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  1. FYI, these are the Armada and IA world championships moving location for 2019, so the game definitely isn't dead; plus we've just had a massive swathe of releases and the largest world championship ever. TheUK games expo had no runewars events/demos last year and it didn't herald the end of days, please stop making posts like this as it makes interested potential players think the game is actually dying.
  2. So a new addition to the game is going to require a change in tactics and list composition; not sure how that is a bad thing? You can't solve the game by only considering how units perform in vacuo, sure Lord V is strong but when you look at how Waiqar were performing before he released there is extra context for his power level. Also, you make the comparison to the phantom from X-Wing, which I don't see as particularly valid. Scuttling horror is a much closer comparison, mimicking the initiative zero repositional ability.
  3. Can you explain what you mean by the 50:50 mechanic?
  4. Episode 3 is live, check out our recent exploits and witness Tom's technomancy when it comes to dishwasher control! http://mistlandswatchtower.buzzsprout.com/208203/844347-episode-3
  5. Thanks for the listen ? I fully agree re the intro, I'm going to have a play around with it for the next episode and tweak the levels again.
  6. Hi folks, @Evil Doctor T and I did a thing! The inaugural episode of what we hope is a positive community building effort within the Runewars community both in the UK and worldwide. Let us know what you think, we'll take any suggestions for improvement and future content on board ?. Thanks for listening. http://mistlandswatchtower.buzzsprout.com/208203/798638-episode-1
  7. You hear that @Evil Doctor T, no Thresher spam for you! In all seriousness though, this is a really good point, like in X-Wing where you're limited to 12 copies of each small ship and 6 large. We comfortably played a 200 point game on a single 3x3 mat today, so not necessarily. I think you'd have to limit the deployments to prevent you from stacking units in depth.
  8. The U-Wing and T-65s, all about blue squadron over Scariff!
  9. Those are some awesome looking prizes, shame there are no Runewars events scheduled to happen at the European championships...
  10. Great first episode! I enjoyed listening to the discussion of the new units, I must confess to being ignorant of the inability of allied units to take upgrades from the faction to which they're allied, accursed skim reading of the FAQ! One point I'd like to raise, relating to your discussion about the growth of the game. It's been confirmed that there won't be an official European Championship for Runewars at the 2018 UK Games Expo, only the possibility of side events, or perhaps a regional. It was commented by an FFG employee that this is partly due to small turnouts at previous events. What's your take on this, and what picture does it paint for the continued support of Runewars by the OP department?
  11. Not broken, but quite powerful. 2x2 archers, Maegan & Fire Rune bring the hurt, but they really suffer to reanimate archer blight engines.
  12. I hadn't twigged to the Maegan/Fire Rune shenanigans, but I've had more than one person share their displeasure at the thought of facing it! Giving Aliana Malcorne's Bequest raises some interesting fluff questions, but mechanics-wise it's inspired!
  13. Following both X-Wing and Armada game design, units are considered to be at range 1 of themselves. Also, specifically the Ankaur Maro upgrade card specifies 'another' unit at range.
  14. Several people have been caught out against me by the Wildroot Patch only being fortified for the Latari.
  15. I've played a couple of times with hunter's guile and have found it to be a bit lackluster. The mortal wound face is nice against characters and heavies, but against most everything else I'd rather have the double blues and tempered steel. With a 4 tray unit giving you 2 rerolls, the likelihood of achieving 3 hits (tempered steel giving you the third) for 6 damage is quite high, and you're not restricted to being in range of overgrown terrain. One of the builds I've been playing around with is having a 2x2 utility unit with Verdant Sorceress, Rallying Starling and Simultaneous Orders, in between two 6-tray formations which really spit out the hurt each turn.
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