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  1. Just use Flight Commander to ensure the positioning of squadrons within the GH bubble. Combo with Biggs for more annoyance.
  2. Catch them by surprise with the ISD. Start speed 1 and take Nav token, Turn 2 take Nav command and go to speed 3 and try to catch several in your front arc. ISD's can be surprisingly maneuverable (even more so if you take Jerjerord!). He will only be able to save 1 with first player. Playing slow will only play to their strengths. CR90's are very maneuverable but not quite as much as you think they are.
  3. Just to clarify your original scenario: Hit/crit and hit/crit from an APT vs a hull zone with 1 shield remaining = 4 damage with a critical effect. Evade (or Admonition) - let's assume none Resolve critical effects: If you choose to use APT then you deal and resolve a face-up card now or the standard critical effect is just that the first damage card dealt is face up. Spend and resolve other defence tokens - let's assume none 4 damage is dealt 1 to shields then 3 cards to the hull. If you hadn't chosen APT then the standard critical effect would mean that is 1 face up and 2 face down.
  4. I believe Rex is meant to survive as there was a mention (from the rebels creator) that he is the white bearded trooper in the strike team on Endor. http://www.slashfilm.com/captain-rex-in-return-of-the-jedi/
  5. There's definitely an imbalance in our current campaign (currently 8/8 wins for Imps in 3 rounds with 1 game to play) but there are several reasons for it: 1) Player Skill - We recently ran a league so if I use the end league placings as proxies for player skill (which is not entirely accurate but does tie in reasonably well with Regional and store champ results) then we had, based upon faction preference, Imperials as players 1, 2 and 5 vs Rebels as 3, 4 and 6. However all first round games were close. 2) An early lead and/or loss of a base - Imperials won all first round games (but all close) and took over a Rebel Repair yard base and it's set them up for each following round as the rebel fleets have ended up that many points behind needing to spend resources (of which they have had less) to unscar rather than upgrade. 3) Hyperlane Raid - Played this in the first round and, even though the Imperial player played the objective properly, it proved too difficult to take down ships (some bad dice rolls didn't help) when they are intent on running past you. It was Sato with MC30, AF2, Salv, 2xGR75 vs Tarkin with ISD2, 2xArq, Goz. Both Arq's were able to get away (despite 1 taking 2 Salv front arc's and 1 side at medium/close range ending on 2 hull, and the other Arq taking several volleys/rams from the AF going down to 1 hull twice before getting away). The Goz and Salv died for an Imperial victory and 40 resources to 20. If he had just had larger ships it would have been impossible to take them down in time. 4) Large vs Small ships and not playing optimised fleets. Large ships who can survive definitely benefit when compared to small ships which are more likely to die. We tried to keep a bit more generic and not optimised fleets so there was no CR90 swarm whereas every imperial fleet had an ISD. I think this hurt the rebels who tend to rely on those optimised smaller ships. It doesn't feel to me that the mechanisms for helping the side falling behind to catch-up are strong enough. Trying to totally avoid conflict is difficult especially vs speed 3 enemy ships and/or fighters. Also Hyperlane Raid isn't easy enough to get resources from compared to Show of Force.
  6. Callum's build does surprisingly well at dealing with fighters/bombers. With 2 ISD2's in close support; for every bomber attack on one you'll likely get hit by: 1 Blue QLT 2 Blue AA from target ISD2 1 Blue AA from the other ISD2 (obstructed or it would be 2) Then there's 1 (or 2 depending on the lifeboat situation) Gozanti's with black dice normally in close support and Mauler and a jumpmaster to pop in and damage everything. Both ISD's have Leading shots for when you roll 2 accuracies/crits and there's Kallus on 1. It might not eliminate your fighters in 1 turn but it will soon whittle them down and the ISD's have the hull to survive. The list is a menace! However it is weak to MSU if flown well.
