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  1. Has anybody tried this? I don‘t play CIS. Count Dooku (61) Heightened Perception (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) Stealth Device (4) Scimitar (4) Ship total: 84 Half Points: 42 Threshold: 5 It‘s 4 dice to defend, you attack at I7 and cloak again. Seems to be a solid place for a stealth device.
  2. For quite some time Amazon Germany autocorrected TIE to ... well, the german word for a tie. The results were always hilarious. But „Krawatte Dämpfer“ just hurts.
  3. And since when has English the letter „Delta“ for all the delta-wing aircrafts?
  4. I wonder why no Imperial player has yet moaned about not getting the new targeting computer card (modification, i guess?) for their TIE Phantoms, Interceptors, Strikers, Reapers or at least to use Tarkin without Krennic outside the V-49. Wait for it ...
  5. I read somewhere that it is of the YV-Series like the Hound‘s Tooth (mixed up with a Corellian Consular Ship?) but forgot the number. So could work as a large base ship.
  6. They should come with the Shadow Caster rerelease. And the Shadow caster should have come way before the JM5K now. Seriously, who is going to buy a new Jumpmaster??
  7. They also put Maul and hate (and i think i see predictive shot, too) in the new Ghost box. So yes, FFG holds up on their word that we can get all cards in faction.
  8. They announced two more ships before going clone wars, one per side. Dreadnought and Dornean Gunship seems a good guess as the Dreadnought (or Imperial Support Ship) was in Rebels and the Gunship was in Rogue One, so both are canon and kind of „Approved by Disney“.
  9. Yeah, i realize my mistake. Creating purple actions would have been a fun mechanic, however. Would have buffed large ships or at least ships withs 2 slots for crew / gunner.
  10. New Rule: ◊ If two or more effects would alter the color of an action from its default color (e.g. “treat the action as red” ), the action is treated as the most restrictive of those colors. It seems this opens up some shenanigans with Airen Cracken : After you perform an attack, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1. That ship may perform an action, treating it as red If i have for example Baze Malbus While you perform a action, you may treat it as red. If you do, gain 1 additional focus token for each enemy ship at range 0-1, to a maximum of 2. and put him on a ship with a force user like Kanan (Ghost), then Airen Cracken makes that Focus a purple action! Do i miss something?
  11. KaLeu

    Rules update

    Sorry, i‘m blind. Found the first post.
  12. KaLeu

    Rules update

  13. Uh? Did FFG said anything about the legality of the rulers which are too long? I‘m a bit confused, are all the tournament prize rulers useless?
  14. Thanks for commentating the final. @Truthiness: You probably want to change your swipe code for you smartphone after sharing it online.
  15. Thanks. Didn’t thought about Thrawn handing out dials.
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