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  1. I'm sorry, but you must understand: you don't fly Kylo for his ability. You fly him because he's an i5 3-3-4-2 with two force tokens and a tech slot, and one of the best dials in the game. He's incredibly versatile, and can be built to carry ordinance, become an unblockable ace with SNR, or an incredibly durable brawler with Hate. Granted, I'm hopeful Rush will give me something different that merits flying (i6), but that's due to list fatigue, not a criticism of Kylo.
  2. Scorch is a monster with Fanatical/Advanced Optics. Kylo is great in his versatility no matter how you build him. Hate is good, as are Advanced Optics and Pattern Analyzer. Tavson is the best Upsilon pilot, and doesn't need any upgrades, aside from Biohexacrypt Codes if you can spare the point. Quickdraw and Omega Ace are shells of their former selves, but still pretty good. The new Interceptor has me giddy to try it, and we're getting new pilots soon as well.
  3. He fits in most lists pretty well. Whether you use him with Kylo and QD, a mini-swarm, or a list with Upsilons. Most fun right now: Kylo Ren — TIE/vn Silencer 76 Hate 3 Proton Torpedoes 13 Ship Total: 92 Half Points: 46 Threshold: 3 “Scorch” — TIE/FO Fighter 34 Fanatical 2 Advanced Optics 4 Ship Total: 40 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 2 Lieutenant Tavson — Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle 64 Tactical Scrambler Biohexacrypt Codes 2 1 Ship Total: 67 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 6 Kylo flanks and unleashes the fury, Tavson jousts while blocking for Scorch. Conversely, you can take the torps off Kylo and give him Optics, and Afterburners to Scorch.
  4. Optics and Hate are wonderful on Kylo, QD loves Fanatical, FCS, and SF Gunner. Tavson is awesome against aces, because he can reinforce fore, weather some damage, and return fire with a fully modded 4-5 dice gun.
  5. Still trying to decide on whether I prefer Advanced Optics or Pattern Analyzer on Kylo. Optics really helps his damage output, but Pattern Analyzer is great for duels. Getting to do red maneuvers through obstacles and still take an action is great too.
  6. Been running "Scorch" with Fanatical and Advanced Optics (and Afterburners). Good LORD, he puts in work.
  7. Now that I'm playing First Order again, I hate to admit how much I miss Lightweight Frame.
  8. The TIE Echelon is nothing like a defender, lol; they're shuttles akin to the Reaper. The Silencer was based on the Defender: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/TIE/vn_space_superiority_fighter
  9. Well, I always thought ps8-9 fit into the i6 slot. The ps8 Omega Leader is now i6 'Midnight', etc. Ps8-9 pilots like Luke, Boba, and especially Kylo getting sent into the massive i5 pool with the ps6-7 pilots was a pretty huge nerf in my book. Now there's way too much focus on point bids and praying I won't see Wedge, Vader or Scum Fenn on the other side of the table.
  10. This is essentially what Dion Morales of GSP said. You fly Kylo because he's an i5 Silencer with two Force charges; getting his ability to trigger (if it happens) is just a bonus. I like giving him Hate and Advanced Optics or Pattern Analyzer when I can, but even without anything, he's still pretty good. Not sure I'd call him the best in the game, though.
  11. I like the idea of it canceling one hit after the attacker's modify dice step.
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