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  1. Benjan Meruna

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    Yeah, @Dobbs Mottley, I don't have great hope for seeing more custom commander support in the future. Still, I might try my hand at something to float it by the community later. Regarding maps and buff ships and the like, I'm inclined to agree with Calkins. I like those ideas as campaign additions, but not for standard play. I WOULD like to see more type of terrain able to be fielded, though, such as a wandering Ion storm that moves according to scatter dice or something.
  2. Benjan Meruna

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    Share what you come up with for your Armada stuff! One thing that would be cool would be a template for creating your own custom cards. @AegisGrimm, those are some awesome paintjobs! That's a great way to get yourself invested in the models! I play Imperial, so I'm pretty much limited to painting squadrons and maybe the occasional red stripe here or there. Still deciding what I'd want to do.
  3. Benjan Meruna

    New factions

    Yeah, I'd agree there. The main reason I see for cobbling together an unofficial scum faction for Armada would be when playing a map-based campaign and wanting to have a "filthy neutral" fleet for your fleet to battle in order to claim a system.
  4. Benjan Meruna

    New factions

    Honestly, with the release of Clone Wars ships and a few Legends holdouts (Dreadnought, System patrol craft, a bunch of 'civilian/merc' fighters like the Starchaser, Cloakshape, Toscan, etc) you'd have pretty much all the ships you need for a pirate faction already. I doubt we'd see a Scum faction as an official release, though.
  5. Benjan Meruna

    Armada: Where to go from here?

    So, in another thread I stated that I felt Armada was basically a finished product at this point, at least for the GCW era. Adding a Scum faction ala X-Wing seems fairly unlikely, and while Legends can be mined for a a couple more ships I don't know how many more waves you could wring out of them (plus, you'd be faced with the difficult task of giving each ship a distinct role without invalidating a current ship or releasing a ship that's just completely lackluster). Exploring a new era seems likely, but I found myself thinking more about the era I was currently playing and what could be done to fine tune THAT experience. When I asked myself if I felt like anything was missing from the game as it stands right now, one thing stood out to me: I wanted to have My Dudes on the table. Your Dudes is something of a nebulous concept, but the gist of it is that you are building your own merry little fleet. It's led by your own custom commander, assembled and painted to your own specifications, with it's own narrative in your head. Armada is one of the most well-balanced wargames I've played, but it's a bit lacking in implementing Your Dudes due to three reasons: Pre-painted ships. Honestly probably the least troublesome to overcome, as adding fleet insignia and other flairs to your models is relatively straightforward compared to painting your models from scratch. The downside is that you probably feel less ownership over those same models. Ship titles. The pre-established ones are good, but I do wish FFG put out some guidelines to create your own titles, either tied to an ongoing campaign or just from combining things from a list of effects. Probably the biggest one: lack of custom commanders, officers and squadrons. It's very hard to run with Your Dudes when you can't actually make Your Dudes. Similar to the suggestion above, being able to assemble a Commander/Officer/Squadron through a combination of different abilities with different point costs attached to each one would drastically increase people's excite to play with Their Dudes. All of that is far easier said than done, though. Balancing all of the potential builds for custom Titles, Commanders, Officers, and Squadrons would be absolutely nightmarish. I don't have very high hopes to see anything like that implemented, but something FFG put together for even casual play would be amazing. How would YOU go about designing something like that? What else would you want to add to the game mechanics while you're at it?
  6. Benjan Meruna

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    Well...yeah. I mean, if you absolutely need the jingling car keys of "NEW STUFF OMG!11" to keep interest in a game, then just go play another game and wait until you get releases on the first one. Don't act like it's some project abandoned halfway through its development cycle; it's pretty much a complete package at this point.
  7. Benjan Meruna

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    Not releasing new stuff fast enough for my liking != not supporting the game.
  8. Benjan Meruna

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    How is FFG not supporting their game? Did they cancel all tournaments? Are they not replacing something lost with your order?
  9. Benjan Meruna

    Commander cost.

    Well, yes. In no small part because they used the points freed up by those cheaper commanders to take more ships, squadrons, and upgrades. And/or secure a bid. Removing points just flat out would render most of those commanders worthless. Honestly, I'm seriously confused by this post.
  10. Benjan Meruna

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Yes, it's worth it. They could axe is tomorrow and it would still be worth getting into. ****, perhaps MORE worth it because the game is **** well balanced at this point and covers just about every GCW era ship, fighter, and hero you could expect to find in a space batle. The Super Star Destroyer is coming out in the next few months. Other than that, the release rate is fairly laid back. They're less focused on making easy (and poorly balanced) cash grabs and franchise tie-ins than they are making a quality product.
  11. Benjan Meruna

    Vassal World Cup Results

    I don't have Vassal and I'm not really interested in it, so I can't really get much out of log files. Is there a thread with full battle reports somewhere?
  12. Benjan Meruna

    Vader Fan Film - Must Watch

    It absolutely is, but they weren't the ones trying to make money off of the fan film in any way. At worst they just chillaxed and let LFL deal with it, at best they actively prodded LFL and said "Hey, can you nip this in the bud?" Either way, it certainly wasn't a case of Disney being greedy in any way, shape, or form.
  13. Benjan Meruna

    Vader Fan Film - Must Watch

    Actually, the claim was made by Warner Chappel, the company that owns the rights to Star Wars music, on the basis that the film uses some of those themes. Lucasfilm stepped in to slap the claim down once it was brought to its attention. Disney wasn't involved at all and in fact doe not even own Warner Chappel. But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a good narrative, there.
  14. That's funny, because you said: Which would imply that you enforce some sort of negative consequences for players "using the same kit over and over". Which then led to you then started talking about Obligation: So, here: lay out exactly how you "give investigators a boon" in the game.
  15. So basically, your first post was just a troll, then? Because there wasn't an "outrage-gasm," just someone pointing out that your take didn't really fit with the space opera themes of Star Wars. Which is fine, but don't act like someone pointing that out is a personal attack on you, or make strawmen posts that serve no purpose other than to mock someone for making a perfectly valid point. Second, if you're racking up Obligation due them to not burning their gear every other session, then it's a strongarm tactic. Saying "Hey, you don't have to burn your gear....but if you don't you're going to rack up a shitton of Obligation" is basically trying to force players to have to rebuy their equipment to keep them poor.