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  1. The Imperial list in fabs: [ EMPIRE FLEET (397 points) 1 • Gozanti-class Cruisers - Comms Net (25) 2 • Gozanti-class Cruisers - Comms Net (25) 3 • Raider I-class corvette - Admiral Sloane - Hondo Ohnaka (70) 4 • Arquitens-class Command Cruiser - Captain Brunson - Engine Techs - Centicore (75) 5 • Quasar Fire I-class Cruiser-Carrier - Skilled First Officer - Flight Controllers - Boosted Comms - Squall (68) 6 • Colonel Jendon Lambda-class Shuttle (20) 7 • Maarek Stele TIE Defender Squadron (21) 8 • ''Howlrunner'' TIE Fighter Squadron (16) 9 • ''Mauler'' Mithel TIE Fighter Squadron (15) 10 • Valen Rudor TIE Fighter Squadron (13) 11 • Ciena Ree TIE Interceptor Squadron (17) 12 • Saber Squadron TIE Interceptor Squadron (12) 13 • Dengar Punishing One (20) 14 • Objectives - Most Wanted - Fighter Ambush - Superior Positions (0) Link.
  2. Here's the 2nd place rebel list from the livestream: REBEL FLEET (395 points) 1 • MC30c Torpedo Frigate - General Rieekan - Lando Calrissian - Ordnance Experts - External Racks - Admonition (112) 2 • CR90 Corellian Corvette A - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits - Jaina's Light (53) 3 • CR90 Corellian Corvette B - Engine Techs - Heavy Ion Emplacements (56) 4 • GR-75 Medium Transports - Toryn Farr - Bright Hope (27) 5 • GR-75 Medium Transports - Slicer Tools - Quantum Storm (26) 6 • Hera Syndulla Ghost (28) 7 • Dash Rendar Outrider (24) 8 • Ketsu Onyo Shadow Caster (22) 9 • Wedge Antilles X-wing Squadron (19) 10 • ''Dutch'' Vander Y-wing Squadron (16) 11 • Gold Squadron Y-wing Squadron (12) Note- Fixed, thanks Verg Edit: Most Wanted, Capture VIP, Salvage Run. Fab's link if you want to look: http://armada.fabpsb.net/permalink.php?sq=r17c8o16w5n6f17r1t7f6r2s3i8r29o21f26r29b1f27r38r22r43r14r15r47
  3. It's fully assembled and table-ready but I'm on a trip so I'll have to post it when I get back. Anyone coming to the Pastimes Regional in Chicagoland will see it on the 16th!
  4. Okay so i got super sidetracked. But I did eventually finish the build! ISD lighting I'll get some pics of it on the table, where the Chimaera (title, not paint job) has been kicking butt as part of my soon-to-be-regionals fleet.
  5. The stiffness has already been an issue for sure, I've been clamping them into place to train them into bending properly and am definitely planning to drill through the internal decks more than i would need to for less lighting or thinner cable.
  6. @FourDogsInaHorseSuit, thanks! @Khyros, I saw your ISD LED modification thread on here, very inspiring. I am not magnetizing the bridge, that was an unrelated piece on my worktop. I've glued and clamped it. I have finished the bridge with 8 fiber optics and strung the top level of the superstructure with 35. I'm really trying to get it to shine like a city in space. Here are some pics of the bridge and top level. The process is just more drilling and stringing, with a little cable management. I'm using a 1/32" drill bit in my hand drill, i've found it's the perfect size for my fiber optic cable (300 ft for $8! My wife says it's a danger sign whenever i explain how much of a thing I've bought in price terms. It's always too much.). When I'm working with vinyl plastic which is softer i have to go up sizes as the hole closes slightly when the drill bit is removed- on these nice armada pieces the drilled hole is just right for the fiber.
  7. @FourDogsInaHorseSuit, thanks! @Khyros, I saw your ISD LED modification thread on here, very inspiring. I am not magnetizing the bridge, that was an unrelated piece on my worktop. I'm clamping it right now to get it closed past its slight gap. I'll be posting pics later today, but yeah after stringing some 6 or 7 Fiber Optics (FOs) onto the bridge tower it has run out of space, even with pretty good cable management.
