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  1. Conquest will definitely be a good substitute going forward for Runewars. It also, by all appearances, is a good game in its own right. I'm also sure Para Bellum won't complain about extra sales.
  2. I’ve won twice with my SSD. First on a Piett assault against a two-ISD list, and second on a Sloan squadrons command variant. Some of that is going to be the result of experimentation. As players adjust to how to fight them. i also tabled one for a 400-0, running lots of red dice. My long-term curiosity is how both the SSD and the rebellion in the rim expansion will shake up the meta.
  3. Picked it up Sunday. A welcome, if small addition.
  4. I preordered in July, paid the 1.99 for expedited processing, received the order Friday, which is pretty typical of them. not paying expedited processing often adds a day or two to the order processing.
  5. Reanimate Archers [45] 3x2Tempered Steel [3]Raven-Standard Bearer [3]Close Quarters Targeting [3]Total Unit Cost: 54Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1Dimodian Blades [5]Thirst of Bilehall [5]Total Unit Cost: 50Carrion Lancers [46] 2x2Tempered Steel [3]Total Unit Cost: 49Death Knights [42] 2x2Obcasiums Gauntlet [5]Total Unit Cost: 47 There's an option. I think it somewhat depends upon whether you want the DK as a Obcasium's delivery, or if you want them to be able to take out their opponent in a straight-up fight. I have a friend who runs Dimodian Blades on the Death Knights and puts Fortuna's on Lord V. What it does is make for one extremely scary DK stack, one that on red runes can put a good shot out even if whittled to one tray. In a meta where banes fly at the start of the game, I prefer to be less dependent at the start of the game on exhaustible upgrades, because you may lose one turn of rally from it. The 3x2 Reanimate stack seems made for TS, and I think it is either Wind Rune or CQT, but not both. They are basically the upgrade that answers "what do I do if something threatens my archers?" Wind Rune gets them out of the way, CQT just has them stand there and take it. Being able to threaten 9 damage consistently is a threat that is hard to ignore. It is tough to get everything. I'm wary of the DR Skaflok proposes because what you really want is multiple targets to DR.
  6. I think every faction's 2x2 Seige units are really good. Although Threshers win the cake for Armor x Wounds, the most cost effective units for health in the game are the siege units. I've long thought that worms are really good, and I'm surprised my opponents have not run more of them. And the 2x2 has a nice damage output while also being able to plop itself down in terrain, manipulate any terrain options that provide extra movement (when you draw the Uthuk player's Raider Tent, e.g.), while also not getting caught in the same way that a 3x2 can. It is a good unit. Interacting with comments above: My primary opponent does the 3x2 Raven Standard as well. Maybe it is simply how my playstyle matches up to his, but it always seems like he gets off several good uses of Tempered Steel. In my opinion, it is the first two that really count, either making a large 9 damage attack, or correcting a bad roll so that it gets 6 damage. Other general observations. These are simply things to think through with the list and list-design, not necessarily objections. 1. Upgrades. Total points in upgrades is 44. I'm curious how normal this ends up being across lists, or across factions. I seem to recall the post-Worlds analysis last year highlighting the leading Uthuk lists running lighter on upgrades. That balance between upgrades and trays on the table is a delicate one, which leads us to... 2. Total trays and units: There are three sizeable meaningful units, and a medium-priced tool. Basically, everything in the list has to deliver, and if it gets taken out in some fashion, a huge chunk of damage in the list has fallen apart. If someone brings five units, can the list readjust to handle it. You've got two melee units that are closing in on something, but does their third flank you? Do the Death Knights deliver Obcasiums? Do the worms take some range damage before engaging? Or to put both of those together, would some arrangement of the upgrades get you to a 2x2 Death Knights, and might that extra health put you a bit further over the top while not really reducing your overall damage output much?
  7. There were a couple of items that also jumped really fast. They are not always the most prompt about updating those pages on exactly the day it ships. This likely means August 1st for the release date. The page update was today, 7/18.
  8. We've done two weeks in a row of 300 points, but both times we each brought seven units, so normal deployment worked. One thought: Is MSU really the right concept for the way Runewars plays? In much older games, you'd call it a swarm style list, and as I understand the origins of the term MSU, it was supposed to mean a bunch of independent and equally effective units, but each unit needed the potential for a lot pop. Most 2x1s seems to cap around 6 damage, and the ones with higher caps tend to suffer from no access to rerolls. So I could see Thresher spam as MSU or 2x1 Cav with Rank Discipline, but a 7 activation Latari list with a bunch of Scions and Archers is really just a swarm list that blocks, chips, slows/stuns, and then chips some more until a whole unit goes down. Or have we gotten to the point where in most games, people have largely forgotten the origins of how MSU developed as a term, and now it is just the new word for a swarm?
  9. Tournaments. I don't think there is a "strong advantage" from the beginning. Every little bit of knowledge helps, but the most important units that I want to see are my opponent's bigger units. And if he's fielding MSU, chances are, some of those units really are and can be placed inconsequentially. It is his responsibility to figure that out for his list.
  10. Case in point. The average damage on the 2x1 is 5.75, only rising to 7.75 with a hit modifier. Multiplied by 3 (two units and Dispatch) is 17.25. The average damage of the 3x2 is 8.625, multiplied by 2 for DR is 17.25. It only means finding a way to get 4 more points in the list somewhere.
  11. The biggest problem is attrition. You’ve got some good upfront damage, but as soon as either lancer unit loses a tray, it’s damage output is halved. For the CI/MCW build, a 2x2 or even 3x2 centerpiece is really what you want to capitalize on damage.
  12. I think I've been too enamoured with running Gorgemaw that I haven't bothered as much with Beastmaster
  13. I find in all of the shift/reform skill options, that even the possibility of a single shift is enough to significantly mess up the initiative timing of actions. For example, let's take the absence of these upgrades. Normally, you'd measure off, and since you know who will have initiative next round, you know who will win the charge and what actions are open to them before their initative modifer. I've managed to do a lot with all of these, but it takes specific instances on the game-board to see. It really isn't all that different, it just simply happens in the Uthuk way by taking a wound rather than in the way that other factions work.
  14. Played this again Tuesday. We are basically down to myself and one local Waiqar buddy. The biggest challenge in my book was we were both out of practice and forgetting a lot of triggers. In the end, I took it 7-4, but we noted deployment decisions and unit target choices that might have hurt his chances. I provably also threw the Ventala away needlessly. i think for the next few weeks, I’ll stick with Latari but try a few other things that simply look interesting.
  15. Since you don't have HIE, you could try an alternative upgrade. For example, SW-7 just gives a straight-up damage dealer (you're adding .25 per die). That's not as good as getting HIE off, but you also paid less for it and don't have to exhaust it. Ion Cannon Batteries is an old-standby, and in a meta where people bank and depend upon tokens to augment their combat options, taking away a critical token can be very good. And if you aren't running a crit effect, it makes it easier to just drop the ordinance upgrade to make a cheap damage dealer. They seem to do well as a trailer/sweeper, allowing your bigger ships to lead and draw fire before using their maneuverability to swing in and finish something off.
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