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  1. I love the idea of the M3-A. I own three, but they are somewhat useless outside swarm cannon fodder. One Gold Y-wing with TLT = 25 points. One Cartel Spacer with Heavy Scyk+Shield Upgrade+Cluster Missle = 24. Try to run a small 50 point game with two M-3As against two Y-wings. There is just no contest. I would really love a fix for this cool ship.
  2. I only play casually thus far. For fun, I like trying to build lists that, maybe, can beat some of the top meta build lists like Y-Wing TLTs. So far as yet it is really hard to go up against multiple TLTs without any at all. You have to fly really well. Where as the TLTs do not have to fly well. As it stands I am an average flyer at best. Making up challenges like that is fun for me, and it makes my kids feel good when they decimate me with turrets.
  3. The magnets I use work really well. Removing the post when playing through causes very little hassle. They are quite easy to take off and put back. I hear you about the magnets on ships. However, matching the proper magnets and balls with ships helps, and I really like being able to pose ships. It adds one more dimension to the game. The reality is that you could play this game without the models at all. Just use bases and tokens, but the whole draw to this game, for me, was the models. Thus I wanted 3D obstacles as well. I should note that my magnetic post set ups on some of the larger ships and small ships fixes the problem with weak posts coming coming apart when picked up. My magnet set up for the ships is a little different then what I have seen posted. I do not use an external ring. I drill holes into the ships and mount the magnets inside. For most of the small ships a 1/8" W x 3/16" H cylinder with a 1/16" hole in the middle works great. Larger ships require bigger magnets. My Decimator is rock solid on its stand. I forget the magnet I used right off hand, but it was pretty big. Since the entire magnet is inside the ship it does not take away from the aesthetics.
  4. HUGE FAN of you ship-debris fields!! I love those and especially how they resemble the debris-picture! If I have to be honest and give you a little critique..your asteroids on the pictures presented, appear a little weaker in execution, and do not to the same extent mirror the debris-picture they are suppose to represent, but are still nice. I agree with you on the asteroid critique. Although, some look better live than in the pictures. I didn't try as hard to give the asteroids the same exact look. Live they do fit the tokens relatively well, but they don't have that broken apart feel that pics have. Something to shoot for. Thanks.
  5. My son likes the lava rock look better, but I found I liked working with the foam. It was very mutable. I like the black bases.
  6. Thanks for the nice words everyone. I like the casting idea for sure. It was kind of hard to kill those ships, but it was expedient. I might try doing a cast next time, and see how it turns out.
  7. Ships are 3D so why not asteroids and debris. This is my take on these obstacles. I attempted to make the debris look kind of like the debris on the tokens. I took some artistic license because I limited myself to destroying four ships for six tokens. I decided to place the pic of the token on the bases so that in game play you could see where the path of the token was just like a regular token. All asteroids and debris models are magnetized so the can be removed if a ship needs to play through the path. Below is a the list of items used. I do not take credit for the originality of these ideas. Others have done similar projects. Asteroids: Great Stuff Insulating Foam Airbrushed with acrylics Debris: Ships: X-Wing, B-Wing, Tie Bomber, Tie Fighter Piano wire Black Acrylic Paint Lighter Bases and stands: 1/8 inch black acrylic (cut with a scroll saw and sanded with a dremel to match game tokens) 1/8 inch clear acrylic rod 1/8 x 1/8 cylinder magnet in base 1/8 x 1/16 cylinder magnet glued to acrylic rod
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