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  1. Hey Noelyuk, Sorry!!!!! ;-) Yeah, listened to the first episode at work and gonne download the rest. It's good work!
  2. Thanks everyone, I do appreciate your input. Gonna have a search around to see what I can find, there isn't much choice here in the UK. Of course, the jewel in the court would be the Enemy Within but can't find it. I have found EoN and TWS on amazon.
  3. Thanks again guys!! What do you all think about The Gathering Storm?
  4. Thanks guys, I do appreicate your quick replies!
  5. Hello all, I've got the core set and I'm looking to run the system for 2 of my friends and I would like to get a adventure for them to play. Which would you suggest? I think I'll only have 2 players if that effects it in anyway? The Witches Song or The Edge of Night? Thanks, Craig.
  6. Hey, I'd love to take part if there is space? I've got the core and would love to learn how to play the game? I'm UK if that is any good. Thanks, Craig.
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