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  1. Sadly no, but I found another trade for the Flamethrower. Thanks for helping!
  2. I couldn't DM you, but I'm interested in your Flamethrower for my Force Training. DM me if interested in talking more. Thanks!
  3. Hi everybody! I have some Imperial Assault store play prizes if people play that game too. This includes many of the promo cards and the Boba after and Heavy Blaster Pistol (Han's Blaster) dice bags. The bags are still in their original packaging. Have: Comlink, Datapad, Gaffi Stick, General Veers, Rey's Staff, Infantry Grenades, Jedi Robes, Tusken Raider, First Order Stormtrooper, Immobilize Want: Jetpack, Flamethrower, Cunning, On the Hunt
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I cut the reg Weequay & Jester to try Onar. I'm still in that interesting phase of a new release where I'm attempting to use the new figures while still build solid teams. Playing around with Onar was to try out another hero. At this point, Shyla is the only one I haven't used yet. My builds typically don't double up on elites and stuff that I only have 1 card of, though I did eBay some extra Nexu and elite Tuskens. It seems getting extra minis/cards for the non-core figures is a bit more difficult/expensive. I'm super biased against Boba, as I'm a huge fan, and I really enjoy playing him. It appears we're still struggling with the older characters still being overcosted, though I continue to try and play around that.
  5. Loved the article, but disagreed about Jabba. He's taking the game in a new direction, and it's nice to see that his card can both gain and allow you spend VP. The joys of gameplay all come from being able to explore different strategies and do different things. Jabba is no different, and is a solid piece that Scum needed, as they were constantly borrowing Gideon and 3PO for support/focus.
  6. Jabba has been amazing. Being able to draw cards/focus/allow extra attacks has been solid in my playtesting. Luke is a beast. I compare him to Vader: either you deal with him immediately, or you play around him. I also really like Black Market, as it's an easy way to get extra cards/points. I just add wounds to Jabba since he never seems to get attacked. Indentured Jester creates a nice companion token that can deal 2 damage per turn if set up correctly. Vinto has really held his ground and has been able to dish out a lot of good wounds/status conditions. Here's what I've been running, though I feel I need something better than the regular Weequay Pirates: 13 Boba Fett, Infamous Bounty Hunter 1 Prey on the Weak (attached to Boba) 7 eWeequay Pirate 5 Weequay Pirate 5 Vinto Hreeda 6 Jabba the Hutt, Vile Gangster 1 Indentured Jester (attached to Jabba) 1 Devious Scheme 1 Black Market
  7. I had a blast watching this movie, and am looking forward to going and seeing it again. The lack of an opening crawl is fine with me - this isn't an official "episode", so it should not have one. Clone Wars and Rebels have each done their own thing - this movie falls in to that camp. Tarkin and Leia were fine for me. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing this kind of stuff with young Hank Pym and young Tony Stark. After seeing Tarkin in Clone Wars and Rebels, it was really cool to see him again. By the time one gets to A New Hope (going in chronological order), he becomes so much more menacing. The whole story made sense to me, especially with the Rebels all sacrificing themselves. I predicted this would happen, as there's no real reason why these awesome Rebels would make it out and then never be used again. As for the Ghost, there's always the possibility the ship was literally just Hera and Chopper. I loved the casting choices and seeing the diversity in the galaxy. More new aliens and looks! While I originally found this odd in TFA, I've embraced it and am really intrigued to see the galaxy kep expanding. The thing I found the most odd was the naming of planets, but I soon got over it. If the unique, non-episode stories continue to go with this as part of their "voice", I'm all for it. My wife loved it, since Rebels seems to introduce a ton of new locations (ones that I've never heard of), so it's also good to get a visual on the name of the system.
  8. Hi everybody, WANT Spring 2015 Tournament Kit items: AA Luke, Stormtroopers, Damage tokens, Stormtrooper dice bag 2016 Store Championship Items: challenge coin, neutral mission tokens, AA Bantha Rider Acrylic terminal tokens AA AT-ST AA Vader HAVE Summer 2015 & Winter 2015 Tournament Kit items (PM for inquiries) Thanks!
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