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  1. Ha, fair enough. (now I'm imagining Leaning Tower of Pisa-esque figure / token stacks :D )To be honest, I've tried cards, they work OK, but found in the chaos of campaign it still gets messy. My group and I have kinda just fallen back to placing near/off board for groups.
  2. Wait, are you placing tokens under the bases? madness
  3. 54NCH32

    Twin Troopers 31: Emperor Palpatine

    Nice! I didn't even think of that (i've been putting together a Palp / BT-1 list)
  4. 54NCH32

    Is this game still being made?

    That's the thing, New guys are always gonna ask, and keep getting met with eye rolls (which isn't fun for someone new looking to get into the game). I think a pinned post (for newbies) is a great idea. (As by the sounds of it, it keeps getting buried, and no ones gonna stumble on it easily).
  5. Been bit of a gap on IA stuff at the moment while I finished off these two... (which got a like this morning from Nick Frost (Ed) himself, so I had a geek moment at that haha!) Just thought I'd share my extra-curricular (to IA) activities, as I modeled the bases from scratch. (which has left me keen to maybe start sculpting some additional IA scenery) - Also been busy reinforcing some of my older re-based IA stuff in preparation for a possible skirmish tourney in August (try snapping off your base now Han!) - I've started work on Onar, hopefully up in a week or so (after I get back from holiday, as I assume the missus won't let me take any mini's to paint with me! - Had a massive Heart of Empire campaign sesh on Monday (got my brother down to take our spare character slot), managed to smash out 4 missions, with Maul making an appearance - Saw Solo, thought it was good, if not a bit predictable and forced in places, but a decent addition to the star wars library
  6. I've got these two up on my thread. Chop (page 4) and Hera (page 6) if you need reference
  7. If it were me, I'd go for this option. Keeps the peace, but gives the rebels something too
  8. Here ya go. I went white bars for regular, red for elite (although I wish had used a brighter red).
  9. I'll try and and get something up, I did at one point think of extending the stripes onto the top of the bases by about 2/3mm (so its a bit easier to see when busy... but I haven't yet
  10. I use clear, wide brush marks (about 2mm wide each > so I - II - III) on the side of the bases (at rear). Works ok, until things start getting really crowded.
  11. Ha! Me too. We need to club together to send a mole into FFG and get us a hook-up! Crowdfunder anyone?
  12. Dude, you're not helping my nagging temptation to redo my core set heroes! Awesome work mate
  13. 54NCH32

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    Holy c**p, that's mad!
  14. Shyla Varad: All done Pretty happy with the final result, as mentioned previously was looking to push myself to do something new which resulting in the armour gilding. Much breath holding on painting the gem! (as I had already varnished). Onar up next (at some point!).
  15. 54NCH32

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    These guys appear to have one (UK based) https://www.darksphere.co.uk/c.php?c=1454