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  1. Hey all, I've just started painting my full IA collection and I'm not looking forward to painting quite that many white stormtroopers! Has anyone tried a Rogue One-style Swamp colour scheme? Thanks
  2. Also with Cross Training attached, so that he's super good at sneaking around.
  3. I enjoyed that article, thanks. Looking forward to some Heroic Effort lists with any combination of Han, Chewie and Ashoka. Also, for fans of British comedy, Rogue Smuggler Han has to be known as Super Hans.
  4. Out of interest, what are the conflicts?
  5. While not strictly (or at all) FFG, there's another Fallout game in development. More of a skirmish game that the FFG one looks. http://www.modiphius.com/fallout.html
  6. Onar isn't actually dissimilar. He lumbers in (as opposed to rolls), does a load of damage and almost always dies too. With surges, he close range attacks can really hurt with the potential for +3dmg. I do wonder if anyone reading this knows a definite answer on Onar's defensive ability (get down) and its legal targets? I have seen it ruled that 'a small figure within two spaces' can be Onar himself. I've also seen it ruled that it must be another figure. Does anyone know the definitive truth? Thanks in advance.
  7. If just go for anything that you like the look of! That being said, newer packs are generally more powerful.
  8. Shyla is my favourite Merc. Her combination of whip, armour and sword is too good to resist! Vinto's dual pistols are a close second. For Imperials, I really like the Inquisitor for representing a lithe, dangerous Sith. Davith is my favorite Rebel for his darting around slicing stuff up abilities.
  9. You've put a lot of thought into this list and it looks good to me! I like hunter protocol, camouflage, glory of the kill and/or celebration as opposed to anything with on the lam.
  10. Your list will definitely be worth a go. Focused Weequays are popular in lots of places. BT's four dice attack can be amazing, though his surges leave a little to be desired. Hera, Gideon and c3p0 are a classic support package for rebel and scum lists (though their universal use causes some controversy on here at times ).
  11. I love the HK models (and Knights of the Old Republic in general), so have played them a lot. I find that the elites, unusually, don't provide enough extra value and tend to go with the regulars. They need to be focused to push through enough damage. I really like the variation in Droids lists and that it may be made more diverse in HotE.
  12. TI still like to run 'old' Luke, as his rerolls are really useful. Jedi Luke is the flavour of the moment, as he offers a greater threat and more HP. FOTK brings IG up to a more reasonable amount of health, but Luke will still melt quickly against a couple of decent attacks. Any of the above lists could work. The only way to find out is to try them and see! Just ask if there's any more advice you need and let us know how you get on.
  13. It's thematic. No Gideon, but your best attackers (BT and IG) focus themselves anyway. Shared experience let's your other Droids focus if needed.
  14. You could go Droids Droids Droids. http://imgur.com/a/prfVD
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