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  1. mcworrell

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    Playing two rounds of the Correllian Conflict in one day. It was a blast!
  2. mcworrell

    You know what?

    Hoping you are right. I for one miss having new stuff to try to wrap my head around. I also miss having so many discussions going on that I can keep up with them all.
  3. mcworrell

    Unique squadron updates

    Couldn't agree enough with this. Don't want the Empire to have another scatter ace, so I'm not so excited about that, but I am all for dropping escort and adding rogue.
  4. mcworrell

    Black Friday - Is it any good for Armada ?

    Mats are never on sale. I would love two, but will just stick with my black tablecloth.
  5. mcworrell

    Black Friday - Is it any good for Armada ?

    Core Set on Amazon for $52
  6. I won’t be going, but I hope they still stream at least the final! Even though the comentators are poor, it gives me something to do while washing dishes.
  7. mcworrell

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Penciling it in. Hopefully I can make it.
  8. I think it is only a matter of time and production capacity and then we too will have the clone wars stuff. Probably this time next year.
  9. I like this. I thought he was good and the backstory has a lot of potential. In Rogue One he and others reference the nasty things they have done for the Rebellion. That is what I think could be very interesting.
  10. mcworrell

    Happy Friday - Yup Indeed.

    Armada fighters were the first miniatures I never painted. I first did them with a sharpie and after a few months I took the plunge and bought paints. I loved every minute of it. They aren’t great, but they look better than the unpainted ones. I have repainted a few ships. That was also a good time. I have done mostly accent colors. Here are some x-wings that I did like Wedge's, Tycho's and Corran's in the Bacta War novel. X-Wings
  11. An actual release for the Rebels! If if not that.....Clone Wars era ships. I don’t care if they are their own faction or an add onto the current factions. There is not much left in the GCW era. Clone Wars would keep Armada going for a few more waves.
  12. Nice quick breakdown of the major archetypes. I’m looking forward to you expanding on these. Thanks!
  13. I think this new game mode will be very interesting when we finally hear about it. I’m really hoping it is more then just a points bump. Hopefully there will be some new wrinkle that adds something else to this mode. I have no clue what that could be. But I can hope.
  14. mcworrell

    Happy Friday - Could not be more excited.....

    I don't play a ton of Imperials, so I think I have only used the Interdictor, Quasar, and Raider only a few times each. Squadrons are where I find I get stuck using the same ones over and over. I don't think I have ever used a YV-666, as a matter of fact, both of mine have the back wings broken off. Also, I have never used a Tie Phantom and I think I have only used the Gauntlet once.