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  1. Scum Nym (99) Captain Nym (46) - Scurrg H-6 Bomber Veteran Instincts (1), Autoblaster Turret (2), Extra Munitions (2), Homing Missiles (5), Bomblet Generator (3), Havoc (0), Long-Range Scanners (0), Accuracy Corrector (3), "Genius" (0) Emon Azzameen (53) - Firespray-31 Cluster Mines (4), Cad Bane (2), Homing Missiles (5), Glitterstim (2), Slave I (0), Guidance Chips (0), Seismic Charges (2), Extra Munitions (2)
  2. Shhh...that was gonna be my post-nerf plan! ;-)
  3. Two Plano boxes stores all the cards through Wave 11, less duplicates. I find it's easier to maintain than using the binders.
  4. I like the standard Rey build (Expertise, Kanan, Finn, MF sloop title) along with Miranda (TLT, EM, HM, LRS). But I’m drawn to the idea of switching out Expertise for Expert Handling on Rey, and adding Seismic Charges to Miranda with the extra 2 points. I realize Ray will lose the ability to convert eyeballs on offense (when not stressed), which would have allowed her to save a focus for defense, but the ability to reposition to keep her in arc could help keep her and Finn’s ability in play, while removing an enemy TL. And with Kanan onboard, recovering from the additional stress is not a big deal. I also like the “on reveal” auto-damage that Seismic Charges would add to Miranda’s offense. Rey-Miranda (100) Rey (56) - YT1300: Expert Handling (2), Kanan Jarrus (3), Finn (5), Millennium Falcon -sloop (1) Miranda Doni (44) - K-Wing: Twin Laser Turret (6), Extra Munitions (2), Homing Missiles (5), Seismic Charges (2), Long-Range Scanners (0) What are your thoughts? Any advice will help shape the final list I bring to my first store tournament (anticipating Dengaroo, Palp Defenders, and Parattani in our local meta) in a couple weeks. Thanks!
  5. Looking forward to your update, Hexis. I find your version to be the handiest one to use for our local games. Thanks for your work!
  6. Really like what you are doing with the next version--makes a great app even better! Any chance you might be able to add the PWT symbol and/or the symbol for ships with secondary firing arcs?
  7. Okay, thanks guys! I'll inform my now much-happier friend!
  8. Thanks for the quick turn-around on answering! But to help me/us fully understand, let's apply this to our actual dogfight last week: - Biggs loses both shields, and is attacked on the next turn by Deci-Vader. - Vader causes Biggs to "SUFFER" 1 critical damage. Even though the Rules Reference says that "SUFFERING" damage is NOT the same as being "DEALT" a damage card, the IA trigger of being "DEALT a damage card" somehow still triggers when Biggs' "SUFFERS" damage from Vader..?? Could you help understand how that is? -- thx again!
  9. Question: Can the "suffer damage effect" from using the Darth Vader crew upgrade be absorbed by the discard function of an Integrated Astromech? It seems clear to me from the wording below that the answer is "NO," but a good friend of mine thinks otherwise. Any thoughts...? Rules Reference p. 9 - Damage: If an effect instructs a player to deal a Damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage. The card is dealt to the ship regardless of whether the ship has any shield tokens remaining. FAQ p. 13 - IA Upgrade Card: When you are dealt a Damage card, you may discard 1 of your {astromech} Upgrade cards to discard that Damage card (without resolving its effect). FAQ p. 12 Darth Vader Upgrade Card: After you perform an attack against an enemy ship, you may suffer 2 damage to cause that ship to suffer 1 critical damage.
  10. I've been pleased with a set I just got from https://www.etsy.com/listing/255423208/x-wing-miniatures-maneuver-template-set -- $35 including wooden storage tray. $40 gives you the additional range 1 and range 1-2 templates shown below. Quick turn around from order to shipping.
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