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  1. The Solo Official Guide says that the spot on the left breast of young Han’s jacket is a slot for ID, but Han’s is empty.
  2. I’ve got 9, myself: Three in my gaming clipboard that goes with me as a player (and double as my GM set when I’m...well...GM), three in a bowl at one end of the table, and three in a bowl at the other end of the table. On top of that, I’ve got 2 or 3 sets of Genesys dice.
  3. I'm guessing that the Orlando park is going to start with the same 4-hour window reservation system that California had to keep initial crowds manageable, then transition to the current virtual queue system I've heard they've adopted after the first month.
  4. Yeah, I know they’re metal, but they’re oversized in the same way that the less expensive toy versions are, and - at least in the pictures and videos I’ve seen - the paint and detailing just have an...”off”...look to me that’s hard to describe.
  5. Yep, it's the experience that draws me to the Galaxy's Edge saber (whenever I finally get to go...probably a couple of years). And swapping out the crystals. I'm not wild about the chunky, "toy-looking" aesthetic, but it is what it is. (Not to mention the crystals pulling double duty in the holocrons.)
  6. You're in luck. Over the past few months, FFG has released two "line generic" Era sourcebooks - Rise of the Separatists and Collapse of the Republic - with material to run games set during the Clone Wars. They both include the Clone species, the Clone Solder Career, and three each Specializations for the Career (as well as the Jedi Career and a total of four Specializations for it). Meanwhile, for a more military-driven campaign, possibly look into the Age of Rebellion CRB, and go from there.
  7. I'd always drawn that same conclusion, as well. But, he can't outright say, "Hey! I know you're cheating, because I was cheating!" Although he did ultimately openly accuse Qui-Gon of cheating after the also-unexpected result of Anakin winning the race.
  8. Nytwyng


    Thanks again, @dresdinseven. Not having participated in such endeavors before, I wasn’t aware of those logistics. (And, being at work as these thoughts occur, my posting time is limited and research time non-existent. 😏) Patreon is a good question, and a thought that would probably have occurred to me sooner or later. My Star Wars GM has floated the idea of setting up a campaign specifically to film and webcast, with a Patreon likely attached. With the announcement of Foundry (prior to this deeper dive into the terms), it’s been suggested to make that instead a custom Genesys setting in order to offer the setting materials for sale. Would such a Patreon account violate the crowdfunding conditions? (And if DriveThru already has mechanisms in place for Kickstarter campaigns, why not allow us to take advantage of them?) I’d say that @Cannibal Halfling might be onto something regarding hasty assembly of the terms to meet a Gen Con launch, but there’s been enough lead time that some of the better-known members of the fan and freelancer community with existing relationships to FFG were able to have content available for the launch, not to mention a podcast interview/announcement ready to go on day one. So these must be aspects that have been discussed...just with answers that aren’t ideal for the community.
  9. Nytwyng


    I do sort of understand the prohibition against crowdfunding, just because of logistics. Using Kickstarter as an example, it’s a given that a backer will receive a copy of the product in exchange for their contribution. The Foundry distribution through DriveThru ensures that FFG gets their designated cut, which is eliminated with the rewards distributed through Kickstarter. Yeah, it’s a major impediment for those of us without immediately available resources to commission artwork, etc. but I can understand the business decision behind it. I honestly don’t know how other systems that grant similar license for sale of third-party content manage that aspect, as I’ve never been involved in it.
  10. Nytwyng


    You make some great points, @dresdinseven, and I wonder if that’s where the disconnect stems from: the written contract worded to account for playing with FFG’s toys but not being worded properly to accommodate the intended spirit of letting us own our personally-created settings.
  11. Just wanted to mention that they've announced a hard copy of it to be released before too long.
  12. After getting home from work today, I looked it up. Here it is to give you full content (page 104):
  13. (Im)patiently waiting on iTunes to give you their thumbs up....
  14. Oh yeah, there definitely is. I'm just talking about the book template itself. The rest of the assets are amazing. (I've been playing around with the cover template for a few hours now. )
  15. The Foundry files are already on Drive-Thru. Already have them downloaded. My big question for them would be...will any desktop publishing tool other than InDesign be supported?
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