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  1. I feel more like buying into a good, branching campaign. Though I must admit, I do consider the past adventures lackluster. Just like most of the rules expansions in the career books.
  2. First Edition reprint will never come, 2e never gets finished and a lot of time and money gets spend into a product with replaces a perfect fine product in the hopes that it will sell better than the 1e. And if does not it might get canned before it is even close to being finished. There are certainly a few issues that a 2nd edition would bring, just like there are issues with just releasing a new book here and there and doing maybe a revised first edition core books to improve rules clarity. I mean sure, a 2nd edition would be a great chance to make the system less bloated and the adventures more epic, but how likely is that? And getting completely campaign sets with branching paths would work just fine for 1st edition too. They just need to be good enough to be actually sellers.
  3. Did I get this right? You were running from the stormtroopers, reached already your ship and decided to unload the equivalent of heavy artillery fire onto those three poor sobs, despite them having little to no chance to harm you anymore, because small-arms tend to not so well against space ships. And you called it self-defense? 😉 I kind of get what the GM was thinking.
  4. Because we will hear next month that X-Wing is canceled as well. 😉 GW is the new owner of the Star Wars licence and we are all doomed. 🤣
  5. The thing about that is. This is a veteran. This is a guy who has seen everything, fought, almost died and came back for bubble gum and *** kicking. It just fits that at some point you just can't handle it anymore. Naturally it depends on your group, some tables actually don't kill players, especially not because of unlucky dice. Others do and at those tables you are lucky to reach that point and not roll some of those fatal critical hits. Retiring such a character becomes something special as well, even more so if you actually manage to finish the campaign first, fight the emperor, blow up his death star and well, I guess with that many implants you might get the Gank girl. 😉
  6. Critical hits are your friend. Every time he takes damage, he will be scared about those critical hits and they stack up quite fast.
  7. I wonder why you want that to be the case? You could instead just boost the HP for some rivals or use minions instead, depending if you want to make the crits more worthwhile on rivials and just remove enemies quicker. I would think that GMs start switching to Rivals over Minions to give players something that does not die incredible fast? Meanwhile rivals still do die quickly to critical hits, especially the brawlers among them with high soak values. In the long run you end up with pretty decent chances to kill rivals in a singel shot. You get a roll from the crit which can be deadly with enough deadly talents and advantages spend and you can up with players getting every other roll at least one triumph. And if dice manipulation skills come into play on top, you might be talking about players getting all the time triumphs or even multiple ones.
  8. I meant that literally. I would not assume that you are running your own church. But if you do, enjoy. I do have a soft spot for heretics.
  9. They literally still tell you which works belong to the canon of recognized works for the Star Wars lore and what is considered just legends. Legends is still official, but is considered a different canon. Sounds pretty valid to speak of canon in a sense of collection of works. Exactly. And if you want to change the canon, you start a new church with the changes to the canon you made. Hey. Disney actually is maintaining two sets even on their own just for star wars.
  10. I am still in the group of people who say that Alderaan had a planetary shield. Now I would hope that those super-lasers are not enough to penetrate planetary shields.
  11. It has been the best uncontroversial star wars since .... well, at least the last season of rebels. I still would rate TLJ higher … but I guess everyone knows the issue with using that as reference point for good star wars.
  12. In the case of the empire? Most likely, but the new republic seems to be less centralized, so it might be not as bad when they are gone.
  13. I am not sure if we really need more super star destroyers stats in the system. Those mechanics for critical hits on super-structures could really need some fine tuning. Basically separating ships into multiple sections which can destroyed separately would make most sense I guess. After we have better rules, we certainly could introduce again more super star destroyer and update the stats for all mega ships like super star destroyers and death stars.
  14. I rechecked the cutscene and I think I remembered not correctly. 12:09
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