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  1. That was epic. Thanks for the commentary.
  2. So, can anyone recommend the best maps available to print that aren't in the tournament rotation? I'm burned out on the tournament maps but there are way too many others to choose from.
  3. I think it's interesting that the figure/reinforcement costs (2 figures at 2 points each) are less than the total deployment cost.
  4. Shohet

    Custom Art Rancor Card Giveaway!

    Cheating like a fox!
  5. Shohet

    Custom Art Rancor Card Giveaway!

    Yeah, employers are weird about hiring toddlers.
  6. Shohet

    Custom Art Rancor Card Giveaway!

    Rancors need love too!
  7. Just had this same problem last night! Like you suggest, I gave the sabs Pierce 2 against the door, but I didn't catch it fast enough and they ended up running out of time without opening the door. I think the mission needs to be in the next errata for sure.