  7. Corellian Conflict – Raid at Raider’s Point Following the defeat of General Madine at the hands of Admiral Konstantine, Commander Sato knew that the rebellion needed resources to replenish its losses so his plan to raid the Imperial shipping lanes must succeed. Coming out of hyperspace at the appropriately named ‘Raider’s Point’ hyperspace navigation point Sato was disappointed to see that rather than the lightly defended convoy he had been expecting to see, instead there was an Imperial Class Star Destroyer flanked by 2 Arquitens Class Light Cruisers and a number of fighters all defending a transport sheltering behind them. Clearly the rebels either had a spy in their midst or the Imperials had boosted all convoy protection following raiding. Furthermore, there was a dense asteroid and debris field in the centre of the battlefield splitting his possible attack lanes into two and the Imperial fleet was positioned behind it. A cunning plan as the Imperials would be able to decide on their convoy path once they saw if an attack was awaiting them. This kind of cunning plan could only have come from someone as devious as Grand Moff Tarkin! Determined to succeed and not allow the Imperial convoy to easily escape, Sato deployed Salvation to flank round to the left and his Assault Frigate to flank the right side each with orders to focus on the Arquitens cruisers. In a normal engagement taking out that Star Destroyer would be difficult and require concentrating all his fleets firepower on that one ship, but under these conditions it would be almost impossible. The obstacle field was proving a challenge but Sato felt certain his Scout Frigate could thread the needle and hopefully be able to pounce in either direction once the Imperials showed their hand. He additionally sent his Fighter complement, led by Biggs Darklighter, into the dense obstacle field, supported by two VCX transports to provide better communications, while keeping his pair of support transports carefully out of the way of the asteroids and the Imperial fleet. The engagement began slowly with the Imperials holding back waiting to see where the rebels committed and only sending out their fighter screen. The rebels advanced at medium speed while their fighters threaded their way through the obstacles trying to get to a suitable position to attack from. Having spotted Soontir Fel nestling behind a pair of Decimators, led by Morna Kee, an X-wing squadron and VCX sprang forward focussing their attacks on Soontir. Unfortunately, the Ace’s superb flying evaded both of them. Identifying the familiar Tie Fighter of Mauler Mithel lurking at long range Tycho decided to get there first and sped onward managing to pin him in position. However, he focussed his attacks on Soontir and, with his fast A-wing a match for Soontir’s interceptor, was able to damage him. Biggs also decided it was time to get involved and caught Soontir unawares blasting him out of the sky. First blood to the Rebels! In revenge, and despite the assistance of Jan Ors and the defensive flying of Biggs, the Decimators and a Jumpmaster, backed up by fire from the Star Destroyer, managed to take out a squadron of X-wings. The imperial ships continued to hold back but the Scout Frigate firing a solitary long distance torpedo somehow managed to penetrate the Star Destroyer’s front shields and start a compartment fire hindering the giant ships defences. He then moved into a position to threaten both the Star Destroyer and the right hand Arquitens cruiser. Unfortunately, that attack had mixed success. It managed to batter down some shields on the Star Destroyer and Injure some crew but failed to do more than deplete the side shields on the Arquitens before zooming past them. Sato shook his head at the impulsive captain. At that speed he would be unlikely to get back into the engagement before the convoy escaped! The squadrons continued to dogfight and there must have been some grudge against Tycho as they threw everything they could against him and he was unable to dodge it all. The jumpmaster fell in combat but so did 2 more X-wing squadrons. The imperials then decided to make their move. Tarkin had obviously prepared them for this moment as they all shot forward from slow to high speed with a clear plan to speed past the rebel ships. It didn’t go all according to plan though as the Star Destroyer couldn’t both avoid the asteroids and the danger presented by Salvation closing on him. In the end the captain decided that Salvation represented the bigger threat and accepted the risk of the collision. Unfortunately, that asteroid knocked out his fire control system leaving him now unable to effectively identify neither the Assault Frigate coming up behind him nor Salvation off the starboard side to his front from the asteroid fields in front and behind him. His repair crews were going to need to work fast! The Arquitens cruisers weren’t in much of a better position either. They both tried to take down Salvation before it could attack but merely knocked down the front shields. One Arquitens drifted into the sights of Salvation who was able to fire both its powerful front arc and a side arc against it. However, despite the captain having replaced some of the turbolasers with torpedos, their accuracy was less than stellar and the Arquitens was able to evade the majority of the shots, emerging unscathed except for a few depleted shields. Salvation slowed to keep the Arquitens in his front arc. The other Arquitens also took turbolaser and torpedo fire from the Assault Frigate but again only a couple of shields were depleted. The Assault Frigate then moved closer in order to bring more of its guns to bear. Salvation was now able to open fire at a closer range hoping its target would no longer be able to evade. This wasn’t the case but it was still more successful than the last volley. This time the torpedo and laser fire was able to take down the remaining shields and damage over half the ship. As an afterthought the ship fired its starboard arc against the star Destroyer but with the asteroid in the way they were absorbed by the shield. Trying desperately to kill the enemy ship Salvation tried to ram it but fell short. Then In a move that was to be the turning point