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  1. Git Gud- The Skill Plateau

    To be honest. Those people you usually only meet in the first round of any tournament and usually not even there. If your local area qualifies to describe most players like that than your local area has a lot more problems than just bad x-wing players.
  2. Git Gud- The Skill Plateau

  3. Jetpacks

    SS seems to be an intentional limitation, so keep it as is ... most players would get into the hotshot spec to compensate for this, because that would allow them to take the system strain as strain instead.
  4. Not like this.

    Now I have to take away a like from someone to give it too you.
  5. FAKE Servomotor S-Foils leaked

    Flips table. I demand an errata for only this card!
  6. Fear the Reaper?

    5+3 Dice are 8 damage (Primary + Sync), all of that could be critical, 2 major explosions into direct hits, 5 normal direct hits. Theoretical that's 16 damage. Now other ghosts and decimators are only save because of their shields.
  7. Fear the Reaper?

  8. FAKE Servomotor S-Foils leaked

    We don't know as well if we can start the game with closed S-Foils, because AUTOTHRUSTERS. Having autothrusters at the beginning and bringing your S-Foils into attack position in your first turn sounds cool.
  9. Jetpacks

    Force Leap does not cover extreme range at all. So enjoy your fall after the first jump to long range. And no, you are not in close range after you covered long-range to an extreme range target, so Draw Closer does not pull me with you. And even if you would have something mid-air to do your second force leap, the rules get a little iffy at what range you are actually to your target when jumping to long-range in direction to a extreme range. Might be long-range, might be still extreme range, extreme has a rather wider span which seems larger than long-range itself. The system would let the GM decide this based on the situation. Double force leaping over one kilometer mid-air? I guess I might allow it in the middle of coruscant traffic, but in the middle of nowhere like Mandalore. Nah.
  10. Jetpacks

    Drop Suits are full cover. Besides, I have seen Wookies with more Soak than you get from Armor 1, so it is not as bad as it sounds, but still quite ... heavy. If a jetpack user gets into lightsaber range, he is doing it wrong. Stupid mandalorian duel traditions, I rather have a Heavy Shatter Gun and a 1300m distance ;-)
  11. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    Most racing should be chase scenes. Though 3 maneuvers makes you still incredible GOOD. Double Actions when combined with pilot, double evasive still an option + intuitive evasion. Someone might argue that the cybernetic which allows you to replace piloting with coordination should allow as well to use sense on top, but that's now raw.
  12. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    Personally I love the the ACE signature talents, so I would go Hotshot, Emergent+Exile and finish up with Racer. Alas this will bring out your parkour talents rather late. So I think for you it would be better to start with Racer, Hotshot and finish up with whatever you like. FR2 itself is rather nice to have already, nothing major, but spending XP and force abilities instead of a third three is still solid. Influence, Sense, Misdirect come especially to mind and the intuitive Evasion talent is awesome to have. As third career tree I would actually keep it open and make that choice based on character development. Star Fighter Ace is actually quite good. Squadron Commander is super cool and the pilot/hotshot or smuggler:charmer/hothot combos are classics imho. Though I admit, I am tempted myself to build a racer next the next time I play, would mix it with shadow and executioner most likely. Total different character concept from your own.
  13. Has Anyone Tried the 5 X-wing list yet?

    I think it is the perfect timing, because right now we are not limit in our testing by what the cards will say and can happy go all out and test 19, 20 points versions with different upgrade prices on top. If we knew what the cards do, we would have already an answer and where would be the fun in that? So, who is up for a game of X-Wing against 5x with PS1, FA and IA?
  14. Dumb Observation

    Nah, it is even more boring when you are amazing. Because you will still know than how much better it really could be.
  15. Epic FAQ Update

    You have now to repost this 11 times, so I can give you the dozen of likes you deserve.