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    LeHuese is currently operating as an ace in HS lists as I5 is good enough in that format and he's a very good ship. Backdraft is an OK pocket ace-type ship but ultimately the generic SFs are better than him for the cost, I think.
  2. I'd take a shield upgrade over the power cells on Quickdraw. The timing on DPC is tricky to use properly and with only 3 ships losing one set of guns for a round is a big penalty. You can then fit Fanatical on Quickdraw too, increasing their threat and tankiness once the shields inevitably go down.
  3. Jike


    I've used Vonreg since he was released and I've now used him on 15 tournament games and lots of practice games. He's not fragile. He's not as tanky as a Defender or a Firespray, sure, but I6 combined with repositioning and a defensive token makes him very squirelly and even when he gets shot his shields allow him one flub before things get scary. You shouldn't be taking a Strain any time someone is shooting back at you and I view the Deplete as a small penalty to set up a TL for later. He has the speed to get out of tricky situations too so you can often escape kill boxes and strand enemy squads that try to turn in on him. I've found him useful as both a high-impact hammer and as bait. He's not the easiest to use correctly and I have lost him once or twice to bad dice or a poor decision but I've also managed to use all his abilities to keep him alive far longer than you would expect a high-agility ace to survive.
  4. Jike


    In the case with Wexley Holo wasn't stressed, I believe, so he couldn't flip PT. If Holo was stressed and Wexley dies I'm pretty sure he can just take a crit before he's removed to flip PT. In general PT doesn't flip as often as it seems like it should on Holo and having it flipped on an FO isn't a major problem because they don't have any easy way to get multiple actions and have a great dial to shed stress. It's not nearly as bad a Talent as I initially thought but it does require careful decision making, which is a good thing IMO.
  5. Jike

    FO "Aces"

