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  1. I'll be coming in from KC for it. See you there!
  2. wannabepudge

    Vassal up and running. Lets battle!

    @thereisnotry, you rock!
  3. wannabepudge

    Organized Play Results

    I'll bring this thread up again too, as maybe you may have more luck getting sparking interest. I think it could be really cool.
  4. I hadn't seen it done for IA yet, so I figured, why not. So here's my attempt at Chewie carrying dismembered 3P0.
  5. wannabepudge

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Also, as I understand, the experimental weapons couldn't be used during Call the Vanguard or other End of Round or Beginning of Round attacks as they are not "activations," but interrupts.
  6. wannabepudge

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    I'll be quite happy when you go pickup a weapon and leave yourself out in the open. I'll follow that up with wiping that figure off the board.
  7. wannabepudge

    Why can't FFG give the Empire what it needs

    Aren't troopers/Vader the Empires identity? I'd be fine if you add droids to that, but Storm troopers are what make the Empire the Empire. Over run you with numbers lead by 1 strong-ish "Leader." Seems to me they've done a fine job of that.
  8. MHD made top 16 at worlds this year thanks to @kennydkbrown!
  9. 2 world's ago, whatever. No one likes a know-it-all wookie :-p
  10. wannabepudge

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    You go there, i'll go somewhere else haha.
  11. wannabepudge

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Don't you have to pay a subscription to use TTS?
  12. wannabepudge

    Everyone but this guy so far?!?!?!.....

    Completely agree. With several unexciting AAs (Looking at you Heroic Effort), I can't believe Greedo hasn't seen his day. Forever and always GIA!
  13. Don't forget that DT won worlds 2 years ago with a Shyla/Onar list. I have a hard time believing that list would not have done decent still.
  14. wannabepudge

    Format: No-16

    So Temp Alliance is banned. I'd argue against that, as it could make for some still fun "hirings."
  15. wannabepudge

    New Player's Competitive Buying Guide

    Hard to build a Merc list without Greedo and/or Hired Guns in my experience.......GIA