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  1. Somehow I imagine one of the FFG article writers throwing a hissy fit. "First you people complain we don't have enough articles about IA, now after we give you more you're being skeptical?!"
  2. I was going to say something along these lines. IA is more suited for someone looking for a game that can be an optional hobby, while Legion is more for someone who wants to get into a model building hobby with an optional game that can be played with them.
  3. Been meaning to pick up a copy of that. It's really a re-implementation of "The Queen's Gambit" more-so than it is a risk game.... which will make it very confusing as I do have a regular version of star wars risk from around the time Episode 3 came out. "So do you want to play Star Wars RISK... or STAR WARS Risk."
  4. Not IA related, but at least it isn't legion either. Looks like we get updated Armada rules and more binders with star wars pictures on them to store dice and cards in.
  5. Hmm... New campaign idea. Rebel heroes and imperials are in a chase through space in the outer-rim and end up getting caught up in a random wormhole. They end up crash landing in either A) A demon infested space marine base (DOOM crossover) B) The land of Terrinoth (Descent crossover)
  6. So let's see... placing my bets on a preview for the Rebel Commandos and/or Snowtroopers for Legion, and a little on another article for the "Way of the Force" booster packs for Destiny.
  7. Speaking of storage solutions, I recently bought a plano shelving unit from Walmart for about $20 to put in my closet to store games on (rather than have them haphazardly stacked). Imperial assault takes up about half of one shelf (4 shelves total), and is currently sharing that shelf with Rebellion, and a couple other smaller games. There is definitely room for more content
  8. To be fair, in the 1st edition, only really powerful guns like the shotgun had the option to shoot through doors. So could just argue that the doors are too sturdy to shoot through in 2E.
  9. I would suggest uninstalling the app and re-installing from scratch, if you haven't already done that. Sounds like the installation might be corrupted somehow.
  10. I'm pretty sure that is a typo, and should say you "Can't" shoot through walls or doors.
  11. There's no real reason not to include everything once you have it. It adds item and monster variety (plus giving you access to more investigators), and can potentially give some different map variations depending on scenario.
  12. I purchased the kindle fire 7 off of amazon for about $50 specifically for this and other board games with apps, and it does the job (it's even small enough to fit inside the MoM box). Just make sure to have your charger with you when you play (no matter what tablet you end up getting).
  13. I look forward to the day when I can have a shelf filled with Oracle System games of all different genres and settings. This is the closest my friends and I have gotten to having a GM-less RPG, and we love it!
  14. Oh look, a Terrinoth sourcebook for Edge of the Empire..... that makes it Star Wars related, right?
  15. Here is my current storage solution, which seems to change up every time a new wave comes out, but oh well. - Core Box = Miniature Storage: None of them are painted, and larger figures are assembled. Smaller figures are separated into bags (Heroes, Allies, Core enemies, Enemies by expansion (one bag per expansion), Enemies with no expansion ties) - Twin Shadows Box = Small Map tiles: All tiles small enough to fit in a baggy are in this box, one bag per expansion, and two bags for core tiles (separated by set). - Return to Hoth Box = Large Map Tiles: No bags, just stacks of tiles as they are all large and easy enough to tell apart at a quick glance. - Bespin Gambit Box = Skirmish Only Components & Unused components: This is my catch all box for everything I don't really use, as I only play campaign. This includes all command cards, skirmish missions, skirmish upgrades, skirmish deployment cards, duplicate deployment cards, character tokens (replaced by minis), extra condition cards and tokens, group tokens/decals. - Jabba's Realm Box = Cards and manuals. All cards separated into baggies (Campaign missions, side missions, Imperial Agenda decks (2 bags worth), Rebel deployment, Imperial deployment, Scum deployment, Hero class cards (2 bags), Imperial class cards, Items, Rewards, Supply Crates, Companions, hero sheets, and manuals stacked on top. - Heart of the Empire Box = Active Campaign. This is where I keep all of the common components that are always used, and whatever map tiles and figures I'll need for the next planned game when playing a campaign. Plano box containing all tokens, dice bag with 2 sets of dice, round/threat dial. - Binder with plastic sleeves = Compendium of figure pack missions: I keep this separate binder of all of the mission sheets that come with the individual figure packs. - Plastic Tub/Tote = Overall storage: All of the boxes and the binder fit nicely into this tub which I can then tuck into my closet. I cannot put a top on it as the boxes are slightly too tall when standing vertically, but that's okay. Leaves room for at least one more large expansion before I have to consider getting a bigger tub.
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