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  1. Odanan... What's TIAMAT? And yes 4 first edition Nus with Mangler, linked battery and long range scanners was great. That was my go to tournament list for a long time.
  2. I've tried 5 Nu with Ion Cannon. It's fun and I think it could be good (with enough practice).
  3. Thanks for the replies. I might just fly something else to avoid any headaches
  4. Hi, I'm not sure how Maarek Stele's ability interacts with the 'I'll show you the dark side' condition. I have Kylo in the Upsilon and Maarek in the TIE Advanced. Maarek is set up like this to help get crits... Maarek Stele (TIE Adv) TIE/x1 A Score to Settle Advanced Targeting Computer The second part of 'I'll show you the dark side' says this... 'When you suffer critical damage during an attack, you are instead dealt the chosen faceup Damage card.' Maarek Stele's ability says this... When your attack deals a faceup Damage card to the defender, instead draw 3 Damage cards, choose 1 to deal, and discard the others. So is this how things happen? 1) Maarek's attack lands a crit result on a defending ship (which has the 'I'll show you the dark side' condition card assigned to it) 2) The crit result isn't evaded so the defending ship suffers critical damage. 3) The 'I'll show you the dark side' condition activates so the defending ship gets dealt the chosen faceup Damage card (bypassing any shields the defending ship may have) Except... 4) Instead of dealing that card I want to use Maarek's ability. I draw 3 Damage cards and choose 1 to deal, and discard the others. 5) The now 'un-dealt' Damage card on the 'I'll show you the dark side' condition card remains on the card. Is this right? Thanks
  5. So are you saying that this is legal?... Shot 1 from Bossk does not hit, this triggers the IG88B ability for... Shot 2 from a secondary weapon which hits, Gunner has also been triggered by Shot 1 not hitting resulting in... Shot 3 from a primary weapon. I'm asking because Gunner says this... 'After you perform an attack that does not hit, you may immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round' and the IG88B ability says this... 'Once per round, after you perform an attack that does not hit, you may perform an attack with an equipped secondary weapon.' How immediate is 'immediately'? To me the gunner shot would have to take place immediately after Shot 1 not hitting, so this would be before the IG88B ability shot. If this is the case and Shot 2 was the gunner shot and it hit the IG88B ability wouldn't trigger. EDIT... in fact you could never do the IG88B ability shot as the gunner shot has to be the last attack this round. Please prove me wrong as I'd like to give a similar build with Moralo instead of Bossk a run out.
  6. So the Quadjumper model looks great but I'm really looking forward to getting it for the 'A Score to Settle' EPT. I think this squad could work really well... TIE Defender Maarek Stele A Score to Settle TIE/x7 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II TIE Defender Glaive Squadron Pilot Adaptability TIE/x7 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II Omicron Group Pilot Sensor Jammer Emperor Palpatine The "A Debt To Pay" condition card bothers me slightly though. Who should you give this to? My first thought is to give it to ships with low attack values... and maybe ships with low shield values. Has anyone else put any thought into who to give the card to?
  7. I've flown IG88B and Moralo a few times now and I've honed my list to this... IG88B with Fearlessness (1) Fire-Control System (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Tractor beam (1) Glitterstim (2) IG-2000 (0) Autothrusters (2) Moralo Eval “Mangler” Cannon (4) IG-88D (1) Boba Fett (1) Dengar (3) Burnout Slam (1) Engine Upgrade (4) I've had moderate success. In the hands of a better player it could be really good. There are plenty of options for Scum crew (Zuckuss might be good... he seems to be the flavour of the month). A more conventional IG build might be preferred by some (swap out Fearlessness, FCS, and HLC and bring in PTL, Advanced Sensors, and Mangler Cannon)
  8. My first thought was this... Colonel Vessery (Swarm Leader and TIE/x7) and 2 x Glaive Squadron Pilot (TIE/x7) (all at PS6) but I think I prefer this... Maarek Stele (Swarm Leader and TIE/x7) and 2 x Glaive Squadron Pilot (Adaptability Up and TIE/x7) (all at PS7)
  9. Dereksson

