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  1. mcworrell

    2 articles in 5 days.

    @Lord AshramBut the actual good news is at the end of it. New expansion announcement at worlds.
  2. mcworrell

    2 articles in 5 days.

    I get that we didn’t get anything new from this article. Since those of us that frequent this corner of the internet already saw all this info back in December....but this is good publicity for a game we all love. This could(?) bring more interest in the game. An article is never something to complain about, in my opinion, but I try to look on the bright side.
  3. mcworrell

    Major Rhymer Errata and Squadron #1 Reprint

    Good point...one of the many reasons I’m thankful for Dras. He has the long view!
  4. mcworrell

    Major Rhymer Errata and Squadron #1 Reprint

    Seems like a missed opportunity to me
  5. mcworrell

    Major Rhymer Errata and Squadron #1 Reprint

    That’s a really good question!
  6. mcworrell

    FFG Live....And Armada Dead...

    I agree with this. I love watching Armada streams and games, but I don’t know how many people who don’t play will watch.
  7. mcworrell

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    I would love a campaign for Lothal. Great ideas.
  8. mcworrell

    It's not about if the SSD is delayed....

    I love it when the Admirals son showed up.
  9. mcworrell

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    Neb-B...I went through a Yavaris phase, but that was back in late wave 2 early wave 3. Just haven't used them much since.
  10. @Ling27are you saying that the only reason we got the Sector Fleet rules is because there is a delay?
  11. mcworrell


    Well done @Crabbok! Way to lead the charge.
  12. mcworrell

    New SW Board Game Announced

    I really like the idea of this game. Always thought the concept would make an amazing open world video game, but that never happened. Might have to get this.
  13. I appreciate how you are doing this instead of yelling into the vacuum about how we get nothing!
  14. These videos are really good. Truly impressed with the pace that you are putting these out.
  15. NEw game...looks kind of interesting. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/8/star-wars-outer-rim/