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  1. **** - Ninja'd by the man himself!
  2. It depends what you mean by East London! There's a thriving (and very friendly and welcoming to new players) club in Wandsworth Town where we have 8 regular players (we just finished a league and are just starting the corellian conflict campaigns) and a couple of less regular players. @Smurfwedge is one of the other players there. Currently the club opens on Thursdays (For Armada, Xwing, Warmachine and board games) and (because Armada has grown and takes up so much space and time) often Monday (sometimes Wednesday). http://eaglegamingclub.freeforums.net/ There's also tournaments at Dark Sphere (Waterloo) including the Regional on 29th January. I'm not sure what the casual scene is like there but there is some.
  3. 1 point to mention is that a second core set only makes sense if you are going to be playing separately at the same time and therefore need the maneuver templates, dice and especially the damage deck (as you can't buy it separately). The additional ships in the core set are not the reason for getting it as you will want to get the individual version of these for their expansion cards. Having said that the extra damage deck, dice and template will be very useful. If you're only playing at home then feel free to proxy the upgrade cards. I'd try and keep some balance to the two forces but it does come all down to what you want to play with. An ISD is a staple ship but the Rebel fleets tend to be a bit more mixed so probably play more often with multiple small ships than Empire do. Due to that you might find you want to add an extra rebel ship (or duplicate) without needing to balance it with an Expire ship. ISD & Home One Gladiator & MC30 Squadron Pack 1 for each side Flotilla for each side Rebels and Villains Squadron pack 2 for each side That leaves Interdictor, Raider, Arquitens vs Liberty, Assault Frigate, Pelta
  4. For SirWillibald's microhangers try 4L Really Useful Boxes - meant for A4 paper. Just the right height to store them, stackable and I can even (just about) fit one in the shoulder bag I use for work. Normally I just use a smaller plastic tub for my fleet unless I'm taking ISD's.
  5. Echoing the comment in your original thread I'm not sure that Ackbar is the right Admiral. He's really only giving you 2 dice on your MC80 for 38 points. The CR90 is better off double-arcing (and is normally able to do so) as it can TRC twice then. This seems like a cross between an Ackbar list and a bomber list (that lacks a big squadron activator - MC80C, AF2 or Pelta - plus Yavaris). I think you need to decide which direction to go in. I like the Fat MC80 list that just won the Michigan Regional as it has 5 activations which works well with Defiance - I'm still not sure it benefits enough from Ackbar though). I've also had good success with a MC80C/Yavaris/2 GR75 (1 BCC, 1 Toryn) / 4B/2Y/3 YT1300/Jan list with FC and FCT.
  6. I would bet this is the problem as well as I've done it two or three times by mistake. It makes enough of a difference to stop the ships fitting. Shame you've made so many before discovering the problem!
  7. I'm using a Canon MG3650. Doesn't 'like' the 300GSM but takes it OK with an occasional paper jam or misprint.
  8. Many thanks SirWillibald - I'm always recommending your boxes. Are you thinking of doing a larger objective box given all the extra objectives in the Corellian Conflict. Would that only be once they eventually release it in Germany?
  9. For 18 points (rebel medium transport) you get: 1 deployment 1 activation 2 squadron command (especially good with Relay) 1 black anti squadron Good upgrades (e.g. Bomber command, comms Net) A potential blocker vs an enemy ship (e.g. Vs demolisher which has difficulty killing it) A potential blocker vs your own ship (if you need to stop it for some reason) A lifeboat for your admiral to hide on (again Relay keeps it still useful while hiding far away) A potential mine sweeper as generally it will die to any shot it can't scatter so it makes not a huge amount of difference if it has 1 or 3 hull.
  10. As much as I love MC30's the flotillas are useful in almost every list.
  11. Or Cracken with 2 MC30, 3 CR90A and a flotilla with some squadrons and a VCX or 2 for relay. Try to keep at red range (until your MC30 pounces) and out of the front arc and he'll have at most 3 red dice vs your evade. He won't have gunnery teams yet which helps but that will probably be his next upgrade. Another option could be. Yavaris B-wing swarm with an MC80C and couple of flotillas with BCC. Focus down each ISD one at a time. Y wings might be better though due to no FC & FCT yet.
