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  1. I agree with you. Now that they are including a lot of "move or do something with tokens" a clarification is needed. For example, in the impersonate event the include the "as you wish" sentence and that sentence is included in the distribution of damage text in the rules but there is nothing in Karabast or draw attention that could be referenced to the rules.
  2. Impersonate is a good example but not the way you say. There you have a clarification saying that the damage must not exceed the health but you don't have it in Karabast! or Draw Attention. I suppose that you have it in impersonate because if they don't add that restriction you could fully heal two characters just killing the third one.
  3. but, for example, the battlefield that moves damage would move all damage even if it exceeds the health of the character, right? I think that up to 3 is just a way to limit how much damage you move. Also you have to resolve the card before check if the character is dead, right?
  4. Hello, Is it possible to use Karabast! to move 3 damage tokens to a character that has only 2 remaining points of health? Thx! David
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