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  1. Come on, he can't be worse than my Mech, she was using Quad-Laser Canons to interrupt two jedis from their duel. One shot and 2 hits later we had a clear winner. ?
  2. I prefer gunnery. Sniper Rifles, Automatic Heavy Personal Scale Weapons. Planetary Scale Weapons. You get quite a lot of variability via gunnery. The only downside? Expensive and Heavy to carry around. ?
  3. You raise a few good points, though the the seperatists wastly outnumber the republic troops, have more resources, superior technology and basically only the force users prevented the Confederacy of Independent Systems from winning the war. There is a David vs Goliath theme in there, the issue is just that the force users are pretty comfortable being David, because that's the guy who won the fight, right? ? My name is General Mace Windu, of the Jedi Order. At this point of the Clone War, I have dismantled and destroyed over 100,000 of you type 1 battle droids. I am giving you an opportunity to peacefully lay down your weapons, so that you may be reprogrammed to serve a better purpose than spreading the mindless violence and chaos which you have inflicted upon the galaxy.
  4. I think you made a leap in logic there. My commute is each day the same. I still rushing sometimes quite heavily. ? In this case the dice are the same. But the amount of expected sales on core sets is basically at least 50% of all core sets sold in the last 6 years. All within one production cycle. And each and every one of those comes with a set of dice. Does this sound like a normal production run for you? A better argument would be that this kind of mistakes have been made in the past already plenty of times, which suggested that QA NEVER was good with FFG. But that ... would be a rather well known fact anyway. Everyone knows that FFG is a cheapskate when it comes to QA, logistics and editing, while doing pretty good product development.
  5. Even all arc turrets usually are not without blind spots, ventral and dorsal is an arc used sometimes in the game. Rolling is the cheapest maneuver in space combat, but with some agile ship you can compensate for even that movement usually (if you are close enough to your target). And besides, fast, agile fighters become a lot more successful in surviving space combat when you allow arc dodging. The best kind of damage mitigation is not allowing shots against you after all.
  6. Hotshot/Courier might be my new favorite flavor of the year.
  7. Is there even anywhere a reference that a launcher comes with ammunition? Besides, 600 credits per torpedo sounds good. they seem to be a little bit more expensive than concussion missiles. which FFG decided to go with 500 credits a pop. Not that being a little cheaper than concussions would be game breaking.
  8. And the worst part? For Tweets disney knew about since years, but some neo-nazi made a thing out of it again, stirred up some other folks who missed the issue last time or who wanted James Gunn's head last time already and thought it would be a good timing to jump on him again. American sensitivities are really not to my taste.
  9. Oh, I just realized I forgot the give you half a dozen examples for using the piloting skill, I am gonna start with the most controversial because there are opposing developer interpretations for: Gain the Advantage, or short GtA, allows you to decide which arc of an ship you are shooting. You gained an advantageous position after all and keep it until it runs out or your opponent breaks it. One interpretation here is that you lock this way one of your arcs into the chosen arc of your opponent, i.e. getting on the six'o'clock position during a dog fight. And in a dog fight this would mean that your opponent can not shoot at you, while you can shoot at him. A normal opposed piloting checkFor capital ships GtA is not an allowed action, but if you refer to chapter 3 and check out the description for piloting you will notice that you can take position in a similar way in a battle for positioning between capital ships as well. This is huge, because such fighting for positioning is determined by an opposed Piloting(Space) check … most star destroyers have literally not a single gun on their aft arc and nearly all battle cruisers have uneven distribution of their weapon systems. There is nearly always a blind spot to abuse and your piloting skill always matters to hold this relative position. My pilot has taking down with this tactic literally more than a dozen of capital ships. Here the quote from AoR-CRB p127 So even if you don't allow GtA to bring the benefit of getting into the right arcs, you can still get into an advantageous position via a simple opposed piloting check. And stay there until your opponent successful negated your positioning. Chases already have been mentioned, but let's not forget how important those are. They are imho best handled by giving pilots a free piloting action at the beginning of each round and handle the round other wise normal, minus the movement maneuvers. A lot of situations are actually chases. Terrain, terrain, terrain. Empty space is boring and with little opportunities to spend advantages and threats in interesting ways. But with terrain there come piloting checks, usually with the joys of difficulty terrain rules, which makes going fast dangerous. Spice it up with a chase on top and those checks can be happing quite often and become quite deadly based on the amount of red dice you can see in those checks. Negating all those nasty red dice at the other hand is the job of a skillful co-pilot. The copilot action (AoR-CRB p248) is an Average Piloting check which downgrades the difficulty of the pilot's next by one per success. You can reduce or even completely eliminate the chances for despair during piloting checks this way. Don't forget to make those co-pilot checks before GtA or opposed Piloting checks. Co-pilots can make all the difference in the world and I love my little Astromech for them ❤️ Lastly, difficult maneuvers in general can make your GM call for piloting checks. Ramming for example is done via a piloting check, and while you usually take yourself a critical hit as well when ramming other vehicles ... flying into a group of Stormtroopers with a Lambda shuttle is quite the effective way to clear a deck of opposing troops while not wasting time. ? On top, talents like Full Throttle, Brilliant Evasion, etc make Piloting essential to activate them reliable, especially Brilliant Evasion is a key talent for Pilots to keep smaller ships alive. You can for example engage a star destroyer via Brilliant Evasion safely, while keeping it's fighter escort mostly out of weapon range via the chase rules, using the imperial star destroyer basically as terrain and target dummy for a few rounds. Now hopefully you cripple the ship enough via critical hits before your Brilliant Evasion runs out. Works best with the squadron rules, which gives you additional attacks for each Triumph you roll on your regular checks. (See Squadron rules in the AoR GM Screen expansion) ?
