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  1. All conditions are good, especially Focus & Stun. I also have liked having acrylic damage tokens. Terminals and doors are also nice additions. Rubble tokens are nice if Drokkatta gets a lot of use. Otherwise, I bought extra activation tokens to use for exhausting my deployments rather than turning the whole cards.
  2. It appears the link changed somehow. I updated it. First in the "Online list builders and other helpers:" category. Also added the new map builder mentioned on Reddit.
  3. My favorite maps have been ISB Headquarters and Jabba's Palace. Jabba's Palace certainly has some crazy lines of sight, but also has a ton of really fun terrain to deal with. ISB headquarters is very straight forward, but a blast to play.
  4. Perhaps Redditor IA_MAP_CREATOR is on here as well, but they created this map builder. I'm not sure how easy it is to add tiles, like what @Fourtytwo created, but seems pretty easy to create maps!
  5. We used to use PixartPringing, but they sold their US based business to Printi. However, i sent their support a message the other day, and they said they ship to the US now. I haven't looked into what those shipping costs would be, but might be looking into again.
  6. https://github.com/nickv2002/Imperial-Assault-Skirmish-Map-Project#printing
  7. @Fourtytwo, do you have your new tiles stored on a cloud drive that others could access? You might have mentioned that somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Those tiles are awesome!
  8. @penguizaur This is awesome! So you didn't make any command card changes from worlds to UK Grand Championship? Pretty sure I'm going to jump on the Loth-cat bandwagon since your list is so close to what I ran against you at worlds, but your's seems way more fun haha! You will always be my IA Hero with your aptitude to beat SC with such a great list!
  9. You bet! Thanks for reaching out! Do you want me to just put the full YouTube channel on there, or is there something more IA specific? Never mind, just found the IA playlist!
  10. Right, right, I responded before fully thinking though the steps. I agree!
  11. Sure but "if" it was in my hand, it would then be in my discard pile right?
  12. To ruin your day further, the eJawa can only bring in droids when your faction is Merc. So Temping eJawa into Imps nixes that ability. That would be a fun list though!
  13. But wouldn't the Data Theft'ed Rebel Graffiti card be discarded to your discard pile after playing it "as if it was in your hand?"
  14. @MarekMandalore great to hear you are jumping in! As was mentioned, list building gets much easier once you've done it a few times. If you check out the pinned article in this section, there might be some good infor in there for deck building and other things. If you are only playing casual games (not in a tourney), you should look into making some printed proxies of the cards you deem necessary. I know there are some threads around this forum talking about the storage of Command Cards and might have an already created document for printing purposes. I think most of the command card images can be found here: http://imperial-assault.wikia.com/wiki/Command_Card
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