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  1. It is a thing, but after looking it up, it would take some rethinking and reworking for Star Wars. Realms of Terrinoth introduces the Heroic Ability Signature Weapon which allows you to select a signature weapon from a list of 4 options; if it’s ever lost or destroyed, it finds its way back to you against all odds, or you obtain a new one. Improved Signature Weapon causes it to gain benefits of the Reinforced* quality or gets benefits or being of ancient craftsmanship**. Supreme Signature Weapon causes it to gain 2 hard points and a free attachment of your choice rarity 9 or less (subject to the new total hard points). *Weapon immune to Sunder, armor soak immune to Pierce and Breach. **Increase damage by 1, reduce crit by 1, gain Reinforced, reduce hard points by 1 (to minimum of 0).
  2. (Working from the assumption you’re in the US....) Additionally odd is that FFG recently shifted to Friday release dates, and 10/31 is a Thursday. Your shop may want to check with their distributor, because stores have it. There were still 5-6 on the shelf after I picked mine up Friday.
  3. Gonna have to crack open Genesys again and see what it has to say about signature weapons.
  4. As I’ve been entering things in, myself, I’ve found that the “iconic” items from Gadgets and Gear is slightly different than their entries as equipment for the characters in Allies and Adversaries. For starters, they’ve got rarities and encumbrance (along with the “not for sale” price). The special abilities they’ve carried over were previously worded as if being used by their named character, while these descriptions allow any wielder to use them. Then, there’s the addition of the truly “iconic” abilities for them that do only work when the named character is wielding them. Looks like I may be going back through the NPCs in the GM tools section of OggDude’s and replacing the A&A versions of the items with the G&G versions.
  5. I’d say announcement around the time 9 hits home video, with release around the end of the year.
  6. The former, probably only if one of the upcoming trilogies or Disney+ series is set in the time period as rumored (and then, more in line with whatever is then “official”). The latter is a pretty safe bet, but not until after The Rise of Skywalker has been released.
  7. With the way Disney is cross-marketing it, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they’ve put a bug in FFG’s ear about some sort of location book that could heavily incorporate Galaxy’s Edge/Batuu.
  8. In the first of those two groups I mentioned, my son’s character is an archaeologist. It became established that he and Aphra went to school together (and that she kept trying to cheat off of his work).
  9. In a couple of different groups I play in, the GM has tossed Aphra our way. In one case, the player interacting with her most had no idea about the comics side of things, so it worked out great. In the other, we ran into her along with 000 and BT, ultimately taking out the droids. Our own resident semi-psychotic astromech PC (who'd had his body trashed in a previous session) took over BT's shell.
  10. Probably questions better for a thread dedicated to the book than us all further commandeering the prophet’s thread. 😁
  11. So you’re saying Palpatine needed bait, not skill. That he was playing to the ego of a bounty hunter with an inflated reputation.
  12. We’ve covered all of this already. Rather than repeating it, we can both just scroll up. Meanwhile, we know - thanks to Lucas, Filoni, and Hidalgo (among others) - that, as much motive as you feel Almec had to lie...he wasn’t. Jango isn’t Mandalorian. The movie also didn’t show him...even claiming to be a Mandalorian. Or from Concord Dawn. Or being considered “the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.” In the few stories to feature him in the current canon, we may see hints of that reputation, but not necessarily that it’s earned. How much of that reputation is legit, and how much is Traviss-style tall tales being spread about (and by?) him? Reputation deserved or manufactured...he’s not Mandalorian.
  13. Do they? Do they really? He failed to kill Padme, someone known to use doubles and decoys, killing only a decoy. He subcontracts a second attempt (that also fails). Kills the subcontractor only because she’s been subdued by Jedi, using a weapon so unique that that it leads Obi-Wan straight to his front door. He fails to kill Obi-Wan, and doesn’t consider he’s being tracked. He fails to kill Obi-Wan again, then soon gets taken out by Mace, who doesn’t break a sweat doing it. On second thought, you’re right...his skills and abilities do indeed speak for themselves. Which is why he needs the boost in street cred from claiming to be a Mandalorian. And, we know he isn’t really one, because the people who get to make that decision have said, in no uncertain terms, that he’s not.
