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  1. SEApocalypse

    Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    You can not have multiples of the same attachment. One of the reasons why the second armor attachment in FO is a big deal.
  2. SEApocalypse

    Baudo-Class Star Yacht: WWYD?

    You can not have multiples of the same attachment. One of the reasons why the second armor attachment in FO is a big deal.
  3. "I have $600 in my pocket. let's get a car and move out of town." Why anyone even thinks about buying a ship in this context? Let's get a cab would not have sounded very star wars, but seems more like the intention.
  4. Ironically the son, the daughter and the father are all small fries compared to the mother. And it is indeed based on the EU and some well received RPG game. 😉 In a deleted scene Darth Revan was supposed to a big guy as ghost/spectre. they decided later against this version and went with a specter in the form of darth bane.
  5. They are Celestials. Basically the first ones of the star wars galaxy, if you get that Babylon 5 term. And those 3 in particular are just a dysfunctional family, with the children both falling out of balance. The Son did not need Anakin as his avatar in particular, but he needed the Chosen One to decide his conflict with his sister to get finally out of the pocket dimension.
  6. And they don't seem more powerful than the force Priestess either. Or Force Ghost Yoda for that matter. Technical, Yoda did ask them and they answered that they are dead persons. Force Ghosts like he himself became one. Not manifestations of the force, but force wielders able to keep their conscious together when becoming one with the force. Though as we have seen this gives tremendous power and little desire to actually use it.
  7. SEApocalypse

    Strain for using the Microwave

    You should see me installing a CPU, even after tripple digit times, I still take strain when doing it each and every time. I guess my player picked me some talent which causes strain and decreases CPU temperatures via perfect thermal paste application or something like that. Either way, it's exhausting. 😉 Besides, strain is easily recovered, so I don't see the issue, just spend a few advantages on it and manage the ebb and flows of your checks. My pilot is burning up to 8 strain or so per turn. Because, why not?
  8. SEApocalypse

    Solo: was it murder?

    I bet in your book it's not murder to provoke a guy to draw a knife and then shoot him. I am surrounded by murder-hobos with jobs and homes. 😉
  9. Most definitely not, because they are running out of the stuff which they had not the time to pump enough into their ships at the beginning. This was similar to the large pips connected to the X-Wings in ANH, they just had not enough time to fully fuel their ships before the first order arrived. So they were running on low fuel right from the start.
  10. SEApocalypse

    Solo: was it murder?

    I think in most justice systems Han would face one problem. He design the situation. He is the architect of his own self-defense case and this counts as cold blooded murder. He could have Becket just get away. He did not need to fight for the stolen goods. Han did not want to lose, so he planned to kill Becket and Dryden Vos. Now he gets bonus points, because he did not do it for the money, but it was still Han's plan all along to kill those two, because leaving loose ends would have been bad.
  11. SEApocalypse

    Selling Stolen Ships

    No, we steal ships all the time, we have the technical background the fake transponder codes and as well to completely strip them for parts, we do need getaway ships, and we have a practical use for that Imperial Raider Star Destroyer we stole for example. What we still don't do is playing small-fries who steal ships for a living, because this pays **** … well, I guess it pays **** unless you are actually going for the expensive stuff, 10% of 5 million credits is still a huge pay check, meanwhile the logistics and playing involved to actually steal a corvette or destroyer … well, it certainly is an interesting heist AND the rebellion or pirates are buying. On top might something this special actually a contract work and paying better, because someone really needs that star destroyer or whatever. But this is a whole different concept and topic than stealing some crappy freighter at the local space port, which would be a job for petty criminals … now if that is the theme of the group, go for it, but in that case low payouts are not a problem either, you are right in territory of the Corellia part of the Solo movie, when 500 credits are a super big deal. That's as well a fun setting, even when it might not be appropriate once the group reaches expertise levels rivaling Clone Wars era Cad Bane.
  12. And our modified C-ROC would have like 11 Armor, before we strip the hull and add extra armor to get it to something like 14 or so iirc 😉
  13. Stay on Target, Astromech actions. Average computer check, each success adds +1 to one defense zone. NPC Astromech will have an automatic success on one action for 3 advantages spend by the pilot and will provide will do an automatic assist to the pilot.
  14. X-Wings and Y-Wings have astromechs who can boost the shields or just watch your back as well. Watch your back adds at the bare minimum another point to your defense, though if you are running with PC Astromechs a more likely result is 3 to 6 points of extra defense. It's a real shame that the defense cap applies to this astromech check, it somewhat lessens the mech + pilot combo at later stages of the game. edit: Having one of the best action economies of all fighters is one of the reasons why the starting Y-Wings are so good. Even a starting crew of a pilot, gunner und astromech can shoot, shield boost and watch your back in a single turn. Master pilot adding another action at about knight level on top.
  15. Take a ship with at least 2/1 shields, re-align the shields and shield boost. Tada. 4/0 shields, as you can decide which arc you get hit with sub-sil 5 ships, you will get attacked onto that front arc and get the full 4 setback dice of defense. No defensive driving required. does not work in a TIE-Fighter, because those don't have shields to boost or re-align. No shields, all guts and defensive driving for those pilots. 😉