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  1. Sorry if there is a thread on this, could not see anything. Who else has problems with their front/side arcs? Problem is either the Mk1, or the MkII, with the opposite side being almost bang on correct. Below is a picture from a friend:
  2. ##vote @clontroper5 I believe that is hammer @The Jabbawookie
  3. ##vote @clontroper5 I believe that is hammer @The Jabbawookie
  4. ##vote @clontroper5 I believe that is hammer @The Jabbawookie
  5. Why is scum knowing Clon’s target a good thing? They can’t stop it, and could discuss their own target anyway at night, no danger of an overlap. In any case, it looks like Clon is the gonner today anyway, so it’s by the by. It’s only useful information to know if he lives. I will hammer soon, unless there are objections.
  6. Fixing the triple (?) negative: In order for me to really consider letting Clon off, I would like to know who his night target is.
  7. And what if we kill Clon and he isn’t scum? There is no way I’m not going to endorse @clontroper5 living without him declaring his night target today.
  8. I’m happy for us to switch to Caldias, he’s been super quiet. Clon is at least contributing, and I agree with the game read he is posting. I have completely changed my mind on Ebon, but that may be due to him shouting at me every time I post. Not convinced he is scum, but is hurting town (or at least me). Before I get accused of coming fully off the Clon wagon, I agreed with the arguments D1 and thought he was a good target. D2 I made it very clear that he was my favourite D1 target, and my vote was to put pressure on. We certainly got that! Clon revealed his role. However, I was unhappy with the vote switching, and how close (L-1) we got to a lynch with so much time to go. I was not sure Clon was my number one target at that point, so unvoted, to give us more time.
  9. Why rush! We have hours to go. We haven’t even really discussed the spirit vote. Third party and town both came to a conclusion to lynch you, they need a majority to cast a vote. That means they both agreed.
  10. I was giving a general answer to a nonspecific question...
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