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  1. Thanks for the input. Good to hear that the newest releases won't be insurmountable with what I have. I'll probably just get into the newest stuff then and buy the older releases as they get reprints easily available. Really wish I had known of this game a long time ago. Card games really hit a dead end for me being two player death match most of the time.
  2. Just to put it out there I have already read the buying guide posted elsewhere. I started playing a few months ago and have all of the first two cycles. I play exclusively single player (may try two handed on some harder quests). I'll be starting Dwarrowdelf soon but want to plan my next purchases ahead of time. Really prefer to buy the whole cycle at once so I can play the quests in order and gradually add cards to my decks. I am on Journey to Rhosgobel, on my fourth failure but came within one of healing the eagle last try (funny I had an easy time of the Carrock, and beat it more than once). Can I skip ahead to Dream Chaser or Sands of Harad (I don't mind buying this one not all at once) and expect to be able to succeed with my available card pool? I was planning on skipping Against the Shadow at least for a cycle (or Hobbit saga....if it were more easily available) anyways. Thanks for any help.
  3. Yeah be sure to keep an eye on Amazon. I bought mine for just under $15 a couple of weeks ago. Amazon has so many third parties selling now that the prices get ridiculous after the reasonable sellers run out. I looked today and it was almost $40 which is just crazy. Hopefully the reprints will be available soon.
  4. I'm glad it's not Star Wars. There is already plenty of games out there for Star Wars fans. I prefer metal swords to laser swords, and I'm not really a fan of space wizards. Owning the intellectual property is a huge bonus because the game (if it is great, which I think it will be) will continue as long as it is popular and can't be held hostage by some licensing agreement.
  5. I feel like FFG has a better business model to make a successful miniatures wargame. Any company making one is in the business of selling models, there is no real way around it. From what it sounds like there will be upgrade cards and such for units, which means competitive play will require owning units you may not field. While this may seem unfair to some players it has proven to be a good balance in XWing to what developers like GW have done in the past. As a former WFB player I always felt (as did my hardcore friends) that the top tier armies where always the newest released, and once the whole army selection went through a cycle they would make a new edition and make your old armies unplayable. If you look at X Wing there are still competitive lists with TIE fighters which were the first models released (with X Wings in the core set). They do often use cards from newer expansions but they do well competitively even without any upgrades. As long as I can find people to play regularly I am definitely excited to give it a try.
  6. I forgot to mention I would 100% prefer an app to a boxed set. I already have 10 bazillion tokens thanks very much. Maybe a box with just some of the extras (turrets and such) like HotAC sold seperate. App would allow for in-app purchases of scenarios/campaign info while not removing the FLGS from selling physical product, which sounds like what they would prefer anyways.
  7. The app they have for descent is a great example of what they could do with x wing. It makes a co-op campaign and takes into account your collection to set what the AI will use. Road to Legend is really great and I am sure the same type of app in x wing would be VERY popular, in fact I would not be surprised at all if FFG already had something in the works as far as that goes but hasn't let us know.
  8. I think the point was to let ordnance carriers that have a hard time getting a TL (which is required to fire ordnance) get one so they actually get to do what they are intended to do. Giving it to everyone just lets everyone enter combat double modified, which isn't something I think we need. Ordnance carriers still have range restrictions you can use to avoid the shot they want to get off. Five K fighters entering combat with TL/focus would be a different matter entirely.
  9. We need more Tomax relevant EPT's (hey how bout Youngster too?) other than just crack. I suspect support shuttles will be a thing in epic, some new crew in a new wave might make them better too. I like Tomax Cool Hand and all, but he really MUST be an ordinance carrier or ya wasted a bunch of points.
  10. All this talk of Guri and Xixor and no talk of Waldo.
  11. I would love a new model for the same ship. Would be an extra cash outlay for FFG so it is doubtful it will happen. May just need to get some plasticard and knives out to make a proper one. Everyone seems to think they are ugly but the scum small base fighters are my favorites in the game looks wise (outside of classic ties of course).
  12. I have 8 of everything pretty much. Rebel players might need a few more shields. Don't need that many TL's but I like having spares to chose different letters than my opponents for simplicity sake (I do paint the edges though so they don't get mixed up).
  13. Two red dice isn't so weak with 77 rolls I bet. C-3P0 might fry his logic circuit calculating the odds on living through that barrage. I am up to: 6 /fo (four blisters and core) 5 /ln (really want to find an excuse for another gozanti for two more blue ties) 5 TAP 3 int 2 bomb I have to hide them out so the wife don't get suspicious, doubt I could have 77 /ln and still have a key that unlocks the front door lol. 9 /ln sounds like a nice number though, and since I prefer the blue ones I'll need two more gozanti.
  14. The barons/bomber list did fairly well for someone at regionals (it added a generic ps4 bomber with plasmas I think). I fooled around with it a little and it can melt or cripple just about anything in one turn, even Soontir pees his pants seeing that coming. That's definitely an arc you don't want caught in.
  15. Juke barons with chips and Jonus nearby gets messy quick. Just a few points too expensive to fit three with Jonus giving tracer locks. If you plan it right you get 4 three dice attacks (all juked) rerolling two of the three from each shot. You also should have focus to spend once each ship, plus chips once each ship. Expecting 10 hits isn't unreasonable.
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