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  1. I've been messing about with various Gunboat/Reaper lists recently and I really like that all of the named Reapers seem to be useful. At the moment I'm thinking: Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Fire-Control System (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Ion Cannon (5) Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Fire-Control System (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Advanced SLAM (3) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (0) Ion Cannon (5) Captain Feroph (47) Admiral Sloane (9) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 198 That leaves 2 points for either a Talent on Feroph or to upgrade the Academies to Obsidians, which might be useful against I1 droid swarms and I2 Torrent swarms. Or I could drop Feroph to Vizier and take Obsidians so the whole squad is I2. I prefer Feroph, I think, for the extra defensiveness. I think what Reapers really need is some decent cheap crew. At the moment, with 2-4 points left, it's a little annoying that the crew carrying ship doesn't have great options in that area.
  2. The regular TIE swarm works not just because of Howlrunner, but because Iden gives a huge boost to the squad by effectively requiring you to kill a ship twice. The FOs lack any sort of proper support on their own frame and the support from the Upsilon isn't exactly stellar either. So that leaves you with the ship abilities themselves and these are so all over the place it's hard to know where to begin. Scorch and Longshot are pretty good and Midnight still works pretty well, if not quite as well as she used to, but most of the others are either very situational or outright bad. The huge range of Initiatives doesn't help either. I don't think this is a bad thing though. I think the First Order have been designed this way, so in this case the faction is working as intended. It might be nice if some of the less useful FOs came down in price a bit so you actually get to see them on the table, but that goes for most factions.
  3. I'm not sure there was an actual stated release date for them? IIRC it was the date the UK expected them, which is not necessarily the date the rest of the world was expecting them. However, the UK also experienced delays with some products from the last wave and got them after the US so I don't think there's much consistency in the delays/earliness.
  4. The UK got wave 2 early. I believe it was 2 weeks earlier than the US.
  5. Possible, but unlikely, as it's 0205 over there at the moment.
  6. Reinforced Deflectors is interesting but I'm not sure it's going to be game-breaking. On something like a Y-Wing or an ARC it gives you more survivability but it massively reduces damage output if you're not taking a Focus. So you survive longer but output less damage. Obviously the points are the most important factor, but I think this is something a lot of people are going to try a few times and the reality is it'll be quite a niche upgrade. As for the OPs initial complaint...yeah, not seeing it at all. Holdo is pretty wordy but the effect is interesting. The rest of them seem pretty clearly and concisely worded. I don't think it's part of a trend, it's just the nature of crew that they often have some weird effect that needs a lot of explaining and this release happens to be crew-heavy.
  7. I can say that there have been some issues with BCP in larger 40k tournaments too, though these seem to be fixed now. TTO seems like the best software for X-Wing judging by all the tournaments I've attended that have used it without problems.
  8. I'd expect it to be closer to an Interceptor/SF hybrid than a Silencer/SF hybrid. Something similar to a Resistance A-Wing with the turret mount, but maybe with a 3-dice forward primary and a 2-dice rear-only turret instead, which would be quite powerful. To balance it out maybe it doesn't get the Sensor slot so the SF still has a role. Points would also probably be on the high side.
  9. Jike

    Fixing the Empire

    It's 4 I4, very manoeuvrable ships, 3 of which have Juke, which means they will strip your Focus tokens and push damage through very efficiently. They are extremely unpredictable and remarkably tanky with a Focus and Evade token each. The weakness of a single Phantom is that it usually doesn't want to spend its free Evade token because it wants to cloak at the end of the turn. With 4 you can spend your Evades a bit more freely because you can disengage with an uncloaked Phantom while the others keep the pressure up. It's a very strong list, but it does require a lot of good decision making to make it work as well as it can. If you make a mistake or two your 5 total health can disappear very quickly. Most lists I've seen will start in the opposite corner if they have the Initiative advantage, or in the middle if they have to deploy first, but it really doesn't matter too much. With all the hard turns available and the ability to decloak forward in order to run and reposition against someone who sets up for a favourable joust, you can easily adjust for a bad set-up. 4 Phantoms is probably a little bit too good. Unfortunately I think the best solution would have been to limit them to 2-3 of the I4s per list, but that ship has sailed. I think an adjustment to the Sigma's points cost is the most likely and best change. I don't think Juke should go up again as it seems about right on the other ships that currently take it but I have no problem with an advanced, experimental ship not being something you can spam.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see wave V expanded to include new ships form Episode IX. It wouldn't be the first time FFG have added ships to a wave as a result of not being able to announce them with the rest of the ships. There may still be some embargoes in place for content from Episode IX.
  11. TIE Swarm seems pretty decent at the moment, at least to me. I've been flying a Howlrunner swarm with Iden, Gideon, Seyn and 2 Black Squadron Aces and it's been doing pretty well. I like the difference between that style of swarm, with interlocking abilities, and something like Vulture swarm with just a bunch of dice and ships but not huge synergies between everything. Seems like those lists can be beaten by aces with good flying or more varied, balanced lists too so I think there's a decent amount of variety at the moment. I also think we've not yet seen the final iteration of the Vulture swarm as the faction is still quite new, and it may change again once the Hyena comes out.
  12. There was a misprint on the Torrent dials and in the UK we got the Aethersprite, Sith Infiltrator and ARC on the 21st. The rest of the wave came out on the 28th. As far as I know that was Europe-wide. There may still be stock shortages in some areas, I suppose, but I don't think the wave is yet to release anywhere.
  13. The first part about not repositioning unless you get out of arc isn't true. There are lots of other reasons you may need to reposition. Maybe you want to avoid an obstacle, or simply be in a better position for next turn. Maybe getting Bullseye is more important than taking Focus this round or maybe you need to get out the way of one of your other ships before it moves. As for an action being wasted even if the move is great, that's a contradiction. If Boosting gets you an unmodified range 1 as opposed to a modified range 2 then the Boost isn't the best move at all. Clearly you'd like it to be, but I don't think you've addressed the issues I brought up in my previous post. Focus is actually a reward for good flying, if looked at from a certain perspective. If you dial in the right moves so you don't have to do any of the repositioning mentioned above and your ship is perfectly placed because you correctly predicted your opponent's move and set yourself up to take advantage of it Focus is a great action and acts as a general "well done" for good flying. Your proposal only makes it matter at range 1 when attacking or range 3 when defending which takes a way a whole host of nuanced decisions around repositioning that currently make the game interesting. It would also make range 1 ultra-lethal and range 3 even worse than now since you can stack Target Lock/Focus or Evade/Focus under your proposals.
  14. True, but I don't think the way to fix that particular issue is to break something else.
  15. I quite like the fact you can't get more than 2 Defenders in a list. It really hits the thematic point that they're supposed to be rare and super advanced fighters.
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