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  1. I've also recently picked up Core Space by Battlesystems, which looks great, but also as a great tool for implementing a more RPG-like campaign, so I'll be getting IA characters and minis into that at some point (part of my "in the background" project of a Star Wars "mega-campaign" which will also involve a bit of armada into it).
  2. Oh I'll still be playing campaign for years to come, still got a few to paint yet!
  3. Love the campaign and narrative with my group, and although it wasn't the game that got me back to painting (Armada did that first, before I switched to IA), but it definitely got me to push my skills and really enjoy painting again. Had many great "last roll" games and the introduction of the app is awesome (lets me take the night off from DM'ing).
  4. Ha! Right? Those articles read like static to me. I see "Imperial Assault" think "oooh!" then read "...organised play" and my brain switches off and I carry on my day, dejected 😂 I saw the "Big changes to Imperial Assault...." on a link on facebook over the weekend "OH WHAT!" *clicked it eagerly* "... organised play and tournaments" ...meh. Carried on what I was doing. I've played skirmish a few times, it was fun, but it's not what me and my group are about. We love narrative. Fingers crossed they keep this game going. We've still got content to play, but it's a shame to see this game get pushed back from the limelight in order to push their war system (VERY little interest in 1 vs 1 or competitive these days). I'm interested in the CW box, as I've wanted Clone minis for an age, but yeah, their overall silence on IA is incredibly frustrating.
  5. Yeah, but Lucas won't be writing it this time round ;)
  6. I hope so, regardless, I'll finally be caving and picking this up. Clone minis and clone armour Obi? I can't resist that. Plus it'll give me the minis to create some homebrew Clone War ideas I've had batting around (missions / clone attack horde mode etc).
  7. Ill be honest. the Galactic core set left me cold. I already have IA, so i had no interest (or since) in Legion. THIS has my attention. I've wanted clone minis forever, and Clone Armour Obi looks badass. I will be defo be picking this up if not for the minis alone, so finally checking out the system will be a bonus (p.s. I hated the prequels, but loved the designs and armour etc).
  8. I suppose the upside of maybe getting Ewoks, is that I can finally homebrew an Ewok horde mode for my group 😂
  9. Nice one man, you've brought them back well, I had the misfortune of "ghosting" a recent mini of Zoe from Firefly due to spraying my varnish as it was getting dark and cold (too eager to finish her, my mistake! haha), but managed to bring her back from being ruined with some Vallejo Matt brush on and few touch ups.
  10. I gave 1 group of STs standard armour, second standard group have 1 black right shoulder pad and then the Elites 1 red right shoulder pad.
  11. Tress Hacnua: As mentioned, thought I'd go with a Bruce Lee inspired scheme for Tress, rather than her canon blue. Really happy I took the gamble on the gold (I almost bailed and used a yellow/orange again, as metallics can be a pain). Quite a quick painting all in all. For the metal, I've ditched LeadBelcher for the much nicer and easy to use GunMetal from Ammo Mig, which is giving really nice results. Gold is Retributor Armour from Citadel, as it seems to at least behave pretty well when thinned with Lahmian. Final game of of Hoth tonight, and hopefully pick back up our Jabba Campaign! \m/
  12. Ha, its funny, as I actually have the opposite opinion on how the wing guards look (and is one of the main reasons I got turned off from picking this set up). I can't stand the design (they look too cheesy "70's sci-fi"), and the thought of having to paint six of them made it a solid nope (so I feel your pain there!) 😂 Only draw is that I would quite like to complete the hero set at some point.
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