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  1. Meta-games Unlimited is building the legion player base and looking to host consistent events. For right now, the store is hosting casual legion play on Mondays between 4 pm -8 pm. They will host tournaments on Saturdays on a monthly basis (possibly) There are already communities established for X-wing and Armada, so there are lot of friendly people to meet up with and game.
  2. Obsidian Squadron, based in Springfield, MO. It's a group for pretty much all of the star wars miniature games. The Armada and X-wing are the most active and we're currently getting the legion people established. A link to the facebook group is below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/obsidianorder417/
  3. A player in our campaign asked if they could change a ship from 1 variant to the other variant and pay the point difference in the base cost of the variants. I say no because there isn't a mechanic present which would allow such an extensive refit of a ship. The closest thing I can find is on pg. 8 of the current FAQ where it states that players can remove a ship/squadron from play but they still count as destroyed. They won't recoup any of that ships costs either. So this player will need to remove the variant from his list in during the refit and expanding fleets phase then he can use resource points to buy a new ship but the variant he wants? Am I correct in my understanding?
  4. I agree with Drasnighta and here's my evidence behind it. -CC guide pg. 3 | Attacking Stations | - covers specifics instances when a station would be treated as a ship. "Stations are treated as ships when resolving effects." "Hull Zone: A station is treated as a ship with one hull zone when it is attacking or defending" Although in these two instances a station is treated as a ship, it is no longer treated as such once the instance is resolved or at any time outside of these instances. When you enter into the post-battle phase and look at who gains veteran status. The qualification is that the destroyed target was a ship. The station is not classified as a ship, so destroying it will not grant veteran status.
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