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  1. Then you may want to just go with Genesys and hack that system on your own (heck, I want to do that). But the fact that they've already sold an online dice roller for this specific system means that this meat will remain a hamburger, whether you like it or not.
  2. Just re-read the beta for Question #7, and the benefit for sticking to Clan archetype is actually a mere +5 Glory, making the "extra non-school, non-Family skill of your choice" an even more enticing proposition. Additionally, by the current suggestion, you're saying that an Akodo Commander who picks Courtesy 1 for their extra skill is someone who has "a fundamental disagreement with their clan’s beliefs, policies, or practices and has defied these in the past."
  3. But if we did that - why would you ever take the Honor boost option for following the Clan theme?
  4. "Too old, the boy is. Train him, we cannot." - Togashi Yoda
  5. I agree that that's Water-based rhetoric, but that isn't subtlety; that's sustained propaganda, ie. "Death by a Thousand Cuts". If you use Water: you will not be able to hide that the chatter started with you. Subtle rhetoric is, and should remain, the sole domain of Air (i.e. cunning). I guess the biggest problem people have with the new system is that they're crafting their characters' actions based on their best Ring, rather than letting the character act as someone in that situation naturally would then rolling the Ring that best fits the intent of the action. Let's not forget: samurai do fail. Just because a Ring is 1, doesn't mean they should get a pass on taking actions of TN 2+ for that Ring.
  6. Nearby Bushi: "What did that prayer mean?" Nearby Courtier: "It's the language of the kami - it is not for us to understand."
  7. In the interest of disclosure, I live in a country where $90 is, in fact, considered a hunk of change. Most of the players in my country have probably already bought 1 core, 3 for the very passionate ones - but that's cash they saved up for two years in anticipation of L5R's return. All this is doing for us, is ensuring that the local Kotei will either remain at 3 Core for the better part of 2018 (meaning we'll never win at Worlds), or never coming back online.
  8. Great for those who have (a) already bought 3 cores and (b) still have enough spare cash to buy all 6 dynasty packs before Christmas. Not so great for everyone else.
  9. Wouldn't count on it being the intent. FFG has been fairly consistent in the SWRPG where dice showing one success and one advantage symbol on the same face can be paired to failure and threat symbols separately. So you may be able to cancel an opponent's strife with the tech, but you won't cancel the success symbol from the same face without a failure symbol coming from somewhere.
  10. Well in that case, it is my opinion that it does makes sense that a Rank 6 Kakita would be able to, in the span of one Mass Combat round, cross the battlefield to deliver a killing blow to the enemy General at Range Band 4.
  11. Have you never played a Scorpion?
  12. I haven't read the mass combat rules deeply - can you not use School Techniques during a mass combat round? I'm at least reasonably certain that a mass combat round isn't as short as the 6 seconds or 1 minute that's usually used in personal combat.
  13. If the Star Wars GM Screens are any indication, the screen will basically be a print out of all the tables (approach, weapons, opportunities, etc). The only thing "GM Secret" there would be a sample adventure.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccmava-4KnY By 4E Rules, that fight scene can only be done by Togashi Tattooed Monks.
  15. Something like that would probably be printed on the almost-certainly-happening GM Screen.
  16. They did that with Star Wars too, and they still managed to sell enough custom dice sets that, last year, they and their largest brick-and-mortar retailers actually ran out of dice to sell.
  17. FYI: In the original editions, each non-Void Ring was subdivided into two Attributes - one mental and one physical representation of the element, as follows: Earth: Stamina, Willpower Water: Strength, Perception Fire: Agility, Intelligence Air: Reflexes, Awareness So all they're really doing is cutting down the potential sources of dice from 8 to 4. In a Genesys adaptation, we'd be doing this too. EDIT: No, the non-D20 editions were "Standard D10s only".
  18. At the very least, this means it is entirely okay to make a Genesys adaptation for L5R.
  19. I'm the guy that told you (last week) and Mirith (way back in August 3) that FFG would drop D10 R&K because it was the financially optimal choice for FFG to make. It's not pessimism - it's just good business.
  20. If it were just about the storyline, I'd agree. But we're talking about the RPG. People who are veterans of RPing but absolutely new to Rokugan will start asking "how do I samurai?" and none of the fictions will answer that question as well as the old rulebooks - yet. I expect FFG to one day print their own version of Emerald Empire for example, as that's the book that explains what it means to be born, to live and to die as a samurai.
  21. Sure, but as I've said before - it would be a financially suboptimal decision for FFG to release a system that doesn't sell custom dice, since everyone already has a set (or two) of standard dice. As for the survey questions: it just means they're looking to determine a tester's RPG and L5R background, likely to ensure they have a good distribution of testers between veterans who have an excellent grasp of the setting, and newbies who know nothing of Rokugan.
  22. You mean the Mantis? They rewound the timeline back to the first edition of the card game, so that clan does not exist as a major force (i.e. Great Clan) in the reboot. Unfortunately, if you are completely new and thus know nothing of L5R beyond that it's "samurai fantasy", the best place to start would be the L5R RPG's Fourth Edition set of basic rulebooks: the 4th Edition Core Rulebook, Emerald Empire, and the Great Clans as those contain all the basics of the world and its history. The 4th edition was made with timeline neutrality in mind, so the background of the Empire and the personality of the Clans would hold even with the reboot. All are available in digital PDF on DriveThruRPG.
  23. Well, if you guys would just stop turning dinner into art class, then maybe...
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