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  1. That’s fair. While I probably should have, I didn’t think “those on the extremes of the discussion should stop speaking for everyone” would, itself, become an argument of extremes. We now return to our previously scheduled prophecies.
  2. That the phrasing implies all fans, or that not all fans lined up on extreme positions regarding the topic?
  3. Not marginalizing anything. Saying it “polarized the fans” implies that all fans lined up at one extreme or the other. That did not occur.
  4. It polarized some of the fans. It’s still in theaters and has passed $380 million on a $300 million budget. While I can agree it didn’t perform to expectations, I’m not sure I can agree that it lost money.
  5. Oh this guy claimed to have done the math based on (get this) subscribers to the official SW Facebook page and the negative comments seen there about the movie. Then, when called out on his claim, demanded strict calculations to prove his fuzzy math wrong. 😂 I don’t disagree that there’s some degree of polarization. I think we’re just “hearing” the two extremes the loudest. And, we’re also seeing the toxic elements of the Star Wars fandom dive into the spotlight. Which doesn’t benefit anyone.
  6. This. Same thing that happened to Kay-Bee. (Didn’t help that TRU didn’t really offer anything that couldn’t also be purchased down the road at Target or *shudder* Walmart for less.) I’m not sure I’d say extremely divisive, but agree with the gist of your statement here. I think you’d probably agree that the statement that “90% of Star Wars fans” have turned away is quite heavily inflated.
  7. Seconded. Just earlier today, I encountered someone online claiming that 90% “of Star Wars fans” have turned away from the franchise. 🙄
  8. Don't forget to factor in the cost of staff and care/observation during the stay. Even if the staff is droids, they must be maintained. Even so, I'd say that 100-400 sounds about right for an "urgent care" doc-in-a-box.
  9. Now that we've got the "early release" of 2.3, including the fix of the attachment bug, I wonder...how to accurately enter the Flickerphase Blade attachment from Knights of Fate, with its base mod of "add the Inaccurate 2 quality (or increase the existing quality by 1)."
  10. Select a hilt instead of a lightsaber. (Ex: basic lightsaber hilt instead of basic lightsaber.) The lightsabers display the baseline stats from the books, which assume a standard Ilum crystal with no additional mods. The hilts are comepletely empty, ready for crystal and other mods.
  11. As always, a big thanks. And now, a suggestion- How difficult would it be to somehow allow for a rarity of “unique” or “one of a kind?” It would be applied to specialized items like, say, the Darksaber or Warrde’s holocron or lightsaber, but would be even handier when adding custom unique items.
  12. I know I can help with forums. Possibly downloads too. Shoot me a message.
  13. Welcome back! You were actually helped a lot by the Big Book Delay. Since the last release included Disciples of Harmony, since its release we've also had the Ghosts of Dathomir adventure. The bulk of Dawn of Rebellion is NPCs, although to include the Death Star stats, you'll have to raise the limits on a few things like silhouette. (I've managed to get it to work by manually entering the higher values into the xml file, but if I open the Death Star in Data Editor, it starts displaying the coded maximums.) If you like, I'll be glad to toss you copies of mine. When you open Knights of Fate, you'll find a couple of new talents that will need to be accommodated: they're not Force talents, but are Conflict talents. Currently, we can't select Conflict for non-Force talents. Not sure if you saw the email I sent you, but I've talked to my web host, and we may be able to help with the bandwidth issues you were experiencing for a while. He just has some questions about traffic, etc. If there's any way I can help, shoot me a line.