  12. Ok if you're limited to those ships but can use proxy's don't take Ackbar. I'd consider Dodonna (all round useful and combo's with Luke), Sato (Combo's with Salvation but you may be limited as I guess you only have Xwings) or Rieeken (not sure he's so great without unique squadrons or in the campaign. I think Dodonna would be your best bet. MC80 Assault, ECM, Dodonna 141 2x CR90A, TRC 102 Neb B Escort, Yavaris 62 4 Xwings 52 Luke 20 Biggs 19 (I'm aware you don't have Biggs but someone must have if you're doing the campaign so borrow or proxy. Total 396 Not ideal but best I can do. Other option could be less fighters and Take a Neb B support and salvation as well.
  13. Ackbar and nebulons is a no-no. Also change the H9's to TRC's. Maybe change the Neb and 1 CR90 to a MC30 Scout (with gunnery teams) and a flotilla. Jan or Biggs instead of an Xwing would be good additions. Also try to use all 400 points as no need for a bid
  14. Also the book Catalyst (set about 15 years before Rogue One as Jyn is about 5) has Tarkin's fleet reinforced by Venator's at one point
  15. I have all my ships (to wave 4) in SirWillibald's tuckboxes as it massively reduces the space the collection takes up. Wife's comments: - You're building cardboard boxes again... I've never seen you devote as much time to anything as you do to them. If you spent as much time on me as you do on building those boxes... - Why are you building more cardboard boxes - Does that mean you've bought more ships?! (no the boxes for Wave 4 were just released so I could honestly say that they were for ships I bought months ago - let's not mention wave 5!) - So you're watching your children's cartoons again? Oh look it's even made by Disney! (Mainly Rebels but also Clone Wars)
  16. Try Ackbar with Home One and 2 Assault frigates Or Dodonna (or Rieeken) with MC80, Yavaris, Pelta and heavy squadrons (aces if rieeken) Plus Madine with Liberty, MC30 and CR90's. Fly the Liberty like an MC30 and arc dodge.
  17. 1) Squadron Commands (Now with added relay) 2) Activation advantage 3) Anti-squadron fire (and even a few extra shots if the flotilla is armed) 4) Fleet Support (Mainly Bomber Command centre and Comms Net (e.g. can keep Yavaris supplied with a squad token each turn)) 5) Blocking enemy ships (or even your own) 6) Admiral lifeboat along the back of the battlefield to keep your admiral safe (can combo squadron commands with Relay so not totally useless) 7) Other - e.g. use as a mine sweeper since if scatter is accuracied you're normally going to die anyway unless it's just one other attack dice)
  18. Take Admonition and either Foresight, Lando or H9's instead.
  19. @smurfwedge has done so. Not sure if it's finished.
  20. Try 2 MC30T, 2TRC90, 2 flotillas, cracken and squadrons to flavour (Jan ball, A's or now Z's). Spread out and don't let Gunnery team ISD's fork multiple ships
  21. I use SirWillibald's carrier boxes - 1 for Imperial and 1 for Rebel. In the space of 8 of the individual boxes I can store the relevant parts of the core set, 2 squadron packs and 3 Rebel & Villains. So very space efficient but my squadrons are unpainted so I wouldn't suggest it for anyone with painted squadrons as the squadrons trees are all off the bases and crammed in together. I use SirWillibald's boxes for all my ships and they do a great job. Obviously they then need to be stored in larger boxes. At home I use the original Core set box and 2 Really Useful plastic 4L boxes for storage and then a smaller plastic box for travelling (or one of the 4L if I need to take ISD's) to play. The cardboard boxes protect the ships surprisingly well from bumps and knocks.
  22. I'd recommend Flotillas.You'd be surprised how much a cheap (even unarmed) ship can change things with all the new tactics it brings to the table.
  23. I still think that FC just increases the AS box by one. It doesn't turn "Snipe 4" into "Snipe 5" but I guess we're going to have to wait for the FAQ to see.
  24. While squads can take a long time the biggest delay I find is when I fly MC30's and TRC90's (and now Liberty with Madine) due to the choice of all the maneuver options and the need to dodge out of star destroyer front arcs. In those cases I almost always go to time.
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