    Holo and Kylo work fine together in my experience. I've flown a Holo, Kylo, Vonreg list a few times and I've found it's rare to be in a position where Holo's ability is a pure negative. Often one of the other ships is in a good position to hand off a Strain because they aren't getting shot at or Holo himself is not in trouble and you can hand off a Focus or Evade to help out another ship that hasn't managed to arc dodge. It requires slightly different flying than a lot of trip aces lists because you need to fly your ships a bit closer together but it can be quite effective. I've managed to use Holo's ability to let Kylo tank ridiculous firepower by handing him an Evade on top of his Focus and Force. At other times it allows you to make sure you're getting fully modified shots where you need them by handing off Holo's Focus to a ship with a lock. Admittedly Holo will usually die first because there will often come a point where I have to sacrifice a token I'd rather keep for the good of the whole squad. In that case it's usually not too big a problem because he's the cheapest ship in the list anyway.
  6. I think the problem with disengaging with lower Initiative ships is the difficulty in effectively doing so. If you're at range 2 and want to avoid the bombs you're going to need to break off with a turn or a bank and all of those leave you at range 1-2 of Boba once he's done the optimal bank or turn of his own (modified with Slave 1 if necessary). IME, the turn where you break off is the biggest problem against Boba because it's almost impossible to do. He has double arcs and still gets great mods even if he bumps. What tends to happen in the best case scenario is Boba dials in a bank or turn, then chooses whichever direction gives him the better of a fully modified range 1 shot or a bump into a range 1-2 shot on the disengaging enemy. Meanwhile Fenn is coming in to chase down anyone trying to run. Boba doesn't like I6 arc dodgers. At the moment that basically means either Fenn or Vonreg in Hyperspace, with maybe Poe able to pull off something similar too. The problem then is keeping the rest of your list alive because even in an endgame of Boba vs an arc dodger you're likely going to need to kill him to win as he'll be protecting 60-70 points at half strength including the bid. All the games I've seen where Boba loses or is in trouble have been when his wingman has died early. If you can set up a game where it's basically Boba vs your list you have a chance because then time is on your side. You can take time out to avoid bombs and set up good engagements without worrying about Fenn or another Firespray sweeping in and deleting a ship in one shot. The tricky thing there is keeping Boba off your back while you deal with the other ship. If the other ship is Fenn you need a bit of luck to catch him which often comes down to turning in to him when your opponent doesn't expect it.
  7. True, but I tend to treat Vonreg as if he doesn't have an ability at all. Don't think I've ever managed to combo Outmaneuver and Strain on the same shot.
  8. You get a lot of single-modded shots, just like with Daredevil, but those shots are often at -1 Agility which is huge for punching through Fenn or Kylo and absolutely melts ships like X-Wings. It's more expensive than DD, so obviously that needs to be taken into consideration, but I've found it to be an excellent upgrade given that you often don't want Vonreg to be taking any return fire anyway so it plays into the best way to utilise him.
  9. The key skill in these games as the FO player is knowing when and how to disengage. Don't get involved in a brawl with the swarm. You want to get some shots, then pull away, disengage and come around again. The goal is to try to avoid as much fire as possible and split up the firepower that does have shots. The 5-straight is your friend in these games. A couple of 2-dice attacks, usually single-modded, aren't that scary for a list like yours but once you're taking 3, 4, or 5 of those shots a round you'll be in trouble. You also have 2 fully modded shots yourself from LeHuse and Kylo which are easily capable of killing a droid each at range 1 which can really help turn the game in your favour. The longer the swarm has all of its ships on the board the worse it is for you.
  10. I like #2 but I'm not sold on Daredevil for Holo. Proud Tradition is probably better but, having played a bunch of games with PT Holo, I'm also not sold on that talent either. Theoretically it works great but in practice it doesn't offer as much upside as I thought it would. Still, it's only 2 points so not too bad and the downside very rarely triggers. While Daredevil Vonreg is also very good and a lot of fun, I've found he often ends up with single-modded shots that aren't that effective as he uses Daredevil to get sights on his targets. I'm toying with a very similar list to your #2 but dropping Proud Tradition and Daredevil to put Outmanoeuvre on Vonreg, which is a Talent I've had a lot of success with on him. It lowers the bid a little bit but 193 should still be fine.
  11. This seems a bit odd to me, but to each their own I guess. Flying one of the same 3 pilots literally every single game would make things get very stale for me very quickly. But if you must fly one of those why not Vader? He's Hyperspace legal and still pretty good in the format. You must have also used other pilots alongside them in your lists so you can just continue doing that, with different wingmates for Vader. It sucks that your group won't do anything but Hyperspace though. Maybe talk to them and see if you can arrange at least one Extended game a session. Even when I'm flying a Hyperspace list I still don't mind playing against Extended lists. If anything it helps get more practice against nastier lists than I'm likely to face in a Hyperspace setting.
  12. Vessery is just too expensive, I think. I agree with @Blail Blerg that Rexler is better - cheaper, higher Initiative, easier to use ability that's arguably more impactful - and even Rexler isn't that great right now. Vessery struggles with the same problem a lot of Imperial pilots struggle with: he needs support but Empire lack a large number of good support ships. Yes, you could use Jendon, but he works better with Concussion Missile Inquisitors, or Vader, or even a FCS Rexler, who costs the same as a naked Vessery.
  13. I now use the same, for the same reason. In 1st edition I had a binder, organised by ship/upgrade type and ordered by cost, which made adding new cards to the binder a bit easier than when 2nd edition came round and I had to order alphabetically. When Separatists and the Republic came out I had to give up on the big binder as it was starting to overflow and re-ordering the cards was getting tiresome. Using the deck boxes and Arkhive is great for both sorting through cards and adding new ones.
  14. Agreed. Since the start of 2nd I've barely seen so many ships (M3A, Kimogila, TIE Aggressor, YT2400, and so on) it would be nice to open up lists a little more by giving some of those ships some meaningful discounts. Speaking of meaningful discounts, I think that might be the way to go with the Talents. Crack Shot is probably a little too good at 1 point, but at 2 it's competing with Predator, which is probably better. What I'd like to see is Talents like Daredevil, Saturation Salvo and the various others that are pretty pricey come down a little to see if that makes list building a little more varied.
  15. Yeah, that's not a typical Tavson netlist at all. Just because someone's using a popular ship, doesn't make the whole list a netlist. Regardless, the best answer to Tavson in any list is just not to shoot them. Kill everything else first, or take shots when you're not in danger of taking return fire from Tavson. Dodging an Upsilon's arc is relatively easy given the ship's lack of reposition and its single arc. I played against a Tavson list yesterday and my opponent conceded with Tavson on 2 shields and 6 hull because the rest of his list was dead and an I3 Upsilon stands no chance against 3 healthy ships that move after him and are already behind him.
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