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  1. It makes a certain amount of sense with Keyforge, because the idea there is that you will buy multiple copies, or multiple decks. The price point of a single unit of Keyforge is very low. This is a $60 game. Am I supposed to buy more than one copy? What value is there in it being "randomized" if I only need one copy to play, and I'm not likely to buy another copy? I guess either I'm missing something, or "unique" is just a gimmick FFG is trying out.
  2. We're all waiting for an event kit for the Scorpion release to arrive (at least in my local area). The thing is, when we looked it up to see what it might contain, we couldn't find anything official. Is there actually going to be a Scorpion Event, or did we all just assume there would be because there was one for Pheonix?
  3. PinnacleOfJimbo

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I'm sure there's a part of me that is resisting this for the same reason Keyforge seems strange... it doesn't let me tap into my collector side. Normally for a game I enjoy I'll buy every expansion and promo - I know I'm not alone there - to have all the possible options. The "complete" game. This game won't let you do that - even if you bought multiple copies you most likely wouldn't come close to having all the possible components. It's possible that this whole "unique" thing will really shake up the board game world, making board games/card games into more of a commodity than a collectible item. I think it's more likely, however, that this will remain a curiosity - at best it will have the effect that legacy games had. They will be exciting and some people will be into them, but for the most part they will leave the landscape of gaming unaffected.
  4. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Biome Preference or How to spend my money

    I agree. In the hypothetical situation that I loved the game and wanted to buy a second copy, I would want a way to ensure I was getting a game that was different enough from the first. Basically, I wouldn't buy a second copy - at least not new. Maybe I'd buy one off someone else having already seen the components.
  5. PinnacleOfJimbo

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Again the assumption that it will be 95% new is a tough pill to swallow. Unless there are just an insane number of possible components, I'm willing to bet that the two copies will be more similar than you're imagining. From the previews it looks like we might see different terrain types, so you might get a snow map and I get a desert map. But what if both of our copies are the desert map? I'd love to be pleasantly surprised but I don't think I will be. I love the idea in theory, I'm just not at all convinced that each experience will be as unique as people are hoping. Again, we know so little.
  6. PinnacleOfJimbo

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    That is assuming that each copy has none of the same components as any other copy. More likely this game is like keyforge in that the exact combination of components you get will be unique, meaning it is very likely that at least some of the components in my copy are the same as the ones in yours...
  7. PinnacleOfJimbo

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Unless you have some insider information, that is pure speculation. The cost of a copy of this game with every single component could be as low as $60 or into the thousands. We don't have that information.
  8. PinnacleOfJimbo

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I mean, the same thing could be accomplished with a game that simply has all the components in one box, with instructions for how to randomly choose them for each game. I guess this does that for you, but it also means that you have to buy multiple copies to get that experience.
  9. I said something to this effect on another thread but it was a little off topic. I think it would be cool if cards were introduced that were Role specific, but instead of being Keeper/Seeker specific, they would be Element specific. These cards would have to be Neutral I think, and I think it would be important for them to be powerful enough to be a consideration when choosing roles, but I think they could really impact the meta and keep it fresh.
  10. The roles system will only affect so much if Keeper/Seeker is the only limitation for cards. Sure, if a clan switches from one to the other, a handful of cards change legality. I'd be more interested if there were powerful neutral cards tied to element roles, etc. More things that change the meta in significant ways.
  11. But wouldn't it be a wonderful world if they actually did this?
  12. So I ran into a little issue at a tournament that got me thinking... Here's what happened: During the fate phase, my opponent had an honored character that left play, but he forgot to get an honor (I did not realize it either). We moved on through the regroup phase into the next round, completed the dynasty phase, and moved into the draw phase. We bid on our honor dials, drew cards, traded honor, and THEN he remembered he had discarded the honored character and grabbed an extra honor. He said he could do that because it is a forced interrupt. Here's my issue - him having that extra honor could have impacted the bid we each made. In this case it wouldn't have had a dramatic effect, but I can definitely see cases where it would have. I think this is a misrepresentation of board state. This was a tournament - it wasn't a high stakes tournament but it was a tournament, not casual play. What should have been done in that case? Do we rewind? What if the difference in honor would have caused the end of the game (ie honor loss or victory?) My opinion is that even through it is a forced interrupt and therefore required, remembering it after the next round's honor bid should have a consequence. Maybe the offending player has to forfeit the extra honor. maybe there has to be a rewind (but I don't know what we would rewind to, considering that we've already revealed what we were going to bid). Is there any official ruling on this? Thoughts?
  13. Ok so it seems like the sticking point here is the "forced interrupt" part. I combed through the available rules to see what I could find. Currently there is not a Tournament Regulations document for L5R, but here is what I found in the RR: "Such abilities must be resolved immediately whenever the triggering condition [...] occurs." So already by retroactively taking the honor we're in the territory of bending the rules. Again, the rules specify the exact point at which the ability must be triggered. Because there is no missed opportunity section in the rules reference, and there currently is no tournament regulations document for L5R, I looked up the missed opportunity sections for Star Wars LCG and GoT 2.0 LCG, which read identically: https://imgur.com/a/K0caY https://imgur.com/a/cUAXP Basically, if a player forgets to trigger something, he cannot retroactively use it (without the other player's consent). All the official FFG rules seem to make it pretty clear: the forced interrupt has to happen at the appropriate time, and if it's forgotten it can't be triggered after the timing window has passed. The only caveat I see is that both players are responsible for board state, so in this situation (and similar situations), I am also at fault for not noticing the forced interrupt and saying something at the right time. My personal solution will be to be hyper-aware of all triggers, forced and otherwise, on the board at all times. However, I am going to maintain that in edge cases where both players fail to maintain game state regarding forced interruptions, the missed opportunity must remained missed in a tournament situation. I'm obviously not a judge but that is what I will argue for. In some cases it will be a minor issue, but I would rather apply that reasoning universally than only argue it when it would matter (ie the takeback results in a win/loss).
  14. Accidentally double posted. See below.
  15. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Maps and Miniatures

