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  1. I haven't spent untold hours painting this stuff to leave it on the shelf. If the game itself wears thin, I'll use Heroclix maps and add some RPG rules. Play hard or stay home! ....oh.....wait......I AM home.....
  2. I'm staying with 1.0. It's a matter of $$. Not bitter, though. Y'all have fun with 2.0!
  3. I really like Loku when fighting large, heavily armored targets. AT-STs, Weiss, Tanks, etc. don't last nearly as long with him.
  4. Reach with the Royal Guard weapon is altogether proper. Reach with the RGC weapon will not work. The double blades proclude using techniquesmthat would allow extension. In martial arts terms, the jo is longer than the bo (not in physical length, but in technical application). Longer weapons have to be held near the balance point. I am astonished that the designers got this right!
  5. First of all, I really like the idea. I haven't cared much for flotillas lately, but this could change that. I have been analyzing the math behind the game for some time now, so my feedback will be based on my findings. Please bear in mind that my figures are only approximations!! I think Advanced Slicer Tools is completely OP. A Repair token is worth about 4.51 for the Alliance, a Fire token is about 3.63. Taking out a couple of those can really jack things up for your opponent. Tracer Shots: killing a Brace is worth about 9.02+. Helping kill a Brace should be worth about half that. 2 Fire tokens are worth 6.76 to the Empire, so having a .44 chance on 2 Fires is worth about 2.96. Point Def Mines look like fun. 2 dmg to an Alliance Squad is worth about 5.16 (7.42 for Uniques). they just have to be stupid (or desperate) enough to fly into the mines. Sleuth may be a bit OP. Depends a lot on the target ship. A Contain is worth only about 1.94 to the Alliance. Counterplan Specialist looks powerful, depending on the timimg! If The Controller produces 6 hits, he easily pays his cost (a hit on an Alliance ship is worth about 4.51 on average). 24 Blues should produce 6 Accs. Is this available in a printable package? Fine work on your part!! Vonn7777
  6. Back to The Laughing Monk's question: Any character with a "Discard". (I think all of your characters in play should have it.) Astromech and other droids, Meditate, anything with shields (Diplomatic Immunity) or "Focus". Appropriate Battlefields (War-Torn Streets, Jedi Temple) and New Orders. Spy Net, Natural Talent, Field Medic, Mind Probe, Interrogation Droid, Lure of Power, etc. My team: Padme, Snap, Rey My other team: Krennic, Nightsister, FO Trooper These are limited by my meager resources. Stay focused on the mission! Stay alive, kill their deck. Forget trying to slug it out with 'em... The opinions experssed above are solely my own. I could be wrong........
  7. I was very skeptical that a resource could be worth so much, so I did some math. I divided the cost of every card in Awakenings into the (often estimated) damage/shields produced. The figure I ended with was 2.06 (excluding cards with 0 cost)! That seems rather high... How did you arrive at 1.5? And how did you determine that 1 card=1 damage/shield? We may not be able to absolutely quantify the characters, but ...... FFG tells us what a character die is worth, so we should be able to determine which of the 5, 4, and 3 die cost characters are more efficient. Back to the calculator now....
  8. Agreed. Kylo's ability should be worth about 1.49 (average card value). Padawan should be quantifiable, given proper number-crunching. Finn.....well, big deal. But the rest.... What is an action worth in terms of damage caused or prevented? What is a card worth? Even with known factors, what is a Resource really worth (in terms of damage)?
  9. Looks like a nearly impossible task. Everything would have to be an approximation, because specific situations can significantly alter the value of several things. Any results based on such estimates would likely be no better than an "eyeball and feel" approach. I still think Finn is too expen$ive, but the FOTroopers look like a bargain....
  10. I would also like to see a formula which fits all characters....and upgrades..... and support. Let's make our own! A good model would allow us to see which cards are bargains for the points (and which are too expensive). Since the point is to damage opposing characters, I suggest evaluating in terms of damage created/prevented. I have tried this: Dice: 1 point for each Ranged/Melee Dmg point, Focus, and Shield. -1 for conditionals (+, resource cost) 1/2 point for Disrupt, Discard, and Resource Special varies... Then, 1 point per Health. Here's my current problem: should Health be added to the Dice, or should Health be converted into longevity for the Dice: (Health ÷ Average Damage per Turn) x Dice Points Figuring (approximating!) Average Damage per Turn would be ..... difficult...... Any ideas?
  11. A little clarification seems appropriate: A bad list with bad deployment SHOULD lose to a good list deployed well. Every time. EVERY TIME!!! Building a workable list and deploying it well are essential SKILLS! Of COURSE there is no coming back from certain mistakes! Take your well-earned beating and learn from it! There. I feel better now........
  12. I love HotAC, but if ONE of your squadron is HUA, everyone could be SOL. Maybe some "accidental" friendly fire........
  13. Very good! Knowing about a tactic is no help if you can't see how to get in position for it. More, please!
  14. I played HotAC with a Scum build. The Syck w/autoblaster was my star performer. It was a TIE-killing little sonovagun...
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