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  1. They wait inside the museum, in some sort of hall or something... so they can buy items or get medical assistance, and, if they fail to succeed an adventure, they stay the same room or place the adventure is, so they can assist. I get the idea OP, but I think "entrance of the museum" can also mean inside the museum in the entrance hall.
  2. There are 2 formats and there are different in many ways... Steam/IOS/Android: "ELDER SIGN: OMENS" this has lots of videos and music that makes the game more dark and immersive, plus having different campaigns adding some sort of story flavor. After you defeat/lose any Boss you get a video, making it like a closure that the board game lacks. Board Game: "ELDER SIGN" Very different from the virtual version, all what previous post says is true.
  3. I got it after several teams and different strategies. Joe Diamond + Jenny Barnes + Carlyn Fern + Vincent Lee: Healers wont win many adventures, and most of the times it was like heales were wasting my turns... so I discarded this team after some tries. Kate Winthrop + Aschan pete + Rita Young + Wilson Richards: Good team, I had used in other bosses, but not good enough in Ithaqua campaign. Leo anderson + Jim Culver + Mandy Thompson: Leo was buying lots of supplies, while Jim and Mandy had abilities to solve difficult adventures. Defeated Ithaqua but without saving Ashley. Dexter Drake + Bob Jenkins + Monterey Jack + Kate Winthrop: Always had plenty of items to use... I picked the adventures according to success or failure conditions. Noticed I needed a smaller team. Kate Winthrop + Rita Young + Sister Mary + Joe Diamond: Defeated Ithaqua but without rescuing Ashley... I was convinced about number of investigators was the key, because I got to the final stage of the campaign wit not many items, and I was about to defeat Ithaqua if I had some more clues. Final team: Jenny Barnes + Kate Winthrop: Had monsters and terror controlled with kate and difficult adventures controlled with Jenny, I had the right number of items because I had a small team and I was able to pick quickly the adventures according to success or failure so I controlled sanity/Stamina risks when entering an adventure and what I was getting when I succeded. Kate was the key since in Alaska I had lots of terror adventures or monster spawning when wining/losing an adventure. Went to Alaska with 24 supplies and when I was 1 elder sign away from entering the final battle I spent some turns buying healing and some clues and common items. started the 3 stages of final battle with Jenny, then Kate and then Jenny again to defeat Ithaqua.
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