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  1. I understand that games can't last forever. As a big fan who has invested a lot of time and money in Imperial Assault, I feel burned and disillusioned by the manner in which our community is being shut down. What motivation can FFG provide for someone like me to invest in future products when my experience has been the end of a vibrant gaming scene without warning, explanation, or communication?
  2. I think you are right that a "blank" result is a positive result vs null result
  3. I see 3 different options: (1) According to Lucky “roll” refers only to dice results that exist at the time of applying defender modifiers (step 4) so tough luck or heightened reflexes remove the blank result making it as if it's never been rolled and Lucky is not triggered. I think this is how most people have interpreted it (doesn't make it right). (2) According to Lucky “roll” refers to a result that exists only after rerolls but that remains relevant all the way to the defender stage of step 4 and Lucky is triggered. (3) According to Lucky “roll” refers to a result that has occurred at any point during the attack by virtue of a defense dice. In this instance if R2 rolls a blank against a figure with Raider even if R2 proceeds to roll an evade the fact that he rolled a blank "while attacking" Lucky still triggers (even if heightened reflexes or tough luck is played to remove the evade). In my opinion (2) is the most convoluted of the three. It is akin to saying I rolled these dice, but they technically aren't rolled because they were rerolled... but you can't stop Lucky with heightened reflexes because I actually did roll that result. I think (1) is the most intuitive. People tend to understand what you "rolled" is what endures to step 7 (3) is probably the most logically consistent based on the wording of the card. If we are going to argue that (2) is right we'd have to argue that there is something different about rerolls that make it so the prior result actually never happened and I'm not sure we can make that assumption unless there is some wording in the rules reference or prior ruling making that clear. Furthermore, in (3) if R2 rolls a blank and then rerolls into an evade that evade result is applied to defense results (unless canceled) and the player dodges as well. All translates into I'm not attacking R2 anymore because I have no idea how it works.
  4. When I started playing the game it wasn’t crazy to cut it close when it came to getting to round 3. I can’t say I really know at worlds last year, for example, how many of my games went 4 rounds... usually by that time in the game I’ve stopped paying attention. One solid year into competitive skirmish and I can kinda “feel” when an activation is taking too long and I don’t have too much anxiety about a friendly nudge to my opponent (I have rarely felt like it was needed). I would also expect and appreciate a friendly comment from an opponent who feels I am taking too long (which hasn’t often occurred in a competitive game). In general, I expect the vast majority of games to be finished or a foregone conclusion by round 3. I think you are in for some frustration if you are counting for 4 rounds out of every game. Like I said though my focus is more on an appropriate feel to the situations at hand and less on the number of rounds played. We can all tell if someone is just a slow player by nature and hopefully adjust strategy accordingly. With the diversity of the meta right now there may be more of an issue coming up with this though. The stout empire trooper lists seem to really benefit from more rounds being played. Tension also exists when you know your list really well but you need some time to try and predict your opponents’ movements especially if you haven’t seen their list before. Should we expect that everyone is competent with the strategy of every list immediately upon viewing it? Keep in mind that players who spend more time studying the game and practicing can have the tendency to expect their opponent to play faster than they are comfortable with. Without a chess clock it gets complicated.
  5. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. Sorry that happened to you. I guess it’s a bit of the negative side of the gamesmanship that comes along with organized “competitive play.” I can’t say I’ve never used a bye, but in general I don’t like them. I think everyone should have to play the same amount of games. Seems like the spirit of the option to concede is to have something established in case a player absolutely has to leave mid-game or if it’s completely out of reach and someone has just has enough.
  6. I find your font size frightening so I will be brief. “Why not both?”: it’s not for lack of trying. I am looking at a list with both but it may lack a thing or two. Vinto, Greedo, IG, eQuay, eJawa, Temp Alliance, Gideon, 3PO, Devious, Black Market (1 pt left).
  7. Conventional wisdom seems to be that Drokatta is a female and I would like to reopen that for discussion. Nice showing, and agreed on vinto. I think he is difficult to fit into lists right now. He is a great finesse figure. Im usually choosing between him and Greedo + devious or black market. And as you famously failed to say in this interview, GIA.
  8. I’m betting you’re going to see a big swing in the merc direction. It shouldn’t be such a big deal to see so many Han players—people were excited to use something fun and competitive with HotE fixes. Rebels provide the opportunity for a lot of thematic unique figures and strategy with (in my opinion) a wider range of inconsistency. In short, rebels are what the majority of people like to play, but once it hits the fan we will all come crawling back to the dark side. Your loyalty to a life of shadiness seems, however, unquestionable.
  9. No kidding! There’s enough content for years although many of the scenarios are not the best for competition. HOWEVER, lots of opportunity to come up with balanced scenarios for different maps!
  10. For sure @cleardave. Clearly this is all reactionary and just an idea. It’s also partially something that I will want to consider in the future regardless of what happens in the immediate since someday I will want to attempt to keep it going after FFG stops supporting competitive play.
  11. Thanks, and I agree with all your suggestions about timing, number of players, and not competing with Worlds proper. It’s very possible that generating motivation for something like this would take at least a couple years of FFGOP making this process unbearable. I have to admit, to me this isn’t in any way about sending a message. It’s just about making something appealing to the community if FFGOP isn’t providing what competitive players want in the way of an IA championship. I can take or leave the fanfare, twitch interviews, and swag hype. Those dice though...
  12. I am serious about the prospect of catering something to the community if we could get at least the majority of the US players on board at first. Although I did not have something this May in mind. I’m more than willing to exercise some reasonable patience regarding this FFGOP controversy and let it all play out. I’m of the opinion that it will work out and this won’t be necessary. Aside from that, if this shadow worlds idea materializes into anything it should just be out of necessity. The idea has its positives and negatives. However, if there is enough interest from competitive and active players I’d be happy to put some work in and start taking some concrete steps with input from the community. And I’d be happy to make this as much a group effort as it can be.
  13. That’s what i don’t get: was it so bad a process they had to change it? Maybe it was for some games, but not IA. Why are we also not doing something as simple as ranking our choices? FFG Game Center is cool and all and I like seeing the other games/the larger community but when it comes down to it people are there to compete—all the other stuff is extraneous. As it exists, you have people signing up for multiple games to get more tickets for the prize wall and just because they can. Even if you all get in this is a frustrating process for the players and should be for everyone involved, not just those who are in limbo now. It makes me want to have a player organized championship sooner rather than later. Kansas is centrally located. We have beer.
  14. Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.
  15. I'm a member of the SW:LCG group on facebook and it looks like even they are getting denial emails... they must have cut the available tickets significantly for that.
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