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  1. I like the Boba Fett List. simple, yet effective is my favorite kind of list lol. I like your asajj ventress list also, i might play around with a leaner dengar and more decked out support. I might try to see if there is something with Ketso at PS9. I think it would be cool to use tractor beam tokens and then shoot the crap out of someone with dengar!
  2. Hey everyone! I am wanting to fly a little more Dengar and am having trouble figuring out who to pair him with! Here are the two lists I have come up with... List 1 Dengar with LW, Rec Spec, R4 Agro, Title Bossk with Crack, Homing Missiles, K4, Inspiring Recruit, Zuckuss List 2 Same Dengar, Asajj with Gyroscopic Targeting, Lats razzi, Predator. Any help offered is appreciated! even if its a completely different support ship.
  3. This is one of my favorite lists! it takes a couple games to get a feel for it, but its a tough list to beat when flown well!
  4. Also, Whisper needs initiative bid. someone must become less, so he can become greater.....well, i mean last longer. if you get shot at uncloaked your toast.
  5. R3-A2 is a meta call. I use the stress bot to great success with folks using PTL, defenders, etc.! you wouldnt use it often, but when you did it would definitely turn the game to your favor.
  6. Man i think your a better pilot than me! so my take aways could be flawed based on my perceptions. anyways, i'm glad you did so well! i look forward to reading your batrep!
  7. Alright! not going to do a full bat rep, but wanted to let you know that I went 3-3 at my first regional! it was so much fun! i started of 3-0 and made it all the way to the 2nd table! then i lost out the rest of my matches! upon reflection, having a SOS of 5.9 i'm claiming it as a good day lol. things i will say to ghost flyers: 1. Be aggressive out the gate! in at least 2 of the matches i lost i kinda turned away from the fight. this did two things.. the first was it put bigss too far out of range so the ghost took all the damage in the first round. secondly, it reduced my potential damage output because i wasnt getting shots with biggs and negated my primary arc as a option for attack. 2. Use the Evade token!!!! i lost a super close match and soon afterwards realized that if i would have evaded instead of focused, i would have had 1 hull left, which meant i would have killed his tokenless defender at the end of the round. easily puts me at 4-2! you live and you learn. 3. We auto lose to scum ordinance lol - my worst loss was to N'dru, Tel, and a contracted scout. because of the faq, he completely ignored biggs and it went something like.... PLASMA, PROTON, PROTON, PLASMA, CLUSTER MISSILE HAHAHA LOL. the guy was super cool, but he kicked my ass lol. I should have tried to stay range 1 as much as possible, but it is what it is! 4. I kid yall not, there were like 20 VCX lists there! It was a fun day i got to meet sable gryphon (mark fletcher) and a couple of guys from the kessel run podcast! I also got a free playmat! thanks jeff for helping me with this list. i made sure to name drop when people said, "R3-A2 on biggs? aw ****! lol" Fly Casual
  8. I agree with eyegor. i have been practicing having biggs in such a position that even on opening engagement my opponents have to split fire immediately. depending on damage taken, i either float biggs out a little bit to create target priority indecisions or bring him in close to protect my main ship. and since my main ship is Kanan in the VCX, it works really well because as long as enemy ships are at range 1-2 i can reduce their attack die by 1.
  9. I just took 2nd at a local tourney with (shout out to Jeff Bizzak) Kannan: Rec spec, rey, engine upgrade, title, TLT, FCS Zeb: Title Biggs: IA, R3-A2 This list is brutal!
  10. also, i thought about tearing up my villain deck and putting all range attack equipment in my finn/rey deck. that way there are still alot of range attack die showing. then i can use aim and a few other neat cards i have that trigger off of range damage.
  11. thanks for the responses. I mostly filled it with all the upgrades that have die, and low cost events. i also have a few copies of hunkering down and several other ways to get shields. my very simple strategy is to try and roll for big damage (there are a lot of events/upgrades that let me choose die side), and wisely use shield gains, draw attention, etc. I have been playing ccg's for a while so i feel as though my understanding is there, i just dont have the booster packs man! lol, either way the game is a blast to play! thanks again for your responses.
  12. Just keeping this thread going! I placed second out of 18 in a local tourney yesterday! I would have come in first, but i let my opponent re-do several things (then upon reflection realized i would have stomped him had i not been so casual lol). either way, this list makes people nervous. i love engine upgrade on it! I boosted into range two to take advantage of TLT, i boosted out of arcs, i boosted into range three to get a defensive die, i boosted into range 1 to deal the final blow with a eyeball/TL 5 dice attack! also, R3-A2 was great! I stressed regen corran so he couldnt 4k back into the fight! This let me when 100 - 0 bc he couldnt turn around to get biggs in time (yes biggs made it through the whole match!). I stressed one attani mindlinked ship to deal stress to the whole lot of them, I stressed a defender into doing a 2 straight then got behind him with biggs! this list is mean! I have regionals this saturday, wish me luck!
  13. i just got into destiny this week. I bout two rey starters and a kylo. I also have some gracious people that have given me some upgrades to round stuff out. with everything i have, it seems the best deck for me to build was efinn/erey. ive only play tested against myself (against a kylo & storm trooper x2). i think i like it, but what is everyone else's experience with these two?
  14. The list came from Calen Wong. He got the idea from last regional at top 8. Not saying I'm the first person to run it, but seeing as it's an iteration that I ran at Gencon last year, perhaps this Calen Wong adapted his list from my first one. And Kanan/Biggs w/ EU and stressbot is a very specific twist on the generic Kanan/Biggs that's been around since w8 launched. I know because u got the list from me before gencon at regional. Well ur ghost and mir is not bad BRO... Get off Khyros nuts!!! there was so much positive energy in here and your BS wasnt needed.... we fly plastic ships dude.....
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