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  1. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    I know that. I guess the use of 'multiple' implies two in each, huh. Either way, it's not going to trigger very much.
  2. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    When will an opponent ever play poorly enough to have ships in both bowtie arcs?
  3. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    I don't mean to imply I'm taking it personally; I just don't accept "It was too strong in 1.0, so it doesn't have to be good in 2.0," as an argument. It was good, but only in the gimmicky Roark combo. And as I said, as it is, there's no point flying it when X-wings are so much better (and when the ship feels so clunky with the rotating bowtie.) Also, RIP 1.0 Punishers. Glad they're good now.
  4. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    Must you be so crude, in addition to providing zero contribution to this discussion?
  5. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    I'm pretty much the opposite. The YT-2400 was what got me into X-wing Miniatures, and even when I played terribly and lost to stupid stuff like Manaroo or Palp Aces or Fair Ship Rebels, I still had fun. But hey, screw me, right? Can't wait for July!
  6. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    Clearly you never actually tried flying it yourself. I won't say it wasn't powerful, but If you didn't know what you were doing with it, swarms could block it fairly easily, and aces could stay in its donut hole with little difficulty. But that's all pretty moot considering the fact we're talking about SECOND EDITION prices here.
  7. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    All of the Rebel YT-1300 pilots have seen a reduction of 9-12 points. I don't think I'm blowing anything out of proportion. Against a different target, IF you still have focus. And as I said, I feel like the title is a must-have upgrade. It just has too much synergy with Dash's ability.
  8. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    Between that and people who couldn't handle Double-Tap Dash, I agree. And agree that it is a good ship, but like I said in my opening post, there's just not enough to warrant flying it when you can just take a couple of X-wings. I could see Dash easily getting dropped to 90-94 points, and the title to 7-10. Puts it in the range of 1.0 when it cost between 52-58 (and that was fully loaded with illicits, crew, and Lone Wolf.)
  9. StriderZessei

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    Posts like these are why these forums need a downvote button.
  10. StriderZessei

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    With the massive point decreases for the VCX-100 and the YT-1300, I figured FFG had come to the same conclusion as the rest of us: the Rebels' large base ships cost too much to merit using in the competitive format, and said points are better used on smaller, cheaper ships that can be fielded in multiples, giving more health and guns overall. But with the rise of the Han Gunner/Roark combo, Dash was beginning to see not only more usage, but even success in competitive play. It wasn't a list I myself used, but I could justify leaving Dash at his existing price if the list continued to see success, even if that would basically become his one de facto list. But now FFG has revised their previous ruling and the interaction no longer works, AND both Roark and the Moldy Crow turtle have seen a massive price increase. Dash, (and Leebo, now that he's lost his crew slot) have basically lost all viability as a weapons platform, and bring no real benefit over smaller ships for equal price. As an example, Dash with Trick Shot and the Outrider title (what I consider his bare minimum, must-have upgrades) costs 114 points. That's over half your list for a ship with ten health, and one 4-dice gun. For the same amount, you can run Wedge with Outmaneuver & R3 and Thane with Lone Wolf, equaling twelve health and 2 three-dice guns, with equal or better initiative. Is the balance team in charge of points different from the team who write errata? Was there a breakdown of communication in this case? Could I at least fly Dash/Corran again someday, and still hope to win?
  11. StriderZessei

    More proof this game is dying

    "You put a GIRL in MY Star Wars and she's NOT WEARING A METAL BIKINI!"
  12. StriderZessei

    They're up!!!

    *Sees point reductions for 1300s and VCXs" "Oh boy, I can't wait to see what Dash costs!" MFW
  13. StriderZessei

    FFG you should be prudent and thrift about the points adjustment

    I just hope everything gets massively undercosted, and we can enjoy six months of stupidly OP combinations for every faction. Lists with fat Han, fat Dash, Luke and a Moldy Crow vs. Darth Vader, Inferno Squadron AND a TIE Defender or two? Yes, please!
  14. StriderZessei

    Force charges and the '+'.

    Any regenerating charge must go on the card with the plus, right? For instance, Poe can't put his regenerated charge on BB-8?
  15. StriderZessei

    Rebel Faction Wish List!

    I want to see the new Leebo gunner/crew. I predict he'll have some crazy cool synergy with Dash.