  14. Now this? This I just love. The word of one character with potentially questionable motives (who makes the only statement on a particular subject in an actual story) absolutely cannot be taken at face value. But the assassin-for-hire? His word (that we only know of second-hand) is beyond reproach.
  15. It’s the only comment at all on his heritage in an actual story. We have ancillary sources in canon that he claims to be from Concord Dawn. Legends means precisely diddly/squat (read that as a fraction - diddly over squat 😏) to do with anything at this point. If however, we’re going to cling to now-non-canonical references to “prove” points regarding Fett-ish origins, we also have sources in Legends that absolutely state that Boba was Jaster Mereel, a Journeyman Protector, and that the slaver Supremor on Mandalore operated from a city built into a giant beast skeleton. But that was later overridden at least once if not more times as people just couldn’t resist layering their own takes on his history, especially after his origin as Jango’s clone was established. And, by the only standard that really carries any weight - that of LFL - he’s not.
  16. Yeah. Yeah, there is. What I define as being Mandalorian is the people in charge of determining such things for LFL saying whether or not a character is Mandalorian. They've said on more than one occasion that Jango isn't. So...he isn't.
  17. The favorite new bit that I’ve been told about is Lando’s Closet - roll a d100 and you get a different cape/outfit with its own abilities.
  18. I know of one person "offline" who received his pre-order today, as well.
  19. Her contributions in general. At best, like I said, it felt like she wanted to be writing in a different fictional universe. At its worst, we got to the “Chuck Norris Mandalorians” - you know, a Mandalorian once killed twenty Jedi by pointing his finger and saying, “Bang!” And, as always, I’m honest enough to factor personal tastes in there. I found it a chore to get through her work. Also honest enough to say that, while I probably have them all sitting on my shelf, I definitely haven’t read them all.
  20. I absolutely do not miss Traviss’ contributions. It always read like she wanted to be playing in a totally different sandbox.
  21. Generally speaking, Traviss’ Legacy of the Force books felt like they were part of a completely different sub-series, and could have been skipped without missing a beat of the storyline.
  22. He’s talking to a Jedi who shouldn’t know about this clone army, but has shown up out of the blue asking questions...one of the same two Jedi who were by Zam’s side when he killed her before she could implicate him in the attempted murder of a Republic senator. Exactly the kind of circumstance to downplay one’s skills and importance, rather than deciding to borrow Wolverine’s trademark, “I’m the best there is at what I do...and what I do isn’t pretty.” He then tries to kill that Jedi, makes a bee line for Geonosis where he tries to kill the Jedi again, then takes a seat in a royal box next to the leader of the Separatists (who he’d have to recognize as the “Tyranus” who hired him as the template for the other side’s army) to watch what’s supposed to be the execution of two Jedi and that Republic senator on a Separatist world. Hardly the actions of a free agent. All of which is beside one simple truth: as far as LFL is currently concerned, he’s not Mandalorian. Out of genuine curiosity, Tramp, why so invested in the character’s status as a Mandalorian?
  23. No, it sounds like someone trying to underplay his significance to a Jedi who’s come poking his nose where it doesn’t belong, someone trying to deny a connection to the attempted assassination of a Republic senator, and get the Jedi to leave him alone long enough to hightail it outta there and hopefully keep him from discovering that he’s the template for Republic clones but tied to the leader of the Separatists - which is exactly what he and Boba do the moment Obi-Wan leaves the room. (And in that scene it’s absolutely not someone claiming - legitimately or falsely - to be Mandalorian.)
  24. If she does play Ursa, that could tie in with Filoni’s nervous laughter and, “Never day never” at D23 about any of his characters making the jump to live action. Granted, they gave the specific example of Ahsoka. A live action Ursa could pave the way for a live action Sabine (played by Tiya Sircar?) and/or Ahsoka on their post-Rebels quest.
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