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  1. Tantive IV model looked so cool that I decided to check out the game.
  2. JeffJedi

    Dice Roller 3000

    Do the dice wear out after being rolled thousands of times?
  3. Max of 1 named pilot and max of 1-2 upgrades per ship at first. Have everyone download X-Wing Squadron builder.
  4. And really Republic should be Imperials and Seperatists should be Rebels or scum.
  5. I got five sets thanks to this thread. 3 are gifts... honest.
  6. Well for Jax and the two royals, you'd only have one Red Interceptor per set. It just happens that two Ints came in that set.
  7. My idea for a new expansion. It could contains two ships a white Tie/fo with Black Panels and a Black Tie/ln with White pannels.
  8. X-wings are space ships. Proxy Thrusters allow you to proxy cards in tournament play.
  9. Reduce their cost by a third to allow 4 in a list.
  10. I wonder if it says Old Ben Kenobi, the desert hermet?
  11. I'm a new player and I hear about blocking all the time. Can someone explain exactly what the term means and when you'd want to do it. What ships are good and why?
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