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  1. Sorry for disappearing, my life got quite a bit busier. As for the answer to Revanchist's question, if it was spent on a boost die, it probably should not be applicable to your current check, unless it involves getting through the resistances. In that case, I would vote to just roll it separately and see if we get any advantages to spend on changing the environment a bit.
  2. I will be unable to be active here much due to tomorrow's colloquium, but the idea is that we play without a GM for a while, with everyone making suggestions/decisions in place of one, using an RNG to help solve disagreements.
  3. While we are in this limbo, we could try organising in a more anarchic fashion to finish the scene if everybody agrees.
  4. As far as I'm aware, Richardbuxton does want to continue, but is unable to do so at the moment.
  5. It has been a week since Revanchist's last post. Should we wait for them a little longer, or continue without them (for now)?
  6. The Vrblthers near Vyrr get in each other's way, allowing Vyrr to flank the nearest beast. Fiery bolts fly out of the Chadra-Fan's gun, mowing down two creatures before the rifle starts producing weird noises.
  7. Oh, right, I forgot about that requirement for passing out. I want to spend a DP to score 2 additional hits, then.
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