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  1. Your link is broken, correct link here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/11/30/dont-upset-me-like-this/
  2. Because you have just taken a third of your fleet in squadrons that can't kill ships, (plus more points on carrier versions of ships/squadron upgrade cards) and will get rolled by the first fleet you meet that is low/no squadrons, which has around 100 more points of its list devoted to killing ships than you do. (This is all in a world now where even smalls with previously useless evades can resist your squadrons.) So now you just need to come up with a strategy that deals with that flaw! Preferably, for your wallet's sake, before you buy the 4 squadron packs. 😄
  3. For even more silly comparisons, lets go back to pre-Wave 1, and then we can complain that rebel squadrons do not stand a chance vs imperials, and that the only way to win is 3 VSDs.
  4. Just has it even been talked about. We are all on asmodee accounts now, so does this mean a migration, or a fresh start?
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