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  1. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Who won?
  2. Storage ideas?

    Oops...sorry @Snipafist. Either way you guys are great and the work you do on the blog is top notch! Thanks for all you do for this community!
  3. Storage ideas?

    The guys over at Can’t Get Your Ship Out wrote a great article about this. I went and bought the Stanley Click ‘N Connect cases and it has been great! Here is the link. @geek19
  4. Why no Happy Friday!?

    Happy Friday to all! It was a great week! I was able to play 4 games of Armada week. It was the most I have played in a week period since last years Steele Open. I could still play 4 more. Can’t get enough.
  5. CC and MSU list

    Good thoughts. I only have one set of Hammerheads and the scarring was a major concern for me. I thought the IF! would guarantee more damage in combination with the TRCs, but now I’m thinking it might be overkill especially with Leia concentrate fire rerolls.
  6. Bel Air Corellian Conflict

    I like the sound of both your lists. What else do you have in the MC80 list?
  7. I’m about to start my first ever Corellian Conflict and I was wondering about the viability of playing a Leia MSU. Here is the list: Name: Leia CC Faction: Rebel Commander: Leia Organa Assault: Opening Salvo Defense: Capture the VIP Navigation: Solar Corona Pelta Command Ship (60) • Intensify Firepower! (6) = 66 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Leia Organa (38) • Jaina's Light (2) = 84 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 51 Points CR90 Corvette A (44) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 51 Points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 48 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Comms Net (2) = 20 Points Squadrons: • Tycho Celchu (16) • Shara Bey (17) • E-wing Squadron (15) • 2 x YT-2400 (32) = 80 Points Total Points: 400 I have played a variant of this list and really enjoyed it, but I am concerned about how it will do in an all out Assault. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.
  8. Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! Tough question....Dreadnaught would be good for the Empire. The Rebel side is the one I’m struggling with. I love the Assult Frigate Mk1 models I have seen. And it would be on a medium base, which I see as a real need for the them. So I’ll go with that.
  9. Rebels finale name drop..SPOILERS

    Thought the exact same thing.
  10. Rebels Season 4

    I enjoyed it, but I’m the guy who looks to be entertained, and the entire series was entertaining. Disappointed to see Thrawn go, but what are you going to do.
  11. Happy Friday which side to you play

    As mentioned above...I’m a scruffy looking nerf herder of a Rebel. I enjoy rag tag fleets and needing luck....and the maneuverability that the rebels possess.
  12. Rebels Season 4

    At least it is a three episode finale.
  13. Rebels Season 4

    Most recent episodes were really good. Hard to believe that the series is almost over.
  14. Villakarvarousku's repaints

    The more I look at it the more I like it. Especially the white accents that make its way across the entire ship.
  15. Villakarvarousku's repaints

    Really like the patern on the Liberty. Everything looks great! Nice work!