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  1. My friend and I have both just started and we're learning together. Right now though it seems like the corporation is really hard to win with and it's kind of demoralising us. So what happens in your games, I hear you ask: Well, it seems like all the runner has to do is play cautiously. If he sees a card being advanced he jumps on it. If it's a trap, the consequences seem to be fairly minimal, whereas the corporation has everything to lose when he starts trying to advance agendas. Ice seems way too easy to break, especially by the mid to late game when the runner has equipped all his chips and so on to give him free credits during runs. And he always seems to have more money anyway as long as he keeps farming cards like magnus opus etc. Rushing early game for the corporation doesn't seem possible either. You only start with 5 credits and depending on the luck of the cards you might be poor for a long while. With only 5 creds, the chances of rezzing ice and advancing an agenda before the runner has stolen it seems unlikely. Long story short, it seems like making headway toward victory early on is not very feasible and the longer the game goes on, the more all powerful the runner becomes. I plan to buy more in the future but only if my friend and I can actually manage to have fun with the core game first, so saying get more stuff wouldn't be very helpful. Thanks for all comments and feedback. Call me a noob if you like, as long as you say something helpful too. Thanks.
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