    4-LOM builds

    I've tried this... 4-LOM, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam, Experimental Interface, Sensor Jammer, Wired and Gonk (for 38 points). ...and I like it. I've flown it 3 times with Dengar (punishing one and other upgrades) but have had trouble flying the Jumpmaster effectively. I've tried it once with N'dru Suhlak (with Lone Wolf and other upgrades) and 2 Binayre Pirates (with Guidance Chips and Adv Homing Missiles) but the Z95s got burned quickly (against Soontir Fel and 2 TIE/D Deltas with Tractor beam). I made the mistake of not getting 4-LOM involved in the fighting quick enough (I was too concerned in building up shields on Gonk). I may try this build again as I think it may be OK when flown better. I also want to try the 4-LOM build above with... Bossk, VI, Guidance Chips, Adv Homing Missiles, Boba Fett, Dengar and Gunner (48 points). and Binayre Pirate with Feeback Array (14 points). I'm hoping this will have a good chance of coping when faced with a number of different builds.
  10. Thanks for the reminder voidstate. Just done mine.
  11. Thanks Ska I like the Inquisitor so this appeals to me. The downside, for me, would be that there may too much variation in pilot skills. I know I'd lose the ace (and therefore the advantage of using Palpatine with an ace) but thought this was an OK alternative (with all the small ships at Pilot Skill 4)... Omicron Group Pilot (30) (Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Emperor Palpatine (8), Tractor Beam(1)) Baron of the Empire (26) (TIE Adv. Prototype (19), TIE/V1 (1), Push The Limit (3), Autothrusters (2), XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1)) Black Squadron Pilot (15) x 2 (TIE Fighter (14), Crack Shot (1)) “Wampa” (14)
  12. Thanks Raven, I like this idea. I think I'd spend the 3 points on xx-23 S-Thread tracers on Colzet and Tractor Beam with Tactical Jammer on the Shuttle.
  13. Thanks Obi, I see what you mean about the impact of Palpatine's die change. I may still end up trying this out next week in a regional. (Unless I go with Dengar and Bossk)
  14. I've been wondering why the Palp Mini Swarm isn't a thing. (At least I've not seen any mention in the forums) What I mean is something like this... Omicron Group Pilot (29) (Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Emperor Palpatine (8)) Black Squadron Pilot (15) x 3 (TIE Fighter (14), Crack Shot (1)) “Wampa” (14) Academy Pilot (12) I don't get to play as much as I'd like so I've not had a chance to try it out. Has anyone else tried this? Does it work? (I'm guessing it doesn't) Any thoughts on this anyone? Thanks
  15. I'm convinced the reason Shuttle + Miniswarm isn't a thing is that not enough people have tried Captain Yorr + Tractor Beam with a Black Squadron Crack Shot miniswarm. Everybody at PS4, and either they burn some tokens on the tractor beam or probably are at reduced agility for the mass fire swarm. I've been trying to come up with a decent Palp-mobile mini swarm to try. (I'm interested to find out why they're not flown) I ended up with this... Omicron Group Pilot (29) (Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Emperor Palpatine (8)) Black Squadron Pilot (15) x 3 (TIE Fighter (14), Crack Shot (1)) “Wampa” (14) Academy Pilot (12) (But I think I like your squad better AEllingworth)
  16. Dereksson

    New Playmats

    Thanks for posting the photo JediAutobot. That doesn't look too bad a match. Sorry to hear your mats don't match Harlock999. Hope FFG reply to your message. Hmmm... not sure what to do now.
  17. Dereksson

    New Playmats

    Thanks for the replies... I'd be interested to hear back from you JediAutobot. I hadn't thought of that Ravncat... I think you may be right there.
  18. Dereksson

    New Playmats

    I've just seen a photo of the two new playmats (Deathstar 2 and Bespin) side by side. I like them both but I did notice that they appear to have slightly different shades on the starfield sections. (Bespin looks darker than Deathstar 2) I'd like to get one to go with my starfield mat to play epic games. Does anyone know which mat matches the standard starfield mat more closely? Thanks!
  19. I'm thinking of running this squadron at store champs... (98 points) Rear Admiral Chiraneau Expose Ysanne Isard Rebel Captive Agent Kallus Engine Upgrade Omicron Group Pilot Fire-Control System Emperor Palpatine Engine Upgrade ...is it a bad combination? Has anyone else tried this?
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