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  1. You will get your Venator when the Clone Wars come out in Q4 2020. There was no way they were going to spoil the clone wars release by releasing one of the most iconic ships from those movies early and for the Empire. I think we will be seeing these in upcoming movies, tv shows, etc. Give it time and it will probably feel more Star Wars. I’m super happy for the fact that we have a scheduled release and one scheduled for next year also.
  2. I saw it somewhere that someone asked about the price during the Q&A and the reason given was the size of the models. If it’s that or tariffs, it doesn’t really matter. We all know this game isn’t getting any cheaper.
  3. I wish they at least would have mentioned the clone wars factions.
  4. Rebels need a medium based ship. Not another large and definitely not a huge based ship.
  5. Can't wait to see all the cards from the Rebellion in the Rim box. Thanks and enjoy your time gaming.
  6. The phrase “sizable” is what is messing me up. No way they can say sizable and then give us a Dornian Gunship Flotilla or anything else on a small base. It is possible that I’m reading to much info sizable, we will see.
  7. @Chuntsinger these look interesting. Nice work.
  8. They announced at Celebration Chicago that the Clone Wars factions were coming to Armada sometime next year. https://twitter.com/FFGames/status/1117103779910946817
  9. I would still use it, if it was designed like that.
  10. I use the Stanly Click 'N Connect tool box for my capital ships, rulers, etc. I keep my squads in tuck boxes in old Shoe boxes. The guys over at can't get your ship out did a great write up on storage: http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2017/04/gear-up-for-battle-armada-peripherals.html
  11. They said during the Q and A session after the announcements that they would be new factions.
  12. That is always what I have assumed also. I would be down for 1.5 to 2 waves per year.
  13. I’ll go first. It is a hard choice for me between the new campaign and the 2 GCW ships. But I have to go with the campaign. It has the opportunity with upgrade cards to “fix” some ships. We know it already has a victory title what else could be in there? I’m hoping for something to boost generic squads and more titles fo some of the lesser used ships like the Pelta or Assault Frigate.
  14. Yes, el guapo! In all seriousness, we have gone from having one product in (delayed) production to having a number: 1 huge ship, 1 Campaign, 2 GCW ships, and 2 new factions. Our game, which a very short time ago seemed to be on life support, looks to have content coming out on a consistent basis for the foreseeable future. My question for everyone here is...what are you looking forward to the most? Why?
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