of the battle the repair crews on the Star Destroyer finally got the fires under control and their systems repaired. Taking advantage of this situation Tarkin ordered his gunners to finish off Salvation. Starting with some initial leading shots the Star Destroyer’s gunners proved their worth and were able to destroy it in just one volley leaving the hulk drifting behind them as they sped away along the convoy route with the damaged Arquitens limping behind them. Meanwhile the Assault Frigate fired all its turbolasers and torpedos into the other Arquitens but it was not enough. Speeding up, the frigate was able to ram the Arquitens but the Arquitens was then able to escape, its hull barely holding together while repair crews frantically tried to keep the engines running. The squadron battle continued. Jan was able to finish off Mauler but was in turn killed by Morna. Biggs and one of the VCX’s sped to try and finish the crippled Arquitens but were unsuccessful. Morna chased and engaged Biggs leaving the remaining Decimator to severely damage the other VCX which in turn fled to the temporary safety of an asteroid. The convoy was getting away but there was still a chance. The Assault Frigate fired a broadside at the rear of the fleeing Arquitens but it was only enough to undo the work which their repair crews had done. Faced with the prospect of his prey escaping the captain turned his attention to the only ship he could reach – The Gozanti transport itself. While his forward battery proved ineffectual he was able to ram the enemy ship which must have unnerved the crew who then crashed into an asteroid leaving them almost dead in space. Morna Kee and the other Decimator together finished off Biggs and the damaged VCX. The remaining Imperial ships moved or limped into position ready to make their next jump to hyperspace along the hyperspace route. With the Gozanti fleeing at speed the Assault Frigate captain realised that his guns were ineffective at this range and he was going to be unable to catch the enemy ship so reluctantly turned away from the pursuit. The Decimators closed in on the remaining VCX dealing massive damage but not quite enough to finish it. Sato realised there was one tiny remaining chance to salvage something from this battle and ordered his other support transport to increase speed. With the added velocity it was able to just catch the enemy Gozanti a last glancing ram but that was enough to knock it out of action, leaving its cargo ripe for salvaging. The remaining three Imperial ships jumped to hyperspace accompanied by the Decimators having saved their precious cargo and left Sato to order the returning Scout Frigate and Assault Frigate to salvage the wrecked Salvation and recover the escape pods from the destroyed squadrons. The attack had been so close to success but had swung from seeming victory to an expensive defeat in a moment. That cargo was going to make the Imperial fleet even harder to defeat, Sato realised. Sitting down at his command chair he turned to his console and started formulating training plans. One of his ship captains was in desperate need of learning how to handle initial engagements and the other ships gunners badly needed more target practice. He would be back for his revenge…
  8. Turn the A-wings into Tycho and Shara for a cost of 11 points. MUCH more survivable.
  9. I've run an almost identical Cracken list before (beat TheCallum's list with it) but bombers scare me too much to run it in a tournament. Been taken apart by a Fireball a couple of times pre-Cracken when I ran it as Rieeken. Rebel Bombers with FCT, Yavaris and a Pelta cause almost as much fear.
  10. Lord Preyer was (I think) 7th so can provide his exact list but it was Standard ISD2, Standard Demo, Gozanti, Maarek, 2 Defenders, Zertik, Jumpmaster annd 1 other. I didn't see lots of large bomber lists out there (probably a factor why a Cracken list was successful) but a reasonable amount of Anti Squadron fighters. Fear of heavy Anti squadron balls was certainly a factor in my decision not to bring the Yavaris MC80CC, 2GR75s (Toryn +BCC), 4B, 2Y, 3YT1300, Jan fleet that I've played a lot recently. Ginkapo has one of the heaviest squadron balls I saw but it was a fairly mixed Rieeken aces.
  11. 9th: Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 393/400 Commander: General Madine Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Solar Corona [ flagship ] MC80 Assault Cruiser (114 points) - General Madine ( 30 points) - Defiance ( 5 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Reinforced Blast Doors ( 5 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 186 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Bright Hope ( 2 points) - Leia Organa ( 3 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 25 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Quantum Storm ( 1 points) - Ahsoka Tano ( 2 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 23 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Jainas Light ( 2 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 53 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost 2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points) 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points)
  12. 1st: MC80 Battlecruiser: Madine, Endeavor, Raymus, Gunnery Team, Engine Techs, H9, Spinal, Leading Shots MC30 Torpedo: Admonition, Lando, Ordnance Experts, H9, APT CR90A: TRC, Jaina GR75 Tycho, Shara, 2xA 2nd: ISD2: XI7, Gun Teams, ECM, Leading shots, Quad laser turret ISD2: XI7 Gun Teams, ECM, Leading shots, Quad laser turret, kallus Gozanti Cruiser: Comms Net Gozanti Cruiser: Motti Mauler, Jumpmaster 3rd: MC30 Torpedo: Admo, SFO, OE, RBD, H9, Expanded Launchers MC30 Torpedo: SFO, OE, RBD, H9, APT GR75: Cracken, Bright Hope CR90A: TRC CR90A: TRC CR90A: TRC
  13. Top 8 were between 20 and 22 points (I was 8th on 19 points then Smurfwedge was 10th on 16 points). I asked about a scan of the lists but they were reluctant to give them as not everyone had given permission and they were concerned that some people might have wanted to keep their lists secret as they have had that situation a few times before. Top 3 are up so I'll transcribe them in here and maybe people can fill in the gaps.
