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  1. There is simply a force power allows to enhance the range of other force powers. Palp had this ritual, Mother Talzin had her own form, Luke had something like it and most likely all needed a personal connection to their target. Though it is very clear that Luke had a very strong bond to Kylo Ren, so that should not be a problem and old Palpy had Dooku to connect with Yoda, etc And Snoke? He was a master of that power, because he seemed to did not need this personal connection which all other force users in canon had or even stated that they need it to increase their range to a truly galactic scale.
  2. And while you are at it, add cybernetic armor as well. Having a soak of 10 naked is fun. And while stormtroopers may be tempted to shoot at someone else ... your crit rating of 1 on your vibro axe should convince them pretty quickly overwise ... or go the full non-lethal approach and just use a stun-hammer with some stun (10+) quality. It's rather easy to build and you can dual-wield such stun-batons for maximum fun, basically knocking out targets in one attack for the most part.
  3. I would guess that it comes per default without shields as well. The description stats modified hyperdrive, shields, and weapons. The default shuttle comes without weapons in canon, so that's three hardpoints for that, shields take another 2 and the hyperdrive would be one. That's way to many hardpoints used, unless we assume that Signature vehicle of a modder and add another 2 hardpoints, which would give a ship which comes out of the factory without shields, no weapons, but armor 4 and a HT of 25. Honestly, I think this is unlikely. A more likely scenario is that once again the guys who write the fluff do not talk to the guys who write the mechanical stuff, because **** quality control, editing or even basic professionalism in a FFG product. The more likely scenario is that only the weapons are added and the thing has just 4 hardpoints, while 1/1 shields. Which is still conservative enough and makes the shuttle still one of the best mandal motors products in the game ... despite having the protectorate fighter as well in the game. ;-) You might try asking the question directly to FFG, but the last two tries were not successful, we got no answers to that question ... so most likely they want to sell it to us in some other book, maybe the base stats are fully operational,
  4. I don't no about the Ricks, but streaming the games with my wife would feel awful lot like catering to a voyeuristic audience. Which is kind of odd, because in general I am a fan of streaming games, but I guess one thing are tournament games and it's different with private games with private talk at home. And making it a proper streaming show sounds like lots of work and takes the private fun out of it. (not that creating a show can't be fun)
  5. Minions can not talk voluntary strain (iirc), thus their ships can not take strain from maneuvers, thus just applying strain damage directly to hull damage seems the most reasonable approach. Basically: Just use the minion rules.
  6. Depends, 300xp is a little bit tight on the budget side, but personally I would go with Soretsu Defender, with basically the full tree + Sense as force power. A true lightsaber monkey for the group with strategic form. 3 Ranks for reflect, 4 ranks of parry, 4 upgrades against incoming melee checks and with strategic form the ability to force people attacking you. A true guardian of the party. Adding protector second for circle of shelter and armor to round everything up sounds good, but taking a lightsaber spec with some extra ranks in reflect and force rating lika Niman sounds very interesting as well. Depends really how you want to develop your force powers and if you prioritize afterwards group security or personal one. Niman is imho a fantastic lightsaber spec as well, but even the offensive defense abilities from the arbiter are actually quite great, because spamming sunder to disarm any dangerous opponents is an actual very cool and effective move for a character who focuses on defense. Still in general the question is the wrong one. The real question is: What style of defensive character do you want to PLAY? The sword and shield style of the protector with his circle of shelter, the trolling Obi-Wan style which catches all the attention and hate of the enemies with intelligent use of your wit and lightsaber or the cool and efficient way of the armorer who can enhance the dense of the group immensely if given enough time and resources for his crafting, etc Sure, some of them are mechanically different and not equally efficient on all fronts, but what is more important is that they all represent a vastly different characterisation, because they approach problems vastly differently.
  7. The purple haired nobody has been established long ago in the canon parts of the eu, hyperspace ramming and hyperspace side effects when going to hyperspace too close to objects had been established long before in canon (ANH, TFA Rebels, several EU books) and she did not destroy the entire neo nazi armada, she damaged one ship and got a few of the escort ships which were used expertly in a close formation, screwing up like only an entitled son of a highly decorated father with literally no practical achievement or experience of his own could screw up. Remember, Hux is a brilliant theoretical mind, but a total moron in the field and furthermore has is position only because he is daddy's son. Lastly, your obsession with world-building instead of movie-making is funny, because it makes no flying **** of a difference if she conventionally rams the leadership or hyperspace rams it. More boom, but for the story literally the same result, nothing would change for the movie with or without the added epic effect spectacle of that hyperspace collision.
  8. You think? What is the worst that could happen … ah wait.
  9. The niche is actually rather simple to find. The Avenger is a cheaper silencer. Pointwise there is enough room between the silencer and the interceptor to fit another ship into… and that is not the TIE/Advanced which got these days it's use as harpoon missile platform and that's basically it. So price wise similar to the defender, but build around mobility instead of firepower / token stacking. Adding a free extra beam attack would be a nice start, having a similar dial to the silencer, but lacking the system slot would be a nice addition, rounding it up with PS8 pilots with EPTs. Arc dodging via moving enemy ships at PS10 sounds like an interesting niche which as well should compensate for lacking the token stacking. Playtesting naturally needed and running with PS8 PTL pilots sounds cool too, pilot choices and options are something nice to have with a ship.
  10. No, seriously, he invited us in a private chat and ask us about our opinion about you and how to express it the best way. Though I am just a hairless ape, not a flying monkey.
  11. Didn't Luke not literally fall to the dark side and needed rescue from Leia? ;-) I am not the biggest fan of Dark Empire, and Zahn actually refused to reference it, meanwhile KJA had no trouble with constantly reminding us that we should buy Dark Empire ... ;-)
  12. Anakin constantly lost his lightsaber.
  13. Example math needed, because I can not follow you. Neither on the battle winning critical hit, nor on the fun and strategic part.
  14. Yeah, that is really contrary to canon, which has the effect seen across the whole galaxy,.