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  1. I miss gun servo-skulls too. Don't really know how I would implement them though. Maybe take a shot as a free action or a reaction with a laspistol or such at a set ballistic skill. Or just treat it as an alternative to the ballistic dendrite. Ohh and I don't remember, Is there an auto-quill servo-skull in the base book? Because if not that should be one. I've seen them as models and in artwork a few times. Might be a good alternative to replacing your hand with an auto-quill. A servo-skull equipped with long range vox equipment might be useful too, spare someone else the trouble of lugging that stuff around.
  2. ? They increase the Toughness of a location by 3, rarely enough to put you into the next bracket. Where are you seeing that? I can see that it adds 2, but it's not to your Toughness, but to your Toughness Bonus (p.180) so that would increase the Soak value in that location by 2 - not increase the Toughness Characteristic by 2. What he said. Also I seem to recall the really good ones giving a +10 to strength, a little extra edge in melee is allways nice too.
  3. Thank you for your input everyone! You all make a good point, and considering that the "tech-priest" player will probably want to invest in at least SOME armour too since the forge world background doesn't give you any if i recall correctly, I probably shouldn't be all that worried about him getting too cybered up. And having played a tech-priest in first edition I know how yummy those cybernetics are. I think I will apply the bonus right away.
  4. Greetings loyal subjects of the god-emprah Tomorrow I'm starting a dark heresy campaign with a few friends. I've spent some time acquainting myself with the rules and played bunch of FFs other 40k games before, I've even done some GMing before for death watch.There is one thing I'm not really sure how to handle though. In the book the last step of character creation is outfitting the characters with a few freebee items, [influence bonus] number of items of scarce or better availability, if I recall correctly. Which is fine, but the adeptus administratum and adeptus mechanicus backgrounds both have an availability bonus when trying to find new gear. My question is: Should I let that bonus apply to the freebee items as well? The rules seem to imply that, but I don't want my players to get too many fancy toys too early on as I feel that might hamper the players' sense of progression. Has anyone else had this issue and how have other GMs handled this bonus before? Your insight would be much appreciated. // Kyuronous
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