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  1. Hmmm...Dawn of Rebellion hits when the last wave of Rebels episodes premieres. Fully Operational is now set to hit the same week as the blu-ray/DVD release of The Last Jedi. Anyone seeing a pattern? Bets on one of the other books dropping 5/24?
  2. A gated one, at that, which may require some reworking of the Force power infrastructure.
  3. “Upstairs” already knew. “Kicking it upstairs” would have, in no way, sped up a solution. Templates like that generally come about specifically because “upstairs” is aware of an issue, but no firm answer is available to be given.
  4. Nope. The customer service agent(s) will respond 2000 times with the approved template. That’s how this stuff works. At my job, a Mac OS update broke one of our softwares that allowed connectivity between computer and our product. For a year and a half. No matter how many emails (or phone calls) we got or how nasty the content got, they were all answered with the approved response template (which amounted to, “we know...check our web site for updates”). For a year and a half. We weren’t happy about it, but that’s all we could do.
  5. Click the “$Donate$” button in the upper right of the Character Generator.
  6. For source, click the "add" button, and just type in the book's name...it will then be available in the pulldown list. For pictures, use a .png file, and put it in the appropriate folder under your DataCustom folder. You can see the naming conventions for the different content type pictures in those folders. For example, vehicle pictures are KEYNAME.png while weapons are WeaponKEYNAME.png, and so on.
  7. Lolth Wolves

    I always chuckle when another typo crops up when explaining a typo.
  8. Working in customer service, myself, I can only give a real-life anecdote--- Years ago, an Apple Mac OS update "broke" one of our smaller software titles that allowed computer connectivity with a piece of hardware. With lots of different roadblocks in there, it took a year and a half for that to be fixed. In that time, all we could say was to the effect of, "We are aware of the issue, and our developers are working on a solution. We do not have an ETA for the fix. Keep watching our web site for the new version." We faced a deluge of calls and emails, some saying, "If you're not going to support Mac anymore, just say so." So, there may be a plan...but they may not be in a position to even say there's a plan. It all comes down to what they're allowed to say.
  9. In the past, it has been. I've had broken ships replaced in short order several times, including a large scale Gozanti during the holidays. But, currently, I've had an order for a replacement X-wing, Z-95, and TIE on hold waiting for parts since January.
  10. When and where is your campaign set?

    Since it was my comment that sparked the thread, it would be rude of me not to reply. I run two campaigns-- The Raggedy Edge started out about 6-9 months BBY, but as of session 8 seeing them leaving Jedha just as a big, metal sphere came into orbit and fired a green blast at the planet, we're now about a month or so ABY in the upcoming session 11. It's a pretty standard campaign heavy on EotE, with some AoR and FaD tossed in for flavor, so what makes it unique is the interplay between the characters. That and, during initial character creation (in part because it was my first campaign GMed in this system), I played fast and loose with the character creation rules...plenty of GM grants, and randomized extra XP for most of the characters if the players could give me a good background to justify them not being starting characters. (I didn't know about knight level play at the time. ) To summarize it in one sentence? Firefly. (But, of course, its gone off in its own directions.) An overview of the campaign, and adventure summaries can be found on mySWRPG.com. Then there's the one that sparked @DangerShine Designs ' interest-- Raiders of the Lost Jedi is set roughly 250 years after Return of the Jedi. That far ahead, enough can have changed over time that I don't have to worry about stepping on canon's toes or canon stepping on mine. We're only 2 full sessions in, so there's plenty of twists on the horizon for them. My inspiration? Blatant theft. When looking around online for materials to use when building the campaign that became The Raggedy Edge, I came across a post describing this very sort of campaign and fleshed it out in my own ways. Described in one sentence? A group of treasure hunters for the rebuilt University of Alderaan seeks out Force-related locations and artifacts, racing against dark siders who seek them out for their own nefarious purposes.
  11. My only honest answer to this question is, "more than I would have wanted to see." I couldn't tell you what seasons anything that I saw was from...it's what happened to be on if our son had it on. Everything I saw appeared to be nonsense. So, either by pure chance, all I ever saw was from those seasons, or we're dealing with varied mileage again. And to borrow from Tony Stark, I say...is it too much to ask for both? The best Superman stories aren't about physical conflict. Meanwhile, a great many fans have hitched their wagons to the idea of "god mode" Batman. Me...I'm a Nightwing guy: all of Batman's skills while socially well-adjusted like Superman.
  12. You have far more fortitude than I do, to be able to watch that much of Adventure Time. When our son would watch it, I reached a point that I just had to leave the room. It was a joyous day when he didn’t care about it anymore. So, based on my (admittedly limited) exposure to it, I can’t agree with your assessment of the writing/production quality. It was just another example of what seems to have been in vogue for kids’ cartoons of the past decade (five or take): throw random, bizarre nonsense out there, with poor animation, and hope it becomes the Next Big Thing. Meanwhile, I see the progression in Ezra that you don’t. Mileage variance.
  13. Oddly enough, I find the two shows you cite as exemplars of “contemporary kid shows” to be thoroughly unwatchable, filled with random, annoying nonsense and no depth of character. With them, as with Rebels, mileage obviously varies.
  14. My wife didn't watch when it aired (she still had last week's to watch). She stayed home from work sick today, though. And at one point, I got a text saying, "Freaking Hondo made me tear up!" (near the beginning when he dropped the Captain Jack Sparrow act and said, "For that boy, there is nothing I would not do.")