  10. My example was not only moving from within strategic range and getting close in between, but moving in and out of the encounter. If you are fast enough, you can move even beyond strategic range. Sorry about being unclear on that. Beyond extreme can included beyond strategic. You can just move in and out of the encounter range. A simple house rule which could fix most of this would be reducing the mandatory speed to half the range bands of your current speed, rounded down. If your moving zero range bands you can pick a new location within your current range band. Speaking of moving within a range band. Going full speed at close range makes you a harder target to track with weapons than going full speed and leaving close range. Angular speed is simply much higher when staying within a range band and circling your target. It gets as well faster the closer you are to your target.
  11. That's not what I mean. As I said, from Sith perspective it was perfect. The issue is that the jedi are stupid for getting dragged into the war and keep fighting a war after they realized that their own soldiers are basically build based on the order of Darth Tyranus.
  12. The published Jedi AND Sith are really pathetic. In this regard the Count and the young Obi-Wan look actually much better than anything we got so far. Or in other words, most groups will might be the heroes of the battle of Endor, kick Vader's ***, save young Skywalker and blow up the death star with Palp on it, all with just 1000xp if you take the stats as written for fact on your table. The general assumption of FFG seems to be that most paying customers start a campaign with zero or 150xp and end it with 300xp, just to build a new 150xp character. Seems odd to me, but all publications seem to be aiming on that, Genesys character sheet even lacks space for more stuff. It's actually not, because having all the jedi under your control und ready to get slaughter is a much safer bet than to have a whole army of actual good jedi left and uncontrolled roaming the galaxy and doing god knows what. Order 66 was a rather brilliant thing. It's elegant and imprisons all dangerous jedi years before you actually kill them. Now having the Jedi just take command of those armies seems rather stupid still, and it gets more silly, because after some time they realize that the Sith ordered the GAR. Anyway, looking forward to this new book.
  13. Yeah, the only trouble is that the mandatory range band change is ... utterly impractical with anything fast. Mainly because the range bands are not sufficient for the amount of range bands you have to pass each round. Basically the pilot can take the last init slot, get in from beyond extreme range, fire all weapons, takes the next turn the first init slot, fires again all weapons and moves out of the encounter. The basic idea is simply not sound anyway. The difficultly to hit is not setting appropriated for star wars either. It's realistic that a aircraft carrier has no trouble to shoot down an enemy aircraft at close range, but it's not very star wars, because trench disease is part of the setting. Or in other words, the realism ends pretty quickly when large artillery canons have no trouble to shoot down enemy aircrafts at close range. The Star Wars rules are not even close to flawless, but the Genesys rules are ridiculous for anything involving flight. FFG can managed to write something which is even worse than what they had before.
  14. The action sheet is a very good start. But just as important might be all the tables for spending advantages, triumphs, despair and threat in Stay on Target. You get tons of suggestions for different environments. Nebula, debris fields, asteroid fields, larger space battles, etc Spending advantages is the bread and butter of the narrative dice system. If your players are creative on their own, sure those tables are just suggestions and not necessary ... if they are not creative on their own, they or you should really look into those tables and get some ideas, because you can do all sorts of fun things this way. Removing opponents from the encounter, provoking collisions (critial hits!), becoming incredible hard to hit (essential for survival in star fighters), disabling sub-systems, etc so much stuff which makes a good narrative and interesting scene. Even ground combat is dry without this, but people seem to have at least an idea about the action, meanwhile it seems that a lot of players are a little less imaginative when it comes to their options in space combat. And a lot of the checks involved can be directly piloting, often rather easy checks with all those piloting talents. Add master pilot for defacto double actions and you can get a lot out of your piloting skills. Outmaneuvering targets, destroying others, while brilliantly evading turbolaser fire from the nearby capital ship, etc
  15. How do you kill a death star? With some pilots. How do you escape from Hoth? With a working hyperdrive and some of the best pilots in the galaxy. How do you kill the emperor? You blow up his death star ... again. Who's job is it to fly into that second death star and do the job? The groups pilot again. Who saves the day in the last second with a dashing rescue? Right, the cavalry aka the pilot with the heavy guns or an quick escape vehicle. The piloting skills and talents (including gunnery) do in a lot of cases trump any other combat related skill set. Bringing a tank to a gunfight usually is better than bringing an oversize (laser)knife. The only issue with pilots are GMs who have problems with the escalation of things. And boy, do things escalate quickly when you have a rigger, a hotshot and a heavy with too many signature abilities and the will to use them. ? Slicers are actually quite good in space combat to have. Love my little Astromech. ❤️
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