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  1. Right. Encumbrance isn't just weight, it's also efficiency of transport.
  2. Not from what I saw in the theaters.
  3. It’s our slow time of year, too, because we deal with educational technology. But I’m still conducting new hire training, so I’m booked all day long.
  4. The FF is a stickier proposition. It’s my understanding that Fox has distribution, but another company has the actual movie rights in perpetuity, and has worked with Fox. The other element of note for here is that Fox retained distribution rights for the first Star Wars (aka A New Hope), so Disney/LFL has regained distribution access to it. All of the formal clearances for Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s properties should be complete in time for the home video release of Episode IX, allowing for a complete set of the saga to be released.
  5. A friend of mine works for a major computer company. They’re closed the last two weeks of the year (with pay). I’ve got him keeping an eye out for open positions that I’d be a good fit for.
  6. When entering the back half of December, I always assume drops in productivity, regardless of what company I'm talking about.
  7. Whatever’s preventing people from doing that very thing with the digital codes Marvel includes in their comics. ETA: As an alternative, they could offer the book alone at $39.95 alongside a shrink wrapped edition that includes a digital download code for $39.95+$x.xx.
  8. Understood. Just commenting on the (potential) ease of implementation going forward. When I looked earlier, I saw it was on sale for 50% off, so there’s a discount currently available whether - like you and I - one already has the book or not.
  9. Single-use scratch-off or label-reveal discount code in the book. Done.
  10. Also ducking out until Friday. Unless the comic store’s screening tomorrow has some no-shows.
  11. I didn’t say otherwise. Just saying that those are the only options when talking about Ghostbusters. Fortunately, no ome has tried to remake either. If they did, they’d probably botch it with a horrible script and decidedly unfunny cast.
  12. An episode of Firefly opens with the crew finishing a job of smuggling cattle, and commenting on the smell and how they filled the cargo hold. Wash, the pilot, says that they should look into smuggling black market beagles.
  13. Why? I mean, I'm pretty sure you weren't referring to this one:
  14. But...Rotten Tomatoes wasn't even a thing in 1984.
  15. Just for grins, there absolutely MUST be a listing for black market beagles.