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  1. The fact Andrew was very quick to state that there were business reasons why conversion cards couldn't be included with Legion products seems to suggest it's mostly to do with the board game aspect though, as he didn't hesitate to say whether he thought it might be possible or not or whether he thought it would be a good idea. He immediately stated there were business reasons why it was not possible.
  2. Andrew said that it's no longer viable for them to release any more physical content due to 'business reasons' (most probably the deal with Hasbro but he didn't go into details). He said this is also the reason they can't include Imperial Assault conversion cards with Legion products. He stated he hoped people had enjoyed the stories that Imperial Assault had told and that it was now a completed game line.
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for doing this! I absolutely love Imperial Assault and was gutted to hear that there aren't currently any plans to produce more physical content. There's nothing quite like experiencing the thrill of something tangible being added to your favourite board game and the anticipation of actually getting hold of it to paint/admire/play with/kill. The campaign boxes have been following a very clear path to coincide with the original trilogy films, aside from the two excellent Rebels-themed expansions, and after Jabba's Realm there isn't a player in existence who wasn't expecting and anticipating an Endor box to finish off that major trend. It seems so strange to take us so far and then decide to pull the plug at the last step. It's almost like watching 5 series of your favourite show and then having to suffer the agony of it being cancelled before being able to see it to its conclusion. Do you have the intention of at least making this expansion in the future? Maybe when Legion production has waned enough to squeeze us into a development slot? Again, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our burning questions!
  4. The very last question was asking about any future Imperial Assault physical product. Andrew Navarro said they'd already discussed it at Star Wars Celebration, and that "At present, we're currently not developing any more physical product for Imperial Assault". Interestingly though, he seemed to choose his words carefully and didn't outright state that there would be no more physical product. When people asked about Runewars and Star Wars Rebellion, he clearly stated he felt they were complete games and that they had no plans to make anything more for them. Who knows, when product development finds some space they could well develop that final Endor box we all hope for!
  5. The new Raid mode hasn't been released yet so it won't show up in the app. FFG haven't given an exact release date apart from "Soon", but I imagine it'll be sometime in the next few weeks.
  6. There is also this Feb 11th reply from FFG to a tweet about future Imperial Assault products which gives some hope: Granted it doesn't specify whether they mean digital or physical product, but it's reassuring nontheless. This was after the Return to Hoth app campaign had come out as well so it's talking about something else.
  7. An interesting way to introduce Boba. He looks like he'll be great fun to play with some extremely versatile options, and that 3-movement will be lethal! I'm a little concerned that they're already introducing a whole new unit type that hasn't been included in the rules reference in any way. You'd have thought something this major would have been incorporated in the planning of rules from the beginning or near enough, so I hope FFG aren't just adding ideas on the fly just to try and cram in some more well-known characters. Still, he seems to fit in pretty smoothly and I have every faith this won't have been a rushed idea. The paint job on the model in the article seems to be pretty good, better than some of the other recent ones in any case, though I guess 'faceless' characters are always easier to get closer to the source material. I just think they've missed a trick with his sculpt, I really like everything about it except the pose. I appreciate what they were going for but think he comes across as looking like he's prancing about trying to do a heel click a la Fred Astaire: I think if he was leaning backwards and firing forwards he'd look far more 'bounty hunter' and far less 'dainty dancer': Having said all that, he's still pretty darn cool!
  8. This is also from the Worlds Prizes article: That seems pretty clear evidence Imperial Assault has some way to go yet. Any future card would take a chunk of time to plan and create so at the earliest it would be released in the wave after next. A good sign if nothing else!
  9. This is also from the Worlds Prizes article: That seems pretty clear evidence Imperial Assault has some way to go yet. Any future card would take a chunk of time to plan and create so at the earliest it would be released in the wave after next. A good sign if nothing else!
  10. Bell of Lost Souls have also put videos up showing unboxings of the core set and all the wave 1 expansions.
  11. Interestingly, the video has now been unlisted from Youtube. It's still viewable with the direct link though. Wonder if this is due to FFG having a word with them about it.
  12. Just found this video by Board Games and Beyond showing an unboxing of the English language version of the Core Set. Doesn't show much new stuff but it's always nice to see some of the unpainted models up close. Might be worth keeping an eye out for more of these in the near future.
  13. Exactly! The more souls she devours the more distorted her face becomes. It makes perfect sense.
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