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  1. I am a real fan of X-Wing and now hooeked on the game. i have decide to pluck up the courage to enter my firt store tournent 100 pts based. I would appreciate some advise on a Tie Phantom theme list to enter for this tournment. I enjoy playing the Tie phantom and hope you experts out there could gvive me some tips and a list to practice with. Many thks
  2. Hi, very new to X-wing and enjoy the game greatly. I love using the Tie phantom beating up those rebel scrum and bandit holds - long live the Empire. I have plucked up the courage to enter a local tourney in 2 months time - 100pts, this will be my first event. I wonder if you guys can help me putting together a list based around the tie Phantom for the tourney. Hopeful this should prvide me with some time to ptactice with. many thks long live the empire
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