchantman by the HUT's to protect there transports. and then made available on the open market. I have fond memories of using one as a high end smuggler, (the ship was not popular in cuss of its high cost compared to the YT classes) later developed by the BLACK SUN as a Fighter Carrier or a straight GUNSHIP it was then adopted by the rebellion and the cartel who used it in both modes. several named ships (admittedly from the Clone wars time period) are available but show the ship in it gunship main-fit.
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