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  1. That was literally a slogan used to sell Nike stuff. https://thecantina.starwarsnewsnet.com/index.php?threads/the-force-is-female-a-bs-story.55174/
  2. If you want something to game with, the best option by far, both practically and economically, is to get help ordering parts and build a small desktop PC, especially if you're okay with a machine that isn't top of the line. Even so-called 'gaming' laptops aren't great for extended use gaming. I bought a laptop to play Starcraft 2 purely so I could take it to a friend's house to play together, and even though it was more than enough to run the game, it still got worn out after just a couple years.
  3. Back on topic: I'm super excited to see that the Star Destroyers will finally be scaled properly! It's easy to see how utterly MASSIVE they are in the shot of the A-Wing flying the length of it. This game can't get here soon enough.
  4. Careful, or Gecko is gonna get on your case about getting off topic. EDIT: never mind, looks like he only cares about staying on topic when you disagree with him. What a hypocrite. I honestly felt that TLJ was the only one that wasn't a mediocre attempt at cashing in on our collective nostalgia. I won't say it was perfect, but it at least had something interesting to say, and had me really excited to see what would happen in 9. If the internet hadn't had 2 years to form its own headcanon before its release, it probably would have been received better.
  5. Hey, no worries! Misunderstandings happen, especially when text is the only way to communicate.
  6. Shadows of the Empire: Dash + Luke or Lando. It's only 6-10 points away from being viable!
  7. I'm the one who apologized, and you told me to shut up, then you accuse me of being toxic? Guess that ignore option is going both ways.
  8. Yes, and I'm sorry for contributing to the vitriol. Gecko's starting to become the new ParaGoombaSlayer with his condescension and toxicity, and I'm getting sick of it, but adding to the toxicity doesn't fix anything.
  9. I see what you mean now. Like Movies With Mikey said: Kylo was raised by three of the Rebellion's greatest heroes, and he was the one saying dynasties don't matter; meanwhile Rey had all the makings of a villain, being granted great power and all the unfortunate upbringing to justify abusing it. That said, Kylo felt the need to completely reject the past, while Yoda had the right of it: embrace the past, (all of its successes and failures and lessons,) learn from it, and grow beyond it. Anyway, back on topic: Squadron looks like a ton of fun, and I hope it's successful enough to merit a couple DLC packs with more ships, modes, levels, and scenarios. The dev team really seems to be making this a labor of love.
  10. Why would I thank you? For saving me the 5 minutes it would have taken to prove you know nothing about subtext?
  11. Yeah, it's almost like it was the flawed viewpoint of the villain who was wrong the whole movie...
  12. I misspoke. I meant taking the QPtP when starting as a Padawan, not looping back. I guess I'm just asking why some GMs might be against it. Is it really power-gaming to get one more Force die instead of increasing another characteristic? Honest question, since I've only GM'd, and not with Jedi PCs.
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