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  1. Sorry for lack of updates on this! On a bit of a hiatus due to an impromptu house move. Updates soon!
  2. Haven't had a chance to run it yet, but lockdown helped me finally get that thing painted! (Spray cans, pin washing, drybrushing and some weathering powders):
  3. Busy few weeks (back to work part-time + LOTS of video editing for me and my partners' side business), but finally got round to prepping the Saber. Again, I'll be tackling it with just rattles (Humbrol matt sprays, great flat finish, if only the cans were be a bit bigger!) pin washing and weathering powder. Pre-vis of what I'm aiming for scheme wise... Taped up and ready to start spraying...
  4. I did a step by step (mostly) of how I did mine (page 5) a few weeks ago. Just rattles, drybrushing and weathering...
  5. Try an image hosting site, the forums only give you a small upload allowance.
  6. Citadel plastic glues works great on the sprues, (you can reposition better than just super glue). Superglue for the models in baggies (aka clones)
  7. Lest we forget, some of us Legionaries, are also IA veterans 🤘😉🤘
  8. For speed and smooth end result, I spray mine with Humbrol desert tan (any "tan/sand" spray would work well), - add markings / weapons etc - wash with 50/50 Agrax earthshade / lahmian meduim (the medium is key to getting a lighter wash result), then a bit of quick screaming skull drybrush lightlight. Job done and just as fast/easy as any contrast route.
  9. Ha, yeah, I did think this, but I was so bored of paintin' yellow heads.
  10. 54NCH32


    The FFG file size limit is very small, so you need to upload to an image site then paste the embed link here. I use imgbb at the moment, and photoshop to keep my file size down.
  11. It's done! Mostly! Pilot, hatch and base to do, but AAT is fin... [Model was kept in sections to aid spraying the zenithal highlight for the main base of the tank] - I don't have an airbrush, so my one (and only) plan was to achieve as much of the shading as possible, using spray paints as the main base coat. - Pieces were attached via pin vice drill heads stuck into pieces balsa wood etc, the main body I managed to just wedge a piece of shaved balsa into as a handle). For the tank bottom, I drilled 2 large drill bits into the section at the back which would be covered by the main body (and not visible when put together). - - - - - - - - - - - Main base [primer]: Humbrol Dark Brown Matt - - - Brown back section of bottom base was then covered with tamiya curve tape and pieces of masking tape (de-stuck a few times on table to prevent paint pulling) - - - Zenthial Highlight: Humbrol Desert Tan (sprayed in separate pieces - see above) Light Drybrush [Highlight]: Screaming Skull Brown Highlight: Light drybrush of Steel legion drab mixed with Humbrol Desert Tan. Pin Wash: Agrax Earthshade with long haired (15mm) brush. Shade/Blend: Tamiya Weathering powder, applied with old size 0 paintbrush and foam make-up applicators. Metal Areas: Ammo MIG Gunmeta, shaded with nuln oil. Drybrushed with Ammo MIG Steel. Metal Chipping: Ammo MIG Steel, applied with torn dish sponge, light drybrushing, and light scrapes with brush.
  12. Finally making headway on the AAT. Still a lot to do, but getting there...
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