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  1. Jike

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    Potentially easier, because the big base makes it easier to get shots on than a B-Wing. I think Maul is probably pretty good, but I don't think he's OP. Cloak on a big ship is pretty good, but remember it doesn't get any of the extra shenanigans the Phantom gets for decloaking and recloaking, which is what really makes that ship excellent. His ability is OK, but pretty Force-hungry. To me the Sith Infiltrator feels a bit like a more competitively priced Shadowcaster - it's a fast, manoeuvrable large-based ship at a decent cost. It's also important to look at what a full list would look like with any given ship before calling it OP. Even if Maul is OP (doubtful) if the other ships you can put in a list with him aren't any good then it likely doesn't matter too much from a balance perspective, at least not yet.
  2. Jike

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    Impervium seems competitive to me. 2 charges vs one "charge" for Hull Upgrade and the chance to ignore some of the worst crits in the game completely seems pretty good as a trade-off fo rhte certainty of +1 Hull. It's a bit situational because you may just die to regular hits or Pilot crits but I'm going to try it out for sure.
  3. My store of choice is currently saying 28/3 for the squadron packs, but I've no idea if that's based on anything other than supposition. It's particularly annoying that, because of what's been delayed, it's not really possible for me to actually fly either of the new factions right now.
  4. Weirdly, the web squad builder has a dial viewer, but the app doesn't. It's still a pretty clunky experience with too many clicks needed to get things done and not enough info being available by default. One thing I think all apps really need is some way of managing our squads. I now have so many random lists that some way of moving them into folders or otherwise organising them is rapidly becoming a necessity.
  5. Jike

    Unofficial ruling Doc.

    This is where I have a bit of a problem with this document. I'm all for clarifying unclear rules or making a ruling on conflicting/unclear rules where none currently exists so we're all on the same page. I really don't think this sort of document should be looking to change the core rules of the game where those are clear. Either this change is an unintended rules change, or the writers of the document have decided to change the core rules in order to disallow a niche interaction for a couple of pilots, which seems like a dangerous precedent to set.
  6. Jike

    Nib cost me the game

    So when does "sooo close" become "yep, that's a bump"? What if one player doesn't see the bump as dubious or unclear? Do we have to get your approval now for all of these situations? I'm all for a bit of leeway one way or another but you seem to be ascribing behaviour to the players involved here (not giving the benefit of the doubt, getting "sassy about something like a nib" etc) without any justification for that whatsoever. For all you know the player controlling the ship was the one that called the overlap with the asteroid. Following the rules is never inherently poor sportsmanship. The response to situations that go for or against you is what makes an otherwise rules legal situation good or bad sportsmanship. You don't have enough information about those non-rules situations in this case to declare it poor sportsmanship.
  7. Jike

    Nib cost me the game

    Huh? He hit the rock - only just, but still clearly on it. Playing to the rules isn't bad sportsmanship. As others have said, bad sportsmanship would be gloating about it afterwards or telling the player it was a poor move. I'd also emphatically agree with @player2072913 that the real display of bad sportsmanship would be accusing others of being poor sports because you're the one that flew onto a rock (or when you're not the one that did it, calling out others as being poor sports anyway). That sort of passive-aggressive guilt-trip has no place in the game.
  8. Yes, but that seems pretty fair. They're effectively a bomb/missile hybrid so having them do some sort of guaranteed damage doesn't seem too powerful. I think they'll lead to some interesting scenarios and solutions but whether they're overpowered or not will only be known once we've seen the points.
  9. Jike

    What are people running on Ello?

    As with most T70s I think keeping them cheap is the best way to go. Just Heroic is probably enough. I think you get a pretty good deal on the basic ship for the stats but the more you add to it the worse that deal becomes IMO.
  10. There are certain procedures that aren't going to be spelled out in complete detail because there's absolutely no need. Rolling dice is one because it's such a common, well-understood procedure for randomly determining a result. We're also not told how to shuffle our damage deck. So what happens if I accidentally drop a card on the floor while shuffling? Do we all stand around staring at it, completely dumbfounded, until the slow, inevitable heat-death of the universe?
  11. Jike

    That's Not How Playtesting Works

    I know of a similar(ish) story from, I believe, 7th edition Warhammer. The Dark Elf playtesters gave universal feedback about a particular unit/magic banner combo and it was completely ignored by the devs, essentially removing all but one unit of elite infantry from the unit roster. The problem in this instance seemed to be the intractability of the developers, as reported by the testers themselves. I agree there's an art to giving feedback, but I think there's also a requirement from the developers to be able to receive that feedback in the correct manner. It's a huge part of my job as a web professional to be able to take what is quite often fairly damning user feedback and look at it objectively without feeling like it's a personal slight against me and also not to let my own personal feelings about how something should be done overrule the evidence. That's a skill more people in general could do with learning, but games developers in particular should really be able to do this.
  12. Jike

    "limited edition" ships?

    ^^^ This. We're not talking about some hard-to-define grey area here. I think pretty much everyone is in agreement that the line that FFG absolutely should not cross is exclusive ships with different rules, either as prizes or Con exclusives.
  13. Jike

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    Don't agree about Empire. The various Ace + Swarm lists are pretty effective, IME. Remember Scum and Rebels are also limited in what they can bring so it's not always so useful to look at what a faction loses in Hyperspace when 2 other factions also lose a lot of stuff.
  14. Jike

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    We understand the difference, we just don't care either way. If FFG release another article today saying there will also be special, commemorative dice available at Adepticon too it would make no difference to me whatsoever, regardless of how cool I thought they were. It's pretty much the definition of pettiness to get this worked up about a limited-release item where the difference to the regular item is purely cosmetic.
  15. Jike

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    I'd describe myself as both modeller/painter and gamer and neither of these things bother me at all. I'm genuinely struggling to understand why someone would be annoyed that someone else got slightly fancier dice by attending an event when they are functionally the same as the regular item. Like, why is that annoying? Seems to purely be a jealousy thing over something that is ultimately inconsequential. Similarly, I love the Defender and if FFG were to release a cool limited edition Defender as a Gencon-only model my reaction would be an emphatic "whatever". The fact someone else may get to own something I think is quite cool isn't something to get worked up about in the slightest. If nothing else, this thread has proven to me that as far as some people are concerned FFG can do no right. I remain amazed at the capacity of the human race to find new things to complain about.