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  1. Pardon my ignorance ! makes sense now
  2. How is boba fett crew more popular than the pilot ? And please explain to me why it is so good on palob ? The way I would play palob is to slow roll him into battle with 2 focus banked in the moldy crow title. Thank you.
  3. Mr Trep

    Asajj in 2.0

    Hi guys, Any of you had any success running Asajj in 2.0 yet ? Starting at 84 pts seems a bit pricy right now. She is the only scum pilot with the force, Okay, but most force talents does not seem to be worth it on her. I'd rather use a standard talent slot for her... The 2 dice aux arc hurts. The title somewhat forces you to play her as a front arc only ship. seems better suited for Ketsu. If only she had a gunner slot, Han would do wonder with that incredible dial. Am I missing something ? I'm curious to hear what some of you think. My guess is that it will be difficult to convince me to pick asajj over boba or Lando's falcon right now. Kinda sad. Thanks
  4. When we play epic we allow proxies for upgrades. because nobody has enough of everything. Makes the game wide open to any strategies you want to try. Have fun !
  5. I play competitively in an Epic League that been running for 3 years now. So there is some kind of meta that evolved over time. I play scum too, and right now the faction's only way to be competitive is via an Attanni Mindlink heavy list. Action economy rules this game. And it's not differant in the epic setup. Scums have ALOT of excellant PS5 pilots that have an EPT slot. PS5 is a great place to be in epic because you shoot before other factions' generic pilots. Just make sure you have the initiative bid in case you face another scum player. Now, If I were you, I'd consider switch unhinged astromech to Overclocked R4 on your Hired gun. Every time you spend a focus you can generate another one for a stress. You won't care that your Y-wing are stressed in epic just move them slowly in the back line. They will eventually die anyway. Make their attacks count instead. Another great option is the Generic PS5 scyck fighter. With attani, heavy scyck title and a mangler canon. At 24 pts each they are very efficient. Those crits will put the hurt on huge ships too.
  6. I too have a question to those that play Parattani alot. In my mind the best defense is to Arc dodge, and the way I use Fenn Rau at ps9, I usually end up behind opponents. I feel it's safer. Some games the title does not even proc once. And i'm always thinking why shouldnt I slap Unhindge Astromec on manaroo instead ? When manaroo ends up stressed I feel I can get her out of trouble easier with these 3-Speed greens. what do you think ? And just to add my 2 cents on the list bashing that is going on; I for one enjoy flying parattani. It's 3 pilots that I like individually, but never dared to put them in the same list just because I usually tend to load them up with more upgrades. To me this list is very ''bare bones'', but once I tried it I loved it. It never felt auto-win to me.
  7. I think this list is good against palp aces too. it just strips tokens ! I think it fares well in the actual meta. *a meta that might change a little bit because of the new ships coming out in 2 weeks.*
  8. I just played 2 games with this very fun list. Resistance Sympathizer, rey c3p0 evade title and tactical jammer Biggs r4d6 IA Braylen Stram r3a2 tactician plus title. Was very fun !!
  9. I used this last night. it worked like I wanted. went 2-1 with it. Asajj Ventress, Push the limit, K4 droid, Shadow Caster, Gyroscopic Targeting, BMST 4-Lom, Push the limit, tactician, Sensor Jammer, Mist Hunter, Tractor beam, BMST Binary Pirate BMST loved it.
  10. I think you are trying to fit too much into 100 pts. These 3 ships are missing out on upgrades that makes them really effective. Asajj for instance. she really loves K4 security droid. because she does so many greens. even if you bump you'll at least have a target lock.. and since she's doing greens all the time, why not use Push the limit on her. she'll be tokened up every round and you'll find her way tankier with an evade + focus than with latts razzi crew who is very situationnal. while we're at it, shadow caster title works so well with asajj's ability. (range 1-2 of aux. arc) I think it's a staple on her. She comes in at 48 pts. (49 with a black market slicer tool) now you have room for one more fully equiped ship and a Black market slicer Z. I'm sure the end result will be more synergic and effective.
  11. I would rather use Push The Limit on Fenn Rau. The fact that he is Pilot Skill 9, push the limit will help him get in better position to arc dodge or take better shots. His dial has more greens too, you will have a hard time dealing with the stress from ptl with a firespray's dial. that leaves you with one point left on the Mandalorian Merc... Look at 4-lom crew to fill this spot. You'll be able to push some damage past those tokens.
  12. I like the idea of a pair of protectorate fighters. The problem I ran into was that i'd spend 34ish points on a good second ship like Fenn Rau or a Party Bus. My third ship would be very lackluster and would make it obvious for my opponent to pick who to focus fire,
  13. I got quite a few games in with the Shadowcaster. The ship itself is very interesting and it's a ton of fun to fly. but let's be real a minute, it's a bit pricy. I tried a lot of itterations all checking in from 45 to 50ish points... Asajj, PTL, Title, Gyro targeting with any of these crew : Latts Razzi / Ketsu Onyo / Tactician Or Ketsu Onyo with engine Upgrade Heck.. even Sabine wren with Rec Spec + 2x Glitterstim let me tell you she's a tough cookie to kill. But what do you do once you spent half your squad points ? Because let's face it, the Shadowcaster is a support ship in most of its itterations. The rest of the squad needs to be balanced so it can kill. I need inspiration.
  14. Mr Trep


    It probably depends how you build the rest of the list. So far, I've played 3 games with the shadow caster and here's the thing i've noticed. The rest of your list needs to be punchy. Look at the Shadow Caster as a control ship. So you'll need either a Fenn Rau or an ordonnance carrier to help dish out some red dices. your list should have around 20-24 points to spend. Look at a TLT-Y-wing or N'dru Suhlak with Cluster/Stim/GC to fill that spot. As for the Shadow Caster it self, I think you picked the right pilot. Asajj is the Control pilot the scum didnt have so far. It is really easy to dish out some stress with her. you should embrace her control role and slap on the Shadow caster title. those free Tractor Beam tokens are really helpfull and can drasticly mess with your opponent's plan. Oh and BTW Ketsu Onyo crew really pair's well with Asajj Pilot ability. use her.
  15. I'm very fond of Zuckuss right now. I've played him alot and finally found my load out with him. Zuckuss VI 4-lom crew Inertial dampeners Electronic baffle Title with tractor beam. You want to play him slow. The rest of your list must draw the attention at the first pass or else Zuckuss will melt to focused fire. I always try to come at the opponent's ace using 4-low crew to skip throught tokens when ever I pull a good shot. Electronic baffle is the key here. If you ever feel that 4lom's ion token will put you in a bad place just trade it for a damage. Or, if the opponent ship manages to get behind you, you can pop inertial dampeners to make him bump or even fly past you. Once again you can use electronic baffle to gwt rid of the stress and still perform an action on the same turn.. And with all the red maneuver on that dial, electronic baffle really help the action economy. It's a fragile ship tho. And once you start giving you self damage each turn, zuckess will not survive long. You really need to play him slow, the rest of your list must be a bigger threat.
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