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  1. MHD made top 16 at worlds this year thanks to @kennydkbrown!
  2. 2 world's ago, whatever. No one likes a know-it-all wookie :-p
  3. wannabepudge

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    You go there, i'll go somewhere else haha.
  4. wannabepudge

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Don't you have to pay a subscription to use TTS?
  5. wannabepudge

    Everyone but this guy so far?!?!?!.....

    Completely agree. With several unexciting AAs (Looking at you Heroic Effort), I can't believe Greedo hasn't seen his day. Forever and always GIA!
  6. Don't forget that DT won worlds 2 years ago with a Shyla/Onar list. I have a hard time believing that list would not have done decent still.
  7. wannabepudge

    Format: No-16

    So Temp Alliance is banned. I'd argue against that, as it could make for some still fun "hirings."
  8. wannabepudge

    New Player's Competitive Buying Guide

    Hard to build a Merc list without Greedo and/or Hired Guns in my experience.......GIA
  9. wannabepudge

    Swamp Troopers

    Saw a guy at worlds with some crazy riots and/or Jets. The looked like they were wearing the on fire outfits from Hunger Games. Aka, do what you do, and I'm sure they will catch someones eye!
  10. wannabepudge

    Favorite/Least Model to Paint

    My favorite is probably my Rangers. Had a lot of fun putting them in camo. Otherwise, I think my gangster doshans might be my favorite turn out. How can doshans with golden guns across the table from you,not make you want to wet yourself.
  11. wannabepudge

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    Your group sounds a lot like my group when we started out. We kept a list of what we all owned to be sure we owned a copy of everything haha. As was mentioned, players are generally welcome to let you borrow extras as need. Also, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so get on Vassal! Its easy, and a great way to get in games when you can't play in person. The vassal community is also amazing and allows regular interaction with some of the greats like DT (3 time world champ, Brett Kelly (top 4 worlds regular), just to mention a couple. I've learned a lot from Brett Kelly's Twitch streams and Zion's Finest's podcasts. There are several other great podcasts running around these days too. Check out the Pinned threads for links to all of them!
  12. wannabepudge

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    I think @Fightwookies comment rings true for both Gammorean Guards and Dewbacks. I think Uscru scared people off brawlers with having little pre-time on the mape. With both Nal Hutta and Uscru in rotation it makes it really hard to roll with melees reliably.
  13. wannabepudge


  14. wannabepudge

    Nerf Daniel Taylor

    Zion's Finest podcast gives away a sweet Hera token for just that use when you sign up for being a patron haha. Congrats on another year at the top!
  15. wannabepudge

    Getting Started with Skirmish

    https://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/latestlists/1 Here is a skirmish list builder, specifically linked to list people have recently built/saved. Should give you some good insight into the cards that are used the most often. Also, there is a lot of good reading for skirmish in the pinned thread of this skirmish sub-forum! Side note, play in your local tournaments. They are great fun and you get cool swag. Hopefully one day we'll see you at worlds!