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  1. Always seen these and thought I'd love some, but the high cost for unknown quality and shipping, just makes them too high to consider. Maybe one day
  2. Cheers Fourty! I appreciate that. Really happy with these ones (the improved sculpts defo help), hope to get Lothal finished soon, but I've been a bit distracted with creating a few elements/stand-ins for my pre-order of Core Space (p.s. many thanks to @mulletcheese for making me aware of it (CS) in the "Other good gaming companies" thread, I'm now currently throwing my hobbying into overdrive in preparation of my pre-order arrival).
  3. Yep, picked up the cocktail stick trick somewhere (but defo sharpen it into a very fine point with a scalpel / craft knife), and it helped take me from not doing eyes at all, to always doing eyes I paint the eyes/face base first, then finish / highlight it as last thing. I like the building up from black technique, but my hands can shake at times, so I i find it hard to approach it that way. As an alternative, I tend to go with: - whites of eyes (I paint the face, but leave a white primer gap for each) - black/dark grey dot with sharpened cocktail stick placed in a position that works (As Albert says, dead middle can look weird if you're not exact on both). - fix any overspill with flesh/white paint. - I then (As very last part after model is in final stage - as the head can some times take a knock while painting!) apply a few pin wash/shades to the flesh around it to build up the area. With a bit of flesh wash or very small amount of nuln oil on a very fine point. - Give the eyes a very light 50/50 (nuln/lahmian) wash to take some of the white down a bit p.s. Bitterman, props for the diagrams man! Good effort 🤘
  4. I mean 2 layers is a pretty good aim to be honest, So it sounds like you might have got there over the course of the core set, (I know I did, started with thick looking stormtroopers, ended with lightsaber OSL glows), so its definitely just practice. Your stuff looks good, just keep painting and refining. I've come on light years since my core set, I started with totally the wrong sort of paints (Tamiya Acrylics via brush!), rarely highlighted and didn't paint eyes, now I freehand logos and spend hours highlighting, but that's just practice and pushing myself
  5. The "little bit thicker than milk" route is the way to go. Yes it means more coats (some pigments more than others). But its worth it. My patience also was tested early on when I got back into painting, but looking back, I find more coats and a smoother finish is more rewarding and a lot less frustrating than less coats and trying to make it go on smooth (with swear words and an insane amount of brush manipulation!). Are you using a wet palette? It can take some getting used to, but they are great not only for keeping your paints from drying, but to visually see if you paint if thin/thick enough. Its more a "you get a feel for it" kind of thing, but once I've thinned a paint, I press down on my mixing brush to spread a small amount of it onto the paper, and the speed of which it separates / rejoins together is a great visual clue to indicate whether itd the right consistency (too fast = too thin, too slow = too thick, you need to find the "just right" point - Hard to describe, a video would prob be best, I'll look at putting one up at some point.). Also, in regards to eyes, sharpened cocktails sticks are you best friend.
  6. Aww man, they get the cool Mando helmet version for Sabine (I kept mulling over the about idea of picking up a spare boba and cutting his head off, but it ain't worth the cost).
  7. Been playing since Early 2017 (Campaign foremost), and its still one of our groups favourites to get on the table. We've yet to play all of the expansion (couple left to go) and even if the expansions dry up, there are loads of missions we haven't even touched, and will likely weave together as some sort of alternate campaign. Plus there are loads of elements I intend to patch together as a massive RPG (although thats gonna take a while and when I find the time). App is also great fun, only 3 campaigns on there so far, but you can play solo and hopefully more to come. Personally I love this game, and you've got a wealth of stuff to choose and play through, if you've had the bug to get it, go for it If you're a bit uncertain, maybe pick up just the core set, with that you can at least try the first app campaign and see if you like it (some rules differ from the main game, but it will give you a feel for how it plays). But full player co-op with the main game (not app) and me as GM is still our preferred set-up.
  8. CT-1701: CT all finished. Simple figure, but some tricky to reach places at times! Really happy with the face on this one.
  9. Almost there, but i need sleep!
  10. CT-1701 is up next...
  11. 54NCH32

    Other good gaming companies?

    So I went all in on the January Core Space pre-order! Can't wait, defo some nice terrain elements to it that ill integrate into our IA games
  12. Garazeb Orrelios: All done. Real fun one to paint, made me push the skills a bit, and so many paint mixes and washes!
  13. Cheers, Yep, I left the freehand till last, (as I had to base and shade the different colours areas as I went due to some hard to reach areas that would have been a nightmare to shade in one go). My hand can shake occasionally, so much hand/desk bracing and breath-holding was needed for the markings, but luckily only needed a couple of minor touch ups. He took a good while, but a rewarding figure to finally have painted.
  14. Zeb finished Tricky in places, but a fun one to paint
  15. Nice. Yeah man, I restarted my 28mm mini painting adventure (after a 15 year hiatus) with the IA core set. So the quality from Stormtrooper (white, black, boring) all the way to Vader (Highlighting and OSL!) definitely improved. Although 2 years down the line with better skills, kit and technique, I REALLY want to repaint or get a new core set now. (The rest of paint queue disagrees with this mad idea though ).