  8. Thanks to @FourDogsInaHorseSuit, @Vykes, @Drasnighta, @BrobaFett, and all the others who contributed to This thread- "Disassembly, and Illumination of Med-Large base ships." I'm starting my first ISD engine LED modification. I won't be using one of the kits, having some experience with arduino and microcontroller programming, so I'll detail my process as well for those DIYers out there. In particular I want my engine LEDs to flicker and flame a little and I plan on doing a fiber-optic install of running lights which will gently shift their light scheme, and for the sake of the community I'm really going to try and get into that bridge tower with some fiber. I'm hoping this series can remove some of the intimidation factor for anyone out there looking to get into modding your ships, so I'm being rather unnecessarily detailed for those of you who already know how to set up fiber optics and/or wire up LEDs. The Plan: Disassemble one of my ISDs- thanks to the Chimaera I have two normals and the Chimaera, so one of the normals will do. - Started 20180326 Test some LED schemes and microcontroller placement inside the ISD to get the lighting effects right and check the size constraints. Test install everything to make sure it fits. Add magnets to hold the ship back together. Final installation. 20180326 Thanks to the thread above I learned that the ISD is held together with a combination of riveted plastic and glue. I started working in around the edges this morning with an xacto knife to see how the glue holds up, after leaving it in the freezer overnight. The knife goes in easily enough in several particular areas, the ones without glue as detailed in one of the pics in the thread above, courtesy of @FourDogsInaHorseSuit. Once I made sure that @FourDogsInaHorseSuit's information was still valid (who knows, maybe they'd changed the innards since he took it apart), I decided to start out by removing the superstructure, as it doesn't have any glue and can be popped off without permanent damage. I started at the back where a small lip on the bottom piece lets you wedge in a prying tool, in my case the back of a small set of tweezers I've got. Here is a pic of the overhang and the size of the tool I got under there. I'd already disassembled the rest of the superstructure before I thought to take a pic, sorry for the maaaagical intervening steps, but this is the boxy base of the superstructure in its 3 component levels. From there disassembling the superstructure was easy. I took apart the bridge tower (not easy!) and here came a tough choice. Do you drill from within and conserve the exact bridge location of the imperial star destroyer, or do you drill inwards from the exterior and hope that you can get your fiber optic end to shine more brightly in the bridge location? Those who have flown against my insane lists know I never shy from a bold design choice. Drill in it is! Once we have done so the end of the fiber optic cable will be right there, shining from the exact bridge location. The other option would have been to carefully leave a skin of the original plastic so that the bridge shone from within. I started by finding the seam. Here's a good angle from which to see it. Here is a video of the oh-so-finicky bridge removal. It's really not that bad relatively, it just felt like it when i didn't know whether the whole thing was about to shatter or something. I continued doing exactly this until the weakest part of whatever plastic in there was holding it broke. I then used my very favorite tool, my hand drill, to carefully drill up from within the superstructure so that I could string the fiber. Then, the other finicky bit, drilling in from the exterior of the bridge. The holes met in the interior space of the bridge tower but when i tried to put the tower back together i discovered that I needed to make a cut onto the topmost section of the connector or the fiber optic cable would interfere with the bridge sitting properly. Once that small cut (incision? incision.) was done, the whole thing just slides back together. I'll put a magnet in there so it has some durability (nothing more embarrassing than your hard work falling apart at a tournament or something) but it fits together snugly. And the ol' Purple Laser Test It shines true! I will post more updates as I do the rest of the engine LED and battery/board configuration for the fiber optics. I have the main body of the ISD in the freezer right now. I am planning on using a razor saw to split it along the seams and rivets, but I thought those of you who also modify ISDs would want to know my findings on disassembling the bridge. Happy Flying!
  9. Yeah, now that Rieekan is nerfed the concept is a lot less viable.
  10. Agreed with everyone that cost will limit the number of times you see this fleet, without ET it's not as super-rammy as Rieekan ETCR90s, and there'll be coordination issues. For people pointing out the lack of firepower though, it's sort of like a big group of bombers you can't engage- I've used swarm tactics to present enemies with too many ships to shoot at before, and while their front arcs aren't great they are good enough when coupled with ramming damage. Local metas aside (as though local metas could ever be put aside, they're like 90% of the conversation on here), the sheer amount of flak from this many ships could be dangerous to a rhymer ball or heavy squadron complement as well. And the rammers are very well suited to dealing with carriers, if not with flots.
  11. Maaaaan, I wish two ISD-Is with that loadout was competitive. As a specific counter to the Hammerswarm, yeah it'd probably work OK. And you'd certainly get to finally blast the crap out of some rebels!
  12. Fair, but it's got some versatility- if you're heading in against an ISD-II with GT, you can leave them in a giant cluster to allow you to spread off up to 8 damage from a shot. Pair that with their evade and redirect and Rieekan and you let one get popped, shunt some damage around for the second, and then at speed 3 your fleet is in black range of the ISD next turn, or this turn if it's coming toward you.
  13. I've also found that competently flown small-base ships at speed 3 can avoid a lot of the killing fire from a Gunnery Team ISD-II. Even if they charged straight in (which would be silly), they're going to kill that ISD too- and ISDs aren't super popular in the meta right now due to their nature as giant targets.
  14. Anybody concerned about this build? [ REBEL FLEET (381 points) 1 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - General Rieekan - Task Force Antilles (69) 2 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 3 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 4 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 5 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 6 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 7 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 8 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) 9 • Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Task Force Antilles (39) Since the Hammerhead was announced I've been trying to think of whether there's any real answer to this. It's just 45 hull points spreading a lot of damage around, with zombie powers. 9 activations, and you can choose to go second and have a good set of objectives they can't farm. Ideas from anyone? I know it'd be annoying to try to fly, with a lot of ships getting in each others' way and such, and maybe a Konstantine Interdictor fleet could cause it to ram itself to death, but in general it's just a lot of ram to consider, and K-Int fleets aren't really otherwise competitive.
  15. Why the Insidious? I see you said it was as a late game finisher, but surely the Demo is an even better finisher. Also, setting aside a good portion of your fleet to come in later is asking for the opponent to jump them while they're out of position, or swarm your bigger ships before the glad can come to their aid. That said, I like the raider, ISD and VSD. Maybe consider replacing the Glad with 2x Gozanti-IIs, with concentrate fire commands they can add 2 red dice per attack and they have decent flak to help the raider. They also give you more activations, which you'll need both in initial placement and during the game. I like Jonus as a single squadron- he's likely to be underestimated and his targetings are always handy at range for finicky red dice. Overall I like it for the variety of ships, though I feel that a few TIE fighters could add a lot to your anti-bomber setup in this age of b-wings and all fighters follow me. But as a squadronless list I think it's got good basics, though the objectives look a little weird. For Station Assault would you keep both close and try not to move? Spread them out and try to hit the enemy before they get to them? Contested Outpost would draw the enemy in and make the best of Jerry as you pivot around the outpost, but would also pin you down a bit. Minefields... I always end up hitting the dang things but it's a good fit for this list unless the other guy waits on the other side of them and just sends in squadrons.
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