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  1. Just try to catch the model in natural light, you'll see a massive difference, (In my old flat, I used to have to set-up for any photos in the kitchen, as it had the best light during the day). And make sure that camera is steady (I tend to rest mine on a paint pot (or anything the right height) to maintain focus etc). And set-up a paper coving for a nice neutral background (like the below, best image I can find to explain....)
  2. Jabba just before finishing. Very windy yesterday, so no spraying of primers or varnish, but here's a pic from yesterday in better light.
  3. Managed to find some time to get Jabba knocked out this evening, the drybrushing worked well and quickly. Just varnishing, gloss parts and base tomorrow (weather permitting!) Here's some in progress...
  4. Captain Terro: All done! The drybrushing on the skin worked out well in the end, I'll prob use a similar technique for Jabba and Rancor who are up next.
  5. Stormtrooper wise, my current technique (much evolved from my core set troopers, which took forever!) is: > Prime with a decent white (I use Wilko craft primer - Matt) > Paint black areas (using Vallejo German Grey) > Neaten any areas with white > Shade with 50/50 Nuln Oil/Lahmian medium (so the wash isn't too dark). (Optional: Detail shade any areas once dry, i.e. Helmet / leg / arm seams etc). > Highlight / drybrush white if needed Then gloss varnish if you want (I like to matte finish these days) Hope that helps, I kind feels like cheating going straight over white primer, but it does the job and looks great P.s. welcome to the hobby / painting rabbit hole you may find yourself falling down P.p.s Look into using a wet palette. I just made one from a tupperware lid/sponge cloth and some greaseproof paper. It works a treat, helps keeps you paint at the right consistency and really cuts down on paint usage). Also mag-glasses will come in very handy for detail (and keep your eyes from exploding), you can grab a decent pair for around £15 on amazon etc, WELL worth it).
  6. Mega keen to get the Spectres and the rest of Lothal painted up, but Jabba campaign is coming up next, so playing catch up. Just Rancor, Terro and Jabba to go (I finally gave in and picked up T and J for the campaign). Decided to layer drybrush straight onto light brown primer (despite the primer being called No.29 "Dark Brown"?) for the dewback skin. Want these last few done quick as poss, but think it worked quite well. Just working on the rest of the base colours on this guy now.
  7. Nope, he built that thing. Very impressive
  8. Spent a bit of time this eve brain-storming an initial Mission path for a home-brew campaign for my group. It'll encompass using IA plus some of my Armada stuff and some good ole fashioned D20 rolling. Character progression > Overarching story > Ship upgrading (which will also serve as home-base > Space battles > Horde levels > Random mission events (Light and darkside) > Varied mission objectives etc etc. All very pipeline stuff, but the guys are up for doing this at some point. So thought i'd chip away at piecing it together when i get spare time here and there.
  9. Deathtroopers: Here we go, better pic of these guys, can't wait to get them on the table
  10. Noooooooo! I will refuse to paint those floppy eared idiots! 😁
  11. Yep. Here's a couple of guides to help: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?267786-Paint-Strip-Miniatures-UK-Guide-(Dettol) realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/2014/01/how-to-use-dettol-to-best-clean-up.html
  12. Dettol Antiseptic liquid will work if you can get hold of it out there (just be sure to clean most of the gunk off with toothbrush/toothpick/stickytack before you get to a stage where you can clean with water, otherwise it'll mix with the stuff and get slimy).
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    Please for the love of the maker, no ewoks!
  14. Decided to get my deathtroopers ready for the table. Nothing amazing (as I hate(!) highlighting black haha) so a quick job, Black base coat, drybrush with Vallejo German grey > Dawnstone, a nuln wash, and then details and some quick edge highlighting. A better non-iphone/dyinglight/sideofdesk photo up soon!