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  1. Nytwyng

    Video playthroughs?

    Exactly what I was about to post. It's a fun watch.
  2. FFG has said in the past that the only con they sell at is GenCon, as they prefer to drive traffic to retailers. But then, they also said they preferred not to stat out “named” characters. So who knows....
  3. As a GM, I don’t mind at all. The content is no secret, and also may not necessarily reflect any variations on those NPCs that the players might be encountering. As a player, I always have my binder of the cards with me. They’ve come in handy when I’ve found myself with a sudden companion such as an astromech or pet that I need the stats for.
  4. Nytwyng

    Can the clones breed?

    I don’t recall saying otherwise. Simply that Boba can’t be used as a reliable yardstick for the clone troopers. Sorry to ruin a perfectly cromulent “ackchyually” moment. 😜
  5. Nytwyng

    Can the clones breed?

    Maybe worth remembering, Boba was specifically noted as being an unaltered clone, unlike the troopers.
  6. Nytwyng

    Can the clones breed?

    I definitely remember watching Space: Above and Beyond. But I was thinking more about the offspring you were asking if the clones could have. Would the rapid aging modification be carried by the kids; would they grow more rapidly than normal (even if not quite as rapidly as the clones had been), with a shortened lifespan? Could it possibly be passed on in a dormant state, but kick in later in life, or be triggered and/or mutated by a disease causing them to suddenly start aging even faster than their clone father? Could make interesting story fodder if a clone’s 5 year old is suddenly struck ill, and their body begins aging faster at a geometric progression while the sickness lasts.
  7. Nytwyng

    Can the clones breed?

    Another question it might raise - how might the artificially accelerated aging that the Kaminoans engineered impact the offspring? Would that modification carry through in whole or part?
  8. Nope. Sheffield. Which is why it struck me as odd.
  9. Finally watched the Doctor Who New Year’s special a week or two ago, and was surprised when a character was pulled over for what the officer said was going over X miles an hour.
  10. I see. So, neither you nor they actually looked at what was in the game. Instead, you’ve chosen to complain about circumstances that don’t exist. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that this wasn’t the case, but I see that it is. Why would they make three separate lines? I wondered that at first, too. But, I can now see that it’s to throw spotlights on the three different “flavors” that we’ve seen in Star Wars since practically day one. (And, of course, to maximize their profit.) None of the three lines preclude character types and play styles from the other “flavors.” Practical experience in playing the game bears this out.
  11. Once more, with feeling. How, specifically, were they unable to play the types of characters that they wanted to using the EotE CRB?
  12. I’m just sayin’...more realistic goals. Never mind that Jessica Fletcher is a fictional serial killer who spent 264 episodes and 4 TV movies successfully framing others for her crimes. It’s still a more attainable goal than getting Jessica Biel away from this guy Or getting the OP to actually answer a straightforward question.
  13. If only I had mentioned those decades of rationalizations. Oh, wait...I did. (You even quoted it.) 😜
  14. Sure, after decades of coming up with reasons for why the mistake “wasn’t.” Nothing to prevent the same being applied to yet another Certain Point of View (TM). 😁