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  1. "This thread leads to anger..." Everyone reading this thread gets two pints of conflict. ? (I left the typo in because a couple pints sounds good right now) Anyway, as you were.
  2. When she enters the corridor, Sonya feels a change. Everything seems slightly heavier and a little more removed, as if her senses have become dulled. Have I completely lost my connection to the Force? Some of the others seem to be regaining theirs after their hibernation. "By resisting our presence, do you mean interfering with our connection to the Force?" Watching how things are playing out, she drops back to the rear of the group and ignites her lightsabre. "You look like you could use some light back here Xaramis. Good thinking keeping anything coming at us from outside."
  3. I think having a fully capable navigator at this point would be great.
  4. Sorry about the delay. Since another pilot joined, here is Chewrurgie Wookiee doctor.
  5. Here is the perception check Perception: 2eA+1eP+4eD+1eS 1 failure, 1 threat and force check Force: 1eF 1 Dark Side "My feelings about this are not good."
  6. Sorry I did not see you were active again. Do you still want a perception check?
  7. Seeing the others entering the structure, Sonya stops mentally going through forms and follows. "Tok is leading the Jedi. An interesting development, this is."
  8. I'd like to play. Is a Correlian pilot too much of a cliche? Maybe an honest freighter pilot constantly being suspected of smuggling.
  9. I am interested too. Should we be trying to figure out how to disable the force field? Something with the keystones?
  10. While Orphans of Order 66 is a great name for a campaign, using it for a podcast title may cause people to confuse it with the Order 66 podcast. I never listen to it, but I think someone on these forums might...
  11. Oh no worries. The hold up was mostly my doing anyway I can also take some credit (or blame) for starting the Great Marching Order Debate. I did not think it would tie us up for days...
  12. "'Trust your feelings' they told me. If I had done that, we would be on our way instead of still discussing who goes first." Trying to bring some order to the chaos she has sewn, Sonya says aloud "Since only Kellen has moved, we may as well stick with Tok's original plan. He seems intent on being in front. Rin can navigate us around dangers, thank you for speaking up. Garon will make anything think twice about having us for lunch. If Xaramis moves to the second row he can step up to talk to any possibly friendly types. Kellen, Ren-Do and Yates should will be fine as rear guard. We should get moving, before the kidnapper's patience gives out." Suddenly realizing what she has done, Sonya turns to Ren-Do, "I am sorry Master Uvara, I believe we should listen to Tok. He has the most to lose if we do not succeed in our mission."
  13. Sonya survives a bit. Survival: 1eA+2eP 2 successes, 2 advantage
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