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  1. We haven’t heard anything (that I’m aware of). But, consider that the changeover from FFG to Edge was announced in early March, right before the whole world shut down. I’d wager that the actual ramp up of Edge didn’t begin until Sam officially started as RPG Manager for Edge. Accounting for any existing backlog of jobs that the printer had, then Edge having to get in the job queue, it’ll probably be a while before they can get a flow going. FWIW, FFG seems to be facing a similar production logjam with the mini games. A few weeks ago, I received a birthday gift of a gift card to get myself an Armada Super Star Destroyer, and it’s out of stock, even at FFG. There’s a lot of production of a lot of products everywhere to catch up on. (And I’m guessing that such printer backups are, at least in part, why the High Republic publishing project was pushed from summer to the beginning of 2021.)
  2. At the beginning of the most recent Order 66 Podcast, Chris mentioned that he (and Hooly) had contacted Edge shortly after the announcement, to introduce themselves and express a desire to continue the working relationship with Edge that O66 and The Forge have enjoyed with FFG. Edge replied that they knew who they were, and were pleased to continue that relationship, but asked to “give them the year,” because they would prefer to have more concrete, specific information to provide.
  3. True enough, but those weren't for public distribution, so the spirit of the point remains.
  4. Yes, it generally is. Although far fewer trilogies are made these days, with every studio wanting some of that sweet, sweet ongoing franchise money. Looking at the Harry Potter movies, the second dropped from the first, and the third dropped from the second, then they began to rise, taking a significant drop from the eighth (the highest grossing) to the ninth (Fantastic Beasts) and dropping from that with the tenth. The Marvel movies are all over the map, box office-wise. They rise and fall. Marvel Studios considers Spider-Man: Far From Home to be the final chapter of what's been retroactively branded the "Infinity Saga," and it took in just a little over 1/3 of the global box office of Avengers: Endgame. It even made less than three of the movies most often derided by detractors of the franchise (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and Captain Marvel). It's never been a hard-and-fast pattern, though. Just a very common one, with a logical foundation: People go see part 1, because it's unknown. Fewer go see part 2 because it's now a known quantity and some of those viewers of part 1 didn't like it. Even fewer go see part 3 because they liked part 1, but not where part 2 took the franchise. By this yardstick, as noted above, Far From Home was a "disappointment," because it had a 65% drop from Endgame.
  5. I'm just curious how some people think civil conversation and dialogue about differing opinion is supposed to happen if those differing "sides" don't all...y'know...participate.
  6. OggDude has not gotten Collapse of the Republic entered into a release yet. As to the second part, I've never added in anyone else's datasets...I just manually enter new info in over the course of the weekend when a new book comes out, so hopefully someone else can help you out there.
  7. I do the upgrade as a matter of course for non-Force users to use a lightsaber. The way I see it, a lot of the more “common” Jedi maneuvers with a lightsaber require the Force running as “background music” to the lightsaber use.
  8. I'm partial to the "nothing" answer. (I did something similar to my group when they tracked down a lost planet with a fabled ancient treasure: short version, the "treasure" was a way to rekindle the planet's population. My wife still hasn't forgiven me for depriving her character of the riches she was chasing...and that session was about 2 years ago.) But, if you wanted to get kinda out there...there could be a passage to the World Between Worlds. Inside, they might find some baddie who's been trapped inside for some countless, extended time. Getting out and stopping him requires the destruction of the passage. When I did something like this for one of my groups (set about 250 years post-RotJ), they encountered Jerec from Dark Forces II in there.
  9. All I’ll say on this tangent is that, from where I sit, the more partisan someone is, the more invested they are in demonizing and not understanding the “other side.” Good and bad ideas and people exist all along the political spectrum. The increasingly hostile ultra-partisan tribalism currently seen in the US doesn’t help anyone except those with a vested interest in keeping the populace divided.
  10. I've warmed to it. There's still a lot of choices that I don't like at all, find it contradictory not just to TLJ but to TFA and even itself at times, and I still think it's the weakest of the sequels by far. But, I don't mind watching it as much anymore. I even had it running today as background noise while I was working. Then I learned that Netflix added Batman: Mask of the Phantasm today, and as soon as TRoS was done, it was over to that, for the absolute best Batman movie to ever grace the big screen.
  11. Oh, I’m sure that’s what they mean - that they’ll be more directly tied to the people and places of The Mandalorian. I just found their choice of wording a bit humorous.
  12. I’m looking forward to them, as well. Although I found some of the release announcements to be kinda funny. “...books taking place in the world of Star Wars: The Mandalorian...” So...in the world of Star Wars. Period. 😁
  13. I’ve got a (few) longer form work(s) in progress that I can upload samples of after I clock out from work and can shift over to my personal computer, but for now, here’s a single page sample that I’ve posted here before.
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