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  1. If the Amazon Method now gets me books a week before street date, I’m all for it.
  2. NPC weapon, but we can probably extrapolate a guesstimate based on the prices of existing sabers. I won’t be surprised if it shows up as standalone equipment in Dawn of Rebellion.
  3. No new player species, although there are NPC stats for Nightbrothers (generic minion and named nemesis). The 580-AVA "Dash" is a collapsible speeder bike. There's also a rather cool looking NN-01 Imperial Enforcement Airspeeder.
  4. Wait a second...are Tag and Bink (the characters, at least) really about to become canon?!?! http://nerdist.com/star-wars-han-solo-movie-tag-and-bink/
  5. Nothing about that movie is memorable, except perhaps how unlike the source material it is, and how wrong for the part Reeves is.
  6. If there is, then Amazon is Rick-rolling me, too. But, yeah...she CAN. She just knows I’m like a kid at Christmas with this sort of thing.
  7. But...where’s the flight part of the spinnysaber? /ducks
  8. Well, I actually had planned to play hooky yesterday when brick and mortars were supposed to get it then. But then got an assignment for yesterday that couldn’t be passed off. Honestly, if I didn’t have to get my workload cleared before taking on training a class of new hires for 5-6 weeks starting Monday, I’d be outta here. Just 20 more minutes now, anyway.
  9. She does indeed join in. That still doesn’t mean it would go over well.
  10. It’s sitting at home waiting for me. The question is...do I take it to dinner with us to look through it, or do I pretend to be a grown-up and wait til after to tear into it?
  11. Wife just sent me this... That is one seriously big box, filling the short length of our coffee table. Just over an hour and a half before I leave work....
  12. The only planet from the movies that I’ve sent my group to so far is Jedha. Shortly after they arrived, the Imperial forces there were instructed to pull out. As the players flew out, they saw a big metal sphere take position over the holy city.... Edit: I take that back. They’re based on Naboo, but so far, it’s really just a waypoint for them.