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  1. The question is if the unit has a standby token is because it has already ativated, so how can it fire suport if the order token is face down?
  2. No, if the ship is destroyed the charge is removed immediately.
  3. In the RR: A ship is destroyed after it has a number of damage cards that equals or exceeds its hull value. A destroyed ship is placed on its ship card. • If an effect triggers after a ship is destroyed, the effect resolves immediately before the ship is removed. Destroyed and removed from game are completely different things.
  4. You know you don't have to do the compulsory movement when you get tractored.
  5. I think that FCS makes no sense, they'll be doing BR or focus actions and will not be able to get a TL.
  6. All I want is cheap card packs without the ships.
  7. I've been playing this list with some success (only lost one game that was a close call): 198 points Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 Light Freighter 40 Lando Calrissian (Scum) 8 Moldy Crow 18 Ship Total: 66 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 49 Advanced Sensors 10 Tobias Beckett 2 Mist Hunter 2 Ship Total: 63 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 5 Captain Seevor — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 30 Trick Shot 2 Ship Total: 32 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Jakku Gunrunner — Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug 32 Pattern Analyzer 5 Ship Total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 3 4-Lom is the star of the list, you need to play a lot of games with him to maximise his efficiency.
  8. But having calculates are better than evades.
  9. Why not remove Trick Shot and trade C with A so you can all share calculates?
  10. What about: IG and Friend (198) IG-88A — Aggressor Assault Fighter 68 IG-2000 1 Ship Total: 69 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 4 IG-88C — Aggressor Assault Fighter 66 IG-2000 1 Ship Total: 67 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 4 Lando Calrissian (Scum) — Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter 49 Trick Shot 2 IG-88D 4 Engine Upgrade 7 Ship Total: 62 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 6
  11. Will the point change be reflected in the app by the 28th?
  12. Have been having fun with this: Manic Miners (200) Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 Light Freighter 38 Trick Shot 1 Tobias Beckett 2 Moldy Crow 12 Ship Total: 53 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 3 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 49 Advanced Sensors 8 Mist Hunter 2 Ship Total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 5 Ahhav — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 30 Elusive 3 Ship Total: 33 Half Points: 17 Threshold: 2 Captain Seevor — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 28 Elusive 3 Ship Total: 31 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Mining Guild Sentry — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 24 Ship Total: 24 Half Points: 12 Threshold: 2
  13. In android how do I change to x-wing 2.0?
  14. Put contraband cybernetics on both IGs it's really good to save you from a tight spot.
  15. So shields no longer count for calculating half damaged ship? Only half hull rouded up?
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