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  1. 54NCH32

    Kill Vader first?

    I think the aim there is to avoid vader as much as possible and whittle away his support. Otherwise, you've spent 1/2/3 rounds trying to kill Vader, and now have the rest of the enemy list to deal with, all of which are probably healthy and gunning for you (or grabbing objectives). I.e. don't take the bait and waste your time and limited activation's trying to take down one (albeit threatening) figure, kill his support / try to kite him / grab objectives).
  2. To be fair, legion dropped of my radar pretty quick once i found out it was a 1 vs 1 competitive system. I played armada for about a year and loved it (even developed a campaign system for it) but our group likes to play narrative stuff, so it kinda of fell by the way once i bought into IA. It looks great, but it's not something i have any interest in
  3. Piggies done! Will get a proper pic sorted soon...
  4. You'll need an external image host (I use ImgBB, you don't get a ton of space, but enough for images here and there, plus its free. Avoid photobucket though, they made it so you can't link unless you pay). Or if you have an instagram, you can post the links (by going to the webpage and copying the link) on here as an image / link.
  5. Found some time to paint this weekend, So trying to get my Gamorrean Guards done as quick as poss. Shades all done finally! Prob pick up the highlights this week.
  6. p.s. that was not a sarcastic laugh, more a "I feel your pain" laugh
  7. 54NCH32

    Homebrew Characters Thread

    awesome work. been wanting to create a rebel version for a while (just finding the time to do it!) keep it up man. I'd offer my design services, but i'm absolutely stacked at present. my group and I would be down to help you play test if needed.
  8. Onar Koma: Been tackling this guy bit by bit, so it seems like it took forever! (and kind of did) A lot of work, those under arm bit were a b***h to get too, but highlighting stage was good fun on this one. The buckle at the back got a bit mangled when I dropped him a few days ago, just glad he didn't land on his face.
  9. He's done! Just did a bit here and there over the last couple of weeks (after starting in early june!), and finally went to town this weekend finishing him. Will post a nicer pic soon, for now here's a link to this afternoons work.
  10. Been a busy couple of months, but bit by bit, I finally got base colour down on Onar, shading and highlights in progress...
  11. Fair enough, didn't realise it would count
  12. Wouldn't a Boba update be a skirmish attachment (i.e. not a deployment card).
  13. 54NCH32

    LotA on Twitch

    No space background? Missed a trick there
  14. 54NCH32

    Broken Figures.

    Yep, I heard JR was notorious for this, I lucked out with my copy though (just a few bendy spears).