  14. Still not sure it would have blocked my unkillable fat MC80! Good game though Gink and nice to meet more people. Overall a very enjoyable set of days despite the embarrassment of having Happy Birthday sung to me!
  15. But you've probably played more games than most people who do play tabletop!
  16. I've taken the work by Democratus (which was great but aimed towards having 1 document for each faction) and made some changes (e..g lots of drop downs in cells) to make it work as a roster which can be used throughout the campaign to track the currently known information (e.g. objectives could be added to individual fleet rosters as and when they are revealed but are kept secret to begin with). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kuFhwcxHWJW6H_bKOuDyDc0uZkusvae_blBuAy4z_wM/edit?usp=sharing Hope you find it useful and full credit to Democratus for the initial version.
  17. Do you happen to know what happened to the tickets online? They disappeared really quickly, so quickly that I cant believe they actually sold out.... I was waiting to confirm I wasnt working a site shift that sunday. Seemingly sold out very quickly. Smurfwedge thought he was going to miss out as they were sold out yesterday and they had replied to his email saying that they were limiting it to 28 players due to space and time (avoiding cut to top 2). However I checked again this morning and there were 6 available (3 retail & 3 web) so he was able to get one. They must have been players who were no longer able to attend. All sold now though. Best I can suggest is email them and keep checking the site. http://www.darksphere.co.uk/p.php?p=76325 Cheers Vae, fortunately, just like Smurf, I was 1 of the lucky ones who spotted the 3 become available on web again! Cool - We will prepare ourselves for the threat of the Nebs!
  18. 3 issues but otherwise fine. You really do want ordnance experts on Admonition to make sure you get to trigger the ACM's You may need a higher bid as Liberty benefits from going first. Minor point but an odd number of squadrons so only 2 deployments not 3. Possibly drop Derlin for Ord Exp (-7+5) Possibly Corran to Tycho. Could even then drop an A-wing for another GR75 (-6-11+18)
  19. Do you happen to know what happened to the tickets online? They disappeared really quickly, so quickly that I cant believe they actually sold out.... I was waiting to confirm I wasnt working a site shift that sunday. Seemingly sold out very quickly. Smurfwedge thought he was going to miss out as they were sold out yesterday and they had replied to his email saying that they were limiting it to 28 players due to space and time (avoiding cut to top 2). However I checked again this morning and there were 6 available (3 retail & 3 web) so he was able to get one. They must have been players who were no longer able to attend. All sold now though. Best I can suggest is email them and keep checking the site. http://www.darksphere.co.uk/p.php?p=76325
  20. BCC's are 8 points and that fighter list is 14 points too many so is probably 1 b-wing less.
  21. I don't know what your reasons are for not wanting large base ships but your last comments about Home One/Liberty seem to indicate you are wavering. In all honesty I'd go for the ISD and Home One as I think they will make the biggest difference to your fleets. In terms of balance between your fleets (Imperial is much heavier) though you could add Home One and perhaps the Arquitens to address the imbalance.
  22. No gallant haven doesn't as Biggs' ability is not an attack (I've made the same mistake). You can brace then Gallant Haven then Biggs though. It makes them sickeningly survivable but you have to keep them close to GH so want Flight Commander on it (to position after GH moves) and not Adar.
  23. 1. No 2. I assume you mean Green/Gold etc squadrons - if yes then they are unique's so stay alive until the end of turn in which they took lethal damage 3. As long as the Snipe squadron isn't engaged with an escort itself then it can snipe anything in snipe range. 4. Exhaust it - so you can use it again to evade (discarding it) or even on a second attack (i.e. from a different hull arc) I'd seriously look into Engine Techs on the Liberty. With Madine they help make it dance and arc-dodge which (in my opinion) is how you should run the liberty - it's not a straight up brawler like the ISD - you need to arc dodge with it. Also run Ordnance experts on Admonition and you probably don't need Derlin or RBD. Oh and don't have advanced gunnery as one of your objectives - Gunnery team overrules it.
  24. @Ginkapo Just because I mentioned it here - Dark Sphere's Regional on 29th Jan is at 10 am not 11 am now.
  25. I thought it was february! Cheers for the heads up It got moved due to Yavin - Their website still says the Feb date (apparently there will be a new better website soon) but their facebook page has the info about the move to 29th Jan.
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