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  1. The rulebook actually refers to selling cards back to the supply as 'bartering.' In general, it's abstracted out to streamline the play. If you are gaining a new cargo from the market, you can sell the one you have towards the price of the new one. You can do that anytime you buy anything from the market. For example, Mandalorian Armor pops up in the luxury deck? You can sell you ship mod to pay for it. If they made it only worth half or something else to make it more 'realistic' it would just bog the choice down.
  2. It is an automa deck, the few turns I managed to do this week were fun, but nothing groundbreaking. Granted, I don't play a lot solo. Here's a video I made.
  3. We were able to borrow a copy between Adepticon and Star Wars Celebration and made a learn to play video.
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