    What do you guys use to represent PCs, NPCs, vehicles, etc on the table? My group was thinking of trying to find matching minis for each PC, but for now we are going with classic non-descript board game pawns in a different color for each character, which small (1cm) colored blocks to represent NPCs. I'm drawing maps and ships, vehicles, etc on paper and cutting them out when needed/helpful. What does everyone else do? Does anyone go all-in getting minis for PCs, ships, etc? Do some people not use maps or visual representations at all?
  16. So, I'm trying to come up with a stat block for a PC Lasat species. I'm hoping that a future supplement book will include them, but for now, here's what I have come up with: ----- Species: Lasat Brawn: 3 Agility: 3 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 1 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10+ Willpower Starting XP: 90 XP Special Abilities: Lasat begin the game with one rank in Athletics and Coordination. Strong Odor: Lasat suffer one Setback die on any Charm or Negotiation checks they make. ----- I have never made a custom species before. Not sure if I'm on the right track. I just thought it would be cool to play a Lasat so I made this up. Any comments or suggestions would be awesome.
  17. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Yet Another Morality House Rule

    This is really fascinating. I'd be willing to try it out - I do find the morality system to be troubling in some circumstances. Your system also feels more narrative than the CRB system, which is always a plus.
  18. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Deck plans and maps

    I agree completely. In fact, in some instances I have found creating maps to be a distraction for the players. In the F&D CRB adventure, for example, there was a university campus on which most of the action took place. I drew a map of it, but my players actually got derailed trying to explore the campus. Not that it's bad that they wanted to explore, but they thought that because a location existed on the map, it was therefore important (in most cases it wasn't). Also, like you said it is limiting in some cases. Player: "I want to go to the college bookstore" Player 2: "There isn't one on the map" Me: *face palm* etc That being said, I still like to use visual aides. Here's an example: The players find a number of strange artifacts that bear examining. I drew each artifact on a blank, unlined note card. It only took a few minutes to do, and then when I was describing each artifact, I put the cards out on the table. This helped the players immensely to visualize them and keep them straight in their minds.
  19. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Creating Lasat as a PC species

    Not sure. No mention of the other two Lasat smelling bad in Legends of the Lasat. Like others have said, it's difficult to know what is a Lasat trait, and what is unique to Zeb. I guess I just think it's fun.
  20. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Combat Turn Narrative

    I've only just started GMing but I did notice that both me and my players tended to narrate combat dice rolls pretty mechanically. I think it may just be an effect of learning the rules - ie we're still trying to figure out exactly how the mechanics work, leaving less time/mental energy to think about flair. I'll remember this when I GM the next session. Sounds like it would make it a lot more fun.
  21. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Creating Lasat as a PC species

    I like Donovan's stat block a lot, but I'm still really attached to the idea of giving the Lasat an odor setback. I feel like it adds some good flavor to the species.
  22. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Creating Lasat as a PC species

    That's awesome! Reading through the Rebels source book now. Very cool.
  23. PinnacleOfJimbo

    Maps and Miniatures

    A few of my players went ahead and got their own minis. I have found I prefer making my own maps over using premade ones, because with a premade map I have to design the scenario around the map, whereas if I draw my own it can be whatever I want. The players don't seem to mind the roughness of them. I also made some custom NPC cards using a template that was uploaded to the EotE forums a while back. I am making more if anyone is interested in them. It seems like there was a community project to put more together a year or two ago but it looks like it fell through.
  24. PinnacleOfJimbo

    EotE Dice Roller for Google Hangouts

    This is so fantastic. Using it along with roll20 in hangouts for my weekly online session. So convenient and easy. Thanks!
  25. I made a few NPC cards to try it out, printed them on cardstock at FedEx, cut them out and put them in card sleeves. They look awesome, and I'm working on making more now.