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  1. I couldn’t find one. Really just need 2 balanced squadrons with Naboo fighters and vultures.
  2. No, I meant using 1.0 and 2.0 ships where everything under the sun of X-Wing is legal. Didn't even think of 2.0 without conversion kit. I just lumped 2.0 in with new ship releases and conversion kits.
  3. So I will admit, I was VERY hesitant about 2.0 but I am cautiously optimistic at this point. What I would like is for FFG to promise they aren't going to make a 3.0 but I know that is asking the impossible. However, we are about to have 4 X-Wing Formats and that is pretty exciting. 1) Classic - This will be all the people who want to play the original X-Wing 1.0. It will be a legacy format just for fun that the seasoned veterans will play from time to time to remember the good ole days (or not so good) 2) 2.0 - Pretty self-explanatory 3) Frontier Format - People using 1.0 and 2.0 ships whenever they want. We are talking classic Biggs in a 1.0 X-Wing flying with Two Tubes in a 2.0 X-Wing. Mixing and matching and playing a completely wild game. But man will it be a lot of fun! 4) Atari Cluster And of course, X-Wing Epic will be able to use these formats as well. This type of variety in formats is what keeps MTG so big. I predict a long life for X-Wing and a lot of variety at X-Wing night.
  4. A PDF covers that concern lol Thanks for the info!
  5. I’m still cautiously optimistic. Mainly because the designers have baked in enough flexibility to not have to make this huge buy-in a thing again. I would prefer a stat book over an app though.
  6. Compatriots is what Soviet strategist would call communist sympathizers in countries they were going to invade. They counted on a certain number of compatriots to join them. i know it is REALLY specific but that’s what ruined L3 for me. Again, I’m not saying Disney are commies or that L3 was supposed to be. I just gave my reason for why I didn’t like her.
  7. That and the low fuel in the Raddus from TLJ. Seems everyone else had no problem getting fuel lol and you are correct about the word. I never said Disney is making us all soviets. That’s just what the word reminded me of and the reason I don’t like L3.
  8. Seriously. Look it up. Compatriots was a coined term in soviet tactics to refer to Soviet sympathizers in other countries. They expected a certain level of compatriots in all countries. Similar to America referring to people as “allies”. It’s a word L3 uses that rubbed me the wrong way. Nothing more than that.
  9. I hear there is some cloud city out there that just has painted skies. Very odd indeed. pass the blue milk lol
  10. Like I said, subtle but strong. If you have studied the soviets from the mindset of “how do you beat your enemy” like I have you would have had an issue with “compatriots”. besides, if you could pick any subtle synonym for “comrade” that would still be true to the roots, you would pick compatriots. thats all I will say about the matter. It’s my opinion and I loved solo. I’m not going to perpetuate an easily topic-locking conversation. Lol
  11. Honestly, it’s because of one line during the revolt scene. She calls her fellow droids “compatriots” which gave it a VERY strong yet subtle soviet undertone. I wanted more Harriet Tubman and less Lenin. I know it was subtle and an easily vague throw away line but it’s big to me. Not enough to stop enjoying the movie but enough for me to be annoyed by her character.
  12. Solo being infantry in that battle was odd but not totally out of place. He was telling the imperial officer that he was trained in aerial combat and even he was confused why he was in the mud. I bet some comic will answer it and the answer will be he was looked down on for not being of SOME family on Correlia or because he had a bad attitude. I think this was a different Star Wars movie all together. It seems more accurate to say that if you liked firefly you’ll probably like this movie.
  13. It was a fun Star Wars story. I doubt it will be a timeless classic but the space western side of things was fun. As far as the Kracken goes, we have space slugs and mynocks so I’ll let it pass. It’s a different threat the Maw posed than I used to think but it reminded me of the monsters of the sea in uncharted territory. So it is cool with me. And far as making fuel a real thing in the Star Wars universe and continuing to make it a plot point it’s whatever. Kinda lazy writing and makes the Star Wars universe feel small to me (isn’t there some other commodity worth stealing?) but fuel is important to them which makes logical sense. L3 was laughably annoying. Everything else was just what I expected. A fun Space Western that involved a train heist and a duel at high noon (which was fantastic in my humble opinion). Was Maul’s light saber ignition needed? Not to anyone on these forums or kids who watched rebels and the clone wars. However, to all the casuals I imagine they would have assumed it was just some alien that looked like him. Now they are left with thinking “wait. I thought Maul was dead!”. Then they go back into researching which makes money for Lucasfilm a so they can keep making movies. everything is proceeding how they have foreseen..... I just hope this film doesn’t divide fans like TLJ did. I get why some people felt it was meh and others thought it was good.
  14. Werd. I have minor critiques but I really enjoyed it and would love to see more from these actors in the Star Wars universe
  15. Reminds me of the whole battlefront 2 controversy. It sold well even with the fallout but it didn’t sell well enough for a Star Wars game so EA took a stock hit. and financially, TLJ was a success so why would the market think Solo would be any different?
  16. I suspect that market speculations had higher hopes for it.
  17. So it sounds like a lot of pieces are going to be replaced. Looks like I’ll have to make a section in my board game collection for X-Wing 1.0 and 2.0
  18. That’s a bummer. I bought a bunch of upgrade cards for epic.
  19. Hey folks! ive been a little awol thanks to RL but I’m back following X-Wing and there is so much white noise that I figured I’d just ask my questions. are all upgrade cards going to be obsolete? I saw that VI is gone. can 1.0 dials still be used even if they are worse? do we have the 2.0 rules available yet?
  20. At first I was bummed about the numbers in the conversion kits. Then I realized an epic conversion kit will come and I hope that will have a conversion for more fighters. Epic is still part of X-Wing and 5 X-wings is not outlandish there. dont forget us Epic players, FFG! (And I know they won’t)
  21. Swarm X-wings are going to be huge but I’d also be willing to argue that with the new upgrades, even the more expensive aces will be maneuverable enough to make BIG impacts. Lowrick (or Biggs) flying support for Wedge with PTL, r2 astromech, IA, and s-foils would be a scary under 60 pt investment on anti-fighter
  22. Defenders are great! However, the trick to them is to keep the cost as low as possible. I prefer the higher PS generics in x7s
  23. I imagine (like in epic) energy management is a major part of that. Fighters can’t get through planetary shields in rogue one because all the energy is going to making shields. I would argue the Raddus was putting more power in its sub-light flight than in its shields which opened it up to fighter vulnerabilities. thats all I have to say about the matter. I don’t want too much science and explanations in my Star Wars combat. I want to make a lot of pew pew noices and occasionally quote Top Gun during my matches lol
  24. Howdy Folks! So recently I flew a modification of my standard epic list but instead of using the rebel transport and a combination of X-Wings, A-Wings, and B-Wings I had a Corellian Corvette, some X-Wings, and an A-Wing. However, I have not flown a single named pilot in epic in I felt like my list was missing something. Without the fighter swarm I just didn't feel in control of the battle at all. So which aces stand out to you?
  25. I get a weird feeling the "Save the Dream" ships are going to be especially special for epic players. Maybe the U-wing generic and the X-Wing generic are going to be a welcomed facelift to the Rebel Epic Fleet.
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