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  1. Because they’ve been such Chatty Cathies about previous delays.... 😏
  2. Says who? A cheap, obsolete Walkman. (Less the Walkman, even, than the $1 mix tape inside it.) Treasured enough for Quill to go back into the Kyln to retrieve. Right now, I’m about 3/4 of the way through the audiobook for Ernest Cline’s Armada. The main character’s most prized possession is a cheap, 20+ year old baseball jacket with game and sci-fi patches on it that belonged to his father who died when the main character was a baby. Hera risked life and limb to get back into her family home, occupied by the Empire, to get the family kalikori. Being a treasured keepsake is a matter of giving the character a reason to have an attachment to it, not how many credits they spent on it. As a GM, if I had a player who could give me a reason why an object like these, that don’t affect gameplay, is important to the character - a collection of favorite songs made by their late mother, a jacket that provides a sense of connection with the father they never knew, a small representation of family - I’d probably let them have it for free. Because as a GM, the hooks that those can provide are even more valuable to me than the objects are to the characters.
  3. Right. Xandar could have kept prisoners’ belongings planetside. After all, they began processing them there, before transferring them to the Kyln, and it would appear that prisoners would have to be transferred back planetside for release. (Apparently, the impound “lot” for prisoners’ vehicles is aboard the Kyln, too. So they presumably transported vehicles to the station only to transport them back down when a prisoner was released.) But, instead, they transported prisoners to the station to complete processing them in and stored their belongings - including weapons - in lock boxes aboard station. All for narrative effect: bring the characters together and set them all off in the same trajectory, complete with McGuffin. There’s nothing to say that a particular prison in Star Wars wouldn’t still have prisoners’ belongings on site, especially if it’s to serve the story.
  4. Agreed. Why, even in the GotG example, a guard stole the Walkman. For that matter, the one example we’ve seen of an actual prison/labor facility appears to have shown us prisoners wearing their civilian clothes rather than prisoner garb.
  5. That depends. Did you use the web install or the standalone? Web install checks and prompts for updates. Standard does not.
  6. Nytwyng

    Buying capital ships

    That sort of thing was actually the concept/backstory of my old Galaxies guild, which I ported over to be an NPC organization in one of the campaigns I run. A Star Wars Blackwater-style company serving as cover for a Rebel cell, to legally justify their military hardware.
  7. Nytwyng

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Worked pretty well as the plot of Lost Stars. Depends on the character(s). In the aforementioned Lost Stars, one of the two main characters did defect to the Rebellion. The other didn’t, yet still didn’t become an evil space Nazi. That’s not to say one should run/play in a campaign that doesn’t appeal to them. But, just pointing out that decent people serving the Empire without becoming (to borrow a phrase) twisted and evil can be - and has been - done.
  8. It’s been optioned a couple of times, but it turns out that ownership of the rights (series creator Peter B. Gillis or Marvel) is murky. The last time it was going to be made (as a TV mini-series, if I recall), Gillis was on board, then Marvel released trade paperbacks in response, reasserting their claim. The production company backed out, not wanting to get stuck in the middle. Thanks for the suggestions. Ideas are percolating.
  9. There are now three sets of stats for the Fang Fighter (and three different "heading" names for it, as well), each different-- Mandalorian Protectorate Starfighter (No Disintegrations, p 58) Fang Fighter (Dawn of Rebellion, p 86) Mandalorian Protectorate "Fang" Starfighter (Unlimited Power, p 62) I want to say there was a question about it answered when there were "only" two during Order 66's Q&A with the devs for Dawn of Rebellion, and that they said they view them as variants found in different locales. But, that could just be a fever dream of mine.
  10. Just looked through all six sets. No named characters, including Teemo. The Scum and Villainy set has a "Hutt Crime Lord" card, but it's got a picture of Durga on it (per the birthmark/tattoo over the right eye). One of the custom adversary card sets here on the boards has a Teemo card, though.
  11. For what it’s worth, I bring the books from the computer room to the living room when the groups I run play. Even though we very rarely go to the books for reference.
  12. Yeah, but even I have to admit that a “greatest hits” package isn’t the best sign.
  13. And, I’m reminded once again of Sammy Hagar’s comments about “greatest hits” packages - just this time, as a matter of being disappointed that FFG is doing one. Unable to find the exact quote, it was to the effect that, once you release a greatest hits package, you’re saying you have nothing left to offer. He went on to say that he released one (Unboxed), because, as part of Van Halen at the time, he thought his days as a solo artist were behind him, and he was against the VH hits collection. Of course, in trying to find the exact quote, I see he’s put out several more since